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Xenogears Cheats for PSX
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Xenogears PSX Cheats

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Secret Gear 100%
In the Battle Arena at Kislev, put on special mode one. Go to 'Bonus Battling'. Put the options on 3 rounds, and hard difficulty to get secret gear (Argento).
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Quick Gear Change 100%
When you are on the world map or a place that you can use your Gears, press L2 + R2 and you can go in and out without going to the menu.
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Lahan Well Items 100%
In Lahan, at the start of the game, jump down the well a few times. You'll get an eyeball, to sell for gold, an Aquasol S, a Power Ring, a lot of puns and a chill.
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Rock,Paper,Scissors 100%
In the house where you play Rock,Paper,Scissors you will get an item that you will need later on in the game and it's on of three items but first you need to winn the rock,paper,scissors game 5 or more times. the other two items are further in the story and you need all three. If you miss even one you get on less special item.
By: naphenro(1298)
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Audio Test 98%
When you are in the Yggsdrasil, go to the control room and chat to the control man. Choose the top selection for a sound test. He'll keep asking the same question over and over. Select the 1st choice again for a new sound.
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