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Infinity Blade Cheats for iP
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Infinity Blade iP Cheats

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Infinity Blade Cheats

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Infinity Blade

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Infinity Blade Walkthrough Guide 100%
Infinity Blade is a one on one fighting game with some RPG elements thrown in. It requires good precision and coordination and this guide with all it's hints, tips and strategy will help you defeat the God King.

Read the Guide --> Infinity Blade Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12760)
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Game Center Achievements 96%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

A Reed in the WindPerform 50 Parries
All Right, Little ManPerform a Combo Attack
Artful DodgerDodge 100 times
Back In My DayComplete 5 Bloodlines
Bag of HoldingIncrease your inventory by at least 50 items
Brick WallBlock 100 attacks
CinderblockBlock 10 attacks
Ding!Reach level 5
En Garde!Perform 10 Parries
Epic!Perform 1,000 Parries
Fists of FuryPerform a five-hit combo
Four on the FloorPerform a four-hit combo
Full of HolesPerform 5 Stab Attacks
Hardly WorkingAcquire 25,000 gold pieces
If Ya Got It, Use ItMaster an inventory item
Inconceivable!Defeat an enemy without taking any damage
Insult to InjuryKill the God King with Ruin (the weakest sword)
Intimately FamiliarMaster 50 inventory items
Its Own RewardAcquire 100,000 gold pieces
Jackpot!Open 100 treasure chests
Last One StandingFight ten enemies in a single playthrough
Like Dustin' CropsReach level 20
Like Swiss CheesePerform 100 Stab Attacks
Master of DisasterMaster 10 inventory items
MinutemanDefeat an enemy in under 60 seconds
No, THIS Is SpartaPerform 50 Super Attacks
Now Stay Down!Defeat the God-King
Now THIS HappensPerform 50 Combo Attacks
Only What Ya SeePurchase an inventory item
Payday!Open 5 treasure chests
Prodigal SonComplete 1 Bloodline
Roger DodgerDodge 10 times
Skips a GenerationComplete 2 Bloodlines
The Bigger They ArePerform 200 Combo Attacks
The Harder They FallPerform 1,000 Combo Attacks
There Is No TryReach level 10
This Is On A Phone!Complete 20 Bloodlines
Variety is the SpiceDo each type of Combo in the same battle
Warriors OnlyPerform a Super Attack
Waste Not Want NotFind all world treasures in a play-through
Well-EquippedIncrease your inventory by at least 10 items
Wizard!Cast a magic spell
Working HardAcquire 1,000 gold pieces
You Got the TouchPerform 200 Parries
You Shall Not Pass!Cast 100 magic spells
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Infinity Blade II Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Infinity Blade II.

All the achievements are worth 20 points, except the last one, which is only worth 5 points.

The Combinator - Perform 2,000 Combo Attacks
Blockhead - Block 10,000 Attacks
Redirector - Parry 20 Attacks
Tap Master - Parry 5,000 Attacks
Float like a butterfly - Dodge 20,000 Attacks
Sting like a bee - Perform 100 Stabs
Can't touch this - Execute 1,000 Perfect Blocks
Perfect timing - Execute 1,000 Great Parries
Perfect aim - Execute 1,000 Perfect Slashes
Moving on up - Attain Level 10
In the sky - Attain Level 60
Scrooged - Acquire 1,000,000 Gold Pieces
Break the bank - Acquire 500 Treasures
Custom Collector - Modify 30 items with Socketed Gems
Grabinator - Use 50 Prize Wheels
The first of many - Master an item
Centennial - Master 100 items
My precious! - Acquire the Infinity Blade
Perfect duelist - Win a Fight using Sword and Shield w/ no damage
Perfect fencer - Win a fight using Dual Weapons w/ no damage
Perfect thug - Win a fight using Heavy Weapons w/ no damage
Mind over matter - Win a fight without attacking the enemy
Decked out - Equip your Character with Gem-modified items only
The Information Dealer - Defeat Saydhi
ClashMob! - Participate in a successful ClashMob
Mob mentality - Participate in 100 successful ClashMobs
Fusion! - Forge a gem
Cold Fusion - Forge a gem worth 1,000,000 gold or more
Solar Fusion - Forge a rainbow gem
X marks the spot - Find a secret using a treasure map
Dead men tell no tales - Collect 5 treasure maps
Anti-death - Kill the Nega-God King
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