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Trenches Cheats for iP
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Trenches iP Cheats

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Game Center Achievements 98%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

A Right LegendWin your first versus battle
All for OneUse every unit in one battle
All the King's MenAll Field Commanders active at one time
Ally Sloper's CalvaryBeat the Campaign on Easy
Black Hand GangBeat the Campaign on Hard
Bloody SundayInflict 500 enemy looses in one battle
BombardierAchieve a Field Promotion on any unit
Distinguished CrossEliminate 2500 enemy troops
Gibs GaloreDirect hit with the Artillery
Hun-terEliminate 100 enemies with Sniper fire
I'm With YouWin your first cooperative battle
LandslideWin a battle taking less than half losses you inflict
Military CrossEliminate 1000 enemy troops
Over the Top!Win a battle using only Riflemen
PillboxImprove a trencht to bunker level
Pygmy PowerAmass more than 100 points on Pygmy Horde
RattlesnakeEliminate 500 enemies with Machine Gun fire
Shell-ShockBeat the Campaign on Medium
ShrapnelLand a direct hit with a Grenade
Silent PercyEliminate 10 troops in one Artillery strike
Tea with the MaharajaWin a Campaign without losing a battle
Time for TeaWin a Skirmish in less than 3 minutes
Time WasterTake over 60 minutes to complete a battle
Tour of DutyFinish all three difiiculties of Cooperative Battle with a GameCenter friend
Trench FootFinish all three difficulties of Cooperative King of the Trench with a GameCenter friend
Two's CompanyEngage in your first multiplayer battle
UnbreakableWin three battles in a row in Skirmish mode
Victoria CrossEliminate 10000 enemy troops
Zombie WhispererLast more than 5 minutes in Zombie Horde
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