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Mega Jump Cheats for iP
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Mega Jump iP Cheats

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Mega Jump

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Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

AttractiveEngage the Magnet powerup
BuoyantEngage the Balloon powerup
Burning SandsMake it to Stage 4
Chump ChangeCollect 1,000 coins in a single game
City of MistsMake it to Stage 3
Comet NebulaMake it to Stage 9
Earned Your WingsPlay for the first time
Edge of SpaceMake it to Stage 8
Fortunate ExplosionEngage the Lucky Blast powerup
Frequent FlyerReach 25,000 feet
FriendlyEnter a friend's Mega Code!
Galactic CoreMake it to Stage 10
GassyTap on your character while you had the Balloon powerup!
Gentle DescentEngage the Umbrella powerup
Golden BoyCollect 2,500 coins in a single game
Great Balls of Fire!Engage the Fireball powerup
HardcoreComplete a stage without using any powerups!
InfiniteReach the infinite infiniteness of infinity
IrresistableEngage the Super Magnet powerup
Kiss the SkyReach 100,000 feet
LinebackerEngage the Shield powerup
Mile High ClubReach 1,000,000 feet
Pot of GoldCollect 5,000 coins in a single game
Ramblin ManWalk 10 laps
Rocket ManReach 500,000 feet
Running Up WallsEngage the Anti-Gravity Boots powerup
Shooting StarCollect 250 stars in a single game
Silvery MoonMake it to Stage 6
Space OddityReach 250,000 feet
Spirit in the SkyReach 50,000 feet
Spread the WorldGive your Mega Code to someone and have them use it!
Spring in Your StepEngage the Winged Boots powerup
Star GazingCollect 100 stars in a single game
Starry NightCollect 500 stars in a single game
Starry SkyMake it to Stage 7
StarstruckCollect 1,000 stars in a single game
SupernovaEngage the Super Fireball powerup
SurvivorAvoid 10 enemies in a single game
Thunder CloudsMake it to Stage 5
Tilt!Hold the game sideways for too long
Treetop VillageMake it to Stage 2
Under the RadarReach 10,000 feet
We're in the MoneyCollect 10,500 coins in a single game
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