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Flick Fishing Cheats for iP
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Flick Fishing iP Cheats

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Flick Fishing

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Game Center Achievements 98%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

Catch a Big CarpCatch a Carp that weighs at least 53.63 lbs
Caught a BarracudaCatch a Barracuda
Caught a Big BarracudaCatch a Barracuda that weighs at least 412.5 lbs
Caught a Big Blue MarlinCatch a Blue Marlin that weighs at least 732.2 lbs
Caught a Big BonitoCatch a Bonito that weighs at least 16.5 lbs
Caught a Big BreamCatch a Bream that weighs at least 15.13 lbs
Caught a Big Brown TroutCatch a Brown Trout that weighs at least 52 lbs
Caught a Big CatfishCatch a Catfish that weighs at least 11.6 lbs
Caught a Big DogfishCatch a Dogfish that weighs at least 6.52 lbs
Caught a Big FlounderCatch a Flunder that weighs at least 8.25 lbs
Caught a Big GrouperCatch a Grouper that weighs at least 213.13 lbs
Caught a Big Largemouth BassCatch a Largemouth Bass that weighs at least 44.2 lbs
Caught a Big Mahi MahiCatch a Mahi Mahi that weighs at least 39 lbs
Caught a Big MulletCatch a Mullet that weighs at least 9.24 lbs
Caught a Big PikeCatch a Pike that weighs at least 60.23 lbs
Caught a Big PlaiceCatch a Plaice that weighs at least 9.33 lbs
Caught a Big Rainbow TroutCatch a Rainbow Trought that weighs at least 24.5 lbs
Caught a Big Red SnapperCatch a Red Snapper that weighs at least 19.94 lbs
Caught a Big RoachCatch a Roach that weighs at least 1.79 lbs
Caught a Big SailfishCatch a Sailfish that weighs at least 275 lbs
Caught a Big Sea BassCatch a Sea Bass that weighs at least 15.43 lbs
Caught a Big Striped Sea BassCatch a Striped Sea bass that weighs at least 281.88 lbs
Caught a Big SwordfishCatch a Swordfish that weighs at least 814.7 lbs
Caught a Big WahooCatch a Wahoo that weighs at least 203.5 lbs
Caught a Big Yellowfin TunaCatch a Yellowfin Tuna that weighs at least 203.5 lbs
Caught a Blue MarlinCatch a Blue Marlin
Caught a BonitoCatch a Bonito
Caught a BreamCatch a Bream
Caught a Brown TroutCatch a Brown Trout
Caught a CarpCatch a Carp
Caught a CatfishCatch a Catfish
Caught a DogfishCatch a Dogfish
Caught A FishCatch any kind of fish
Caught a FlounderCatch a Flounder
Caught a GrouperCatch a Grouper
Caught a Largemout BassCatch a Largemouth Bass
Caught a Mahi MahiCatch a Mahi Mahi
Caught a MulletCatch a Mullet (a fish, not the hairstyle)
Caught A Named FishCatch a fish with a specific name
Caught a PikeCatch a Pike
Caught a PlaiceCatch a Plaice
Caught a Rainbow TroutCatch a Rainbow Trout
Caught a Red SnapperCatch a Red Snapper
Caught a RoachCatch a Roach
Caught a SailfishCatch a Sailfish
Caught a Sea BassCatch a Sea Bass
Caught a Striped BassCatch a Striped Bass
Caught a SwordfishCatch a Swordfish
Caught a WahooCatch a Wahoo
Caught a Yellowfin TunaCatch a Yellowfin Tuna
Completed the OGITLH QuestHelp the Old Guy In The Lighthouse to restock the town's virtual aquarium
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