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Texting of The Bread Cheats for iP
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Texting of The Bread iP Cheats

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Texting of The Bread

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

10 Free LivesGain 10 Extra Lives
100 Free LivesGain 100 Extra Lives
Bread SlicerKill 25 Regular Enemies
Bully for BulliesKill 5 Minibosses
Burnt ToastKill 25 Exploding Enemies
Cineri Gloria Sera VenitDie 100 Times
Crumb CatcherKill 100 Minis
Dairy Farm for SaleKill 5,000 Enemies
F+Get 10,000 'F' Grades
Free LifeGain an Extra Life
Giant SlayerKill 10 Minibosses
h8tedThe Gingerbread Zombies Hate You
Half SandwichKill 25 Torso Enemies
Head of the ClassGet 10,000 'A' Grades
Human WaveDie 50 Times
Iron ManLast 45 Minutes in Survival Mode
Is This Your HomeworkGet 5,000 'A' Grades
It's Not a Sport If YouGet 1,000 'A' Grades
JournalistYou Typed 75 Correct Letters In a Row
Kill the Brain and You KillKill 10,000 Enemies
Learning CurveMiss 250 Letters
Loaf CutterKill 25 Armored Enemies
MarathonKill 25 Speedy Enemies
Mega Bread SlicerKill 500 Regular Enemies
Mega Burnt ToastKill 500 Exploding Enemies
Mega Crumb CatcherKill 1000 Minis
Mega Half SandwichKill 500 Torso Enemies
Mega Loaf CutterKill 500 Armored Enemies
Mega MarathonKill 500 Speedy Enemies
MinutemanLast 60 Seconds in Survival Mode
Newbie FreshmanGet 100 'A' Grades
Nobody steps on a churchKill a Boss
Not for the Faint of HeartBeat a Level on Hard Difficulty
Purfikt CpellingzMiss 1,000 Letters
SecretaryYou Typed 50 Correct Letters In a Row
Shadow of the KolacheKill 10 Bosses
StenographerYou Typed 150 Correct Letters In a Row
Strong men also cryGet 5,000 'F' Grades
StudentYou Typed 25 Correct Letters In a Row
Sugar Free DietBeat the Game in Story Mode
Sugar HighReach 1,000,000 Points
Super Bread SlicerKill 100 Regular Enemies
Super Burnt ToastKill 100 Exploding Enemies
Super Crumb CatcherKill 500 Minis
Super Half SandwichKill 100 Torso Enemies
Super Loaf CutterKill 100 Armored Enemies
Super MarathonKill 100 Speedy Enemies
SurvivorSurvive After Taking Massive Damage
The Bigger They Are...Kill a Miniboss
The Cookie CrumblesYou Beat the First Level
Time to BleedDie 10 Times
TriathleteLast 15 Minutes in Survival Mode
Typing? I used to studyGet 1,000 'F' Grades
Wave of the FutureDefeat the Credits
WhoopsGet 100 'F' Grades
You Can't Ditch Your FirstMiss 100 Letters
You Shall Not PassKill 5 Bosses
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