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Doom Classic Cheats for iP
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Doom Classic iP Cheats

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Doom Classic

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Ammunition types 100%
Description: Use one of the following entries with the tntamo code.

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Cheat mode 100%
Description: Tap the screen at four different areas simultaneously to display the console window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes, then tap "Return" to activate the specified cheat function.

Effect Code
All 6 keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armorgive
Toggle invincibilitygod
Toggle Computer Area Mapidbeholda
200% healthidbeholdh
Toggle Blur Artifactidbeholdi
Toggle light-amplification visorsidbeholdl
Toggle radiation suitidbeholdr
Toggle Berserk Packidbeholds
Toggle Invulnerability Artifactidbeholdv
Chain sawidchoppers
Map selectidclev<1 to 4><1 to 9>
Toggle No Clipping modeidclip
Toggle invincibilityiddqd
Cycle through full map, add objects, reset*iddt
All weapons, backpack, full ammo, 200% armoridfa
All 6 keys, all weapons, backpack, full ammo, 200% armoridkfa
Change musicidmus<11 to 45>
View coordinates and headingidmypos
Toggle walk through wallsidspispopd
Reset player statistics and achievementsresetmaps
Toggle full or no ammotntamo<1 to 4>
Toggle backpacktntamob
Kill all monsters on current leveltntem
Toggle fast monsterstntfast
All 6 keystntka
Toggle key (blue yellow, or red) for type (card or skull)tntkey
Toggle weapon; "1" = Berserk strength punchestntweap<1-8>

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