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My Fishpond Cheats for iP
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My Fishpond iP Cheats

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My Fishpond

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Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

Baby Grows UpUse a speed-up pearl
Easily DoneFeed your fish
First FishGet a fry from the shop and raise it
Fish MagnateRaise 2000 fish and get benefits
Fish MasterRaise 1000 fish and get benefits
Fish RaiserRaise 500 fish and get benefits
FisherGet a fish from the pond
Great CapacityOwn 10 fish ponds
Keep It CleanClear a piece of trash from the water surface
Lethal FishingGet a shark from the pond
Make Them HappyGet an underwater decor to speed up the growing of the baby fish
My Own PondApply a theme on your pond
One Does Not LeaveClear all kinds of trash from the water surface
Share My PondShare your pond info on Facebook
SurvivalRaise 100 fish and get benefits
They Need GreenGet a floating decor to speed up the growing of the baby fish
Underwater SmileGet the Mona Lisa from the pond with a fishing rod
Where're The WingsGet a pair of wings from the pond
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