Friday, 12 February 2016
Wheel of Fortune Platinum Cheats for iP
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Wheel of Fortune Platinum iP Cheats

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Wheel of Fortune Platinum

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Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

Chocolate HeartPost a Valentine's Achievement on Facebook
Cupid's ArrowInvite a friend to play a Game Center Multiplayer game
EgotistSolve all puzzles in a TV Show game
GamblerWin the Jackpot
GRT JBSolve a puzzle without any vowels
Hard Nut CrackerWin TV show on Hard difficulty
How did you know?Don't get any letters wrong
Jackpot VictorWin a Jackpot Round
Love is EverywherePlay in the Valentines Event
Love is Full of SurprisesWin the Valentine's special wedge
MysteriousWin $10,000 from the Mystery Wedge
Mystery VictorWin a Mystery Round
One by OneUncover all letters in the puzzle
One Shot MillionaireWin the Million Dollar grand prize
Piece of CakeWin TV show on Easy difficulty
Self MadeGet a total career cash of 1 million dollars
Serious PlayerWin TV show on Medium difficulty
Shopping SpreeBuy all vowels in a puzzle
Special WinnerWin a Themed Event
SpeedyWin a Speed-Up Round
Spinning AddictSpin the wheel five times in a row
The cherry on topWin a Bonus Round
Valentine's AchievementPlay a Game Center Multiplayer game
Warming UpWin a Toss-Up Round
Who Needs LettersSolve a puzzle with less than 25% of the letters uncovered
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