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GraalOnline Classic Cheats for iP
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GraalOnline Classic iP Cheats

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GraalOnline Classic

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Easu Gralats 83%
Description: Purchase a house with grass in it. Now, go to the Belle Isle Garden Shop and purchase some fences that will cover the front part of the farm. Align the fences. Purchase bombs, then throw them on the grass. Do not collect the Gralats when the appear. Instead, let them stay there and keep throwing bombs at them. They will begin to stack in value and turn into other colors. Their values are as follows:

Green1 to 4
Blue5 to 29
Red30 to 99
Gold100 to 999
Purple1000 to 9998
Black9999 to Infinite
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Good spots for digging shells 75%
One is to go to the bottem of the map then go to the right beach then youll see a deck dig on the edge of it
anthor one is at start dearing a event or somthing new
thats all I know commet if you know any more spots
By: monksta09(107)
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How to get candy for era 67%
Play era on halloween and look for a thing taht looks likee a ghost with a pupkin on its head grab it then it will give you candy if people are by then kill them
By: monksta09(107)
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How to destroy trash on era 67%
If you have the egg launcher equip it then shoot a piece of trash it will take a few shots but it will disappear
By: monksta09(107)
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Snowmen 67%
Dearing winter on era it will snow so if you have snowballs drp them on the ground and touch them with your finger if your out then use your snow mits to make more if you have mits
By: monksta09(107)
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(this is for era not classic) how to get a lot of items 64%
Go to your house then get a shovel then dig on the beach for crabs but dont kill them or dig on the grass but dont kill the monsters
then when you want to kill them then kill them
By: monksta09(107)
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Thanksgiving turkeys 62%
On thanksgiving turkeys take over era so when you kill them time to time you will get a small pitch fork or a hat or a turkey bombthey are everywhere so watch out
By: monksta09(107)
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A wall glitch 60%
Ok if you have a gang house here is a glitch get the gang house with the helicopter pad and go to the ladder get a bed out and put it on the right or left side then make it where you can get in it then you will be on the wall
By: monksta09(107)
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Shotgun glitch 60%
Shotguns used to suck but admins made it where it would do 20 or more if it derectly hits it!

this now belongs to nicky (RC inc)
By: monksta09(107)
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Some prices i know! 60%
5k-6k (tazer)
2.5k-3k (shamrock dagger)
1.5k-2k (clover)
4 (shovel each)
350-500 (crab daggers)
By: monksta09(107)
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All guns on era 2 (i found them atlast!!!) 57%
Mk23, mp40, p90, smgpk, tec9, kscshotgun, PBPshotgun, tarus, ap0, moranothomposn, glock18, sten, luger, altillerycannon, ak47, famas, deserteagle, graaliansbow, handgun, startergun, m4, m5 or m3, shotgun, uzi, golduzi, egglauncher, BAR, shipka, m16, watergun, waterhandgun, colt6, AUG, lexelgun, rabbitlauncher, ap7 and thats all

soory ive been changing my gang name and mine so im gold wolf (xk) or (Xblackout)
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New jod and its the hottest job in era!!! 57%
The job is picking mushrooms which you need a mushroom knife located above e-mines in southridge and its $100 dollars this is the quickest way to make money the max of shrooms you can carry is 200 shrooms are mushrooms
By: monksta09(107)
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How to get a lot of ammo till u get a new phone or ipad. FOR ERA ONLY 56%
Get max ammo then put it in your house then get max ammo again then put it in your house do this a few times then u`ll get a lot of ammo
By: monksta09(107)
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Anthor way to get candy 50%
Go to a house that you cant go in then you will get candy but you can get shot or knifed
By: monksta09(107)
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How to go to the halloween quest on era 50%
Go to custom island or the big house on a little island and go in and grab the book case then get in bed then ull wake up then ull have to free the person and you have to find a key so go to the right and go to this shop then talk to the guy who says come here and will tell you to look in a cofee cup for the key the free the guy and go to the switch then click both switches at the same time then you can go in to the shop for the big red and black sword but you must return to your realm for you will be traped in there intill you get teleported
By: monksta09(107)
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.how to get alot of kills 50%
If some gang or gangs are taking a base but dies then they get revived at the door of the base or the way you came in kill those people so you can get a big kill streak!

by monksta (desert eagles)
By: monksta09(107)
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Tip to hide from strong players 46%
If theres a buliding that you can go in then go in it and you will be safe
By: monksta09(107)
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All the guns in era 42%
Starter, desert eagle, BAR, handgun, gold uzi, uzi, m4, m16, m6, ap7, ak47, neo rifle, lexle rifle.

thats all I know so far and look for poke(lite badasses) thats me
By: monksta09(107)
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What the secret button is for 36%
The secret button leads to start if you push it
By: monksta09(107)
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