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FleetMaster Cheats for iP
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FleetMaster iP Cheats

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Game Center Achievements 98%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

1337 MasterSink 1337 ships
AceSink 25 ships
AdmiralWin 1000 games
Auto PilotAutomatically place your ship 100 times
Cabin BoyLose 100 games
CaptainWin 500 games
Captain's LogLose 500 games
Cheat MasterMiss in every square possible in a game (83 misses)
CommanderWin 250 games
Deck HandLose 10 games
DishwasherLose 25 games
Eagle EyeWin a game without missing a shot
EnsignWin 50 games
Fail Boat CaptainLose 1 game
Fleet MasterSink 560 ships
GunnerSink 135 ships
Legally BlindLose a game without hitting any opponents ships
LieutenantWin 100 games
Lucky Shot BattleshipSink your opponents battleship in your first 4 shots
Lucky Shot CarrierSink your opponents carrier in your first 5 shots
Lucky Shot FrigateSink your opponents frigate in your first 3 shots
Lucky Shot MinesweeperSink your opponents minesweeper in your first 2 shots
Lucky Shot SubmarineSink your opponents submarine in your first 3 shots
Petty OfficerWin 25 games
Poop Deck HandLose 750 games
PoseidonSink 1024 ships
Read AdmiralLose 1000 games
Sea ManWin 10 games
Sharp ShooterSink 75 ships
SmeeLose 250 games
UntouchableWin without any of your ships getting hit
Warm FuzziesWin 1 game
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