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Defend Your Castle Cheats for iP
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Defend Your Castle iP Cheats

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Defend Your Castle

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Medals 100%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified medal.

... the Harder They FallDefeat 1,250 colossus invaders
3 Catapults, 1 EraserErase 3 Catapults with one spell
Abra CadaberaTrain 250 mages
AmbidexterityHold 5 invaders in the air simultaneously
Archers Are The AnswerFully upgrade your Archery Range
Awl EncompassingTrain 250 craftsmen
Big Blingin'Earn 1,000,000 points
Blocking Out The SunTrain 1,000 archers
Blue Bomber, AwaySend out 25 demolition experts
Build a Better TomorrowTrain 1,000 craftsmen
Building It BiggerReach 2,000 maximum castle health
Busting CapsDefeat 25 exploding invaders
Can We Fix It?Train 50 craftsmen
Castle DefenderComplete Round 50 on Normal Mode
Castle ManiacPlay for 300 minutes total
Cat-a-lystic!Defeat 500 catapult invaders
Cat-a-strophic!Defeat 10 catapult invaders
Cat-a-tonic!Defeat 100 catapult invaders
Cha-ChingEarn 100,000 points
Close CallEnd a round with less than 10% castle health
Colossal FortificationReach 10,000 maximum castle health
Craftsmen For The WinFully upgrade your Stone Mason's shop
Death From AboveTrain 250 archers
Demolitionists Have The PowerFully upgrade your Demolition Lab
Doing It SoloPlay up to Round 15 without training any units
Get In Mah BucketConvert 100 units
Gettin' the Hang of itPlay for 10 minutes total
Gonna Need a Lot of GlueDefeat 1,250 exploding invaders
Hardcore DefenderComplete Round 50 on Heroic Mode
Hocus PocusTrain 50 mages
I Love My Paint CanFully upgrade the Pit of Conversion
I Want to Live!Allow a blue demolition expert to walk off the screen
I Want to Paint It BlueConvert 500 units
InvincibilityComplete Round 20 or higher without taking damage
Is That All You've Got?Toss and catch and invader 5 times
It's Raining ArrowsTrain 50 archers
Ka-Blooee!Defeat 250 exploding invaders
Klaatu Barada NiktoTrain 1,000 mages
Let the Bodies Hit the FloorDefeat 100 plain invaders
Mages Are Too RoxxorFully upgrade your Magical Arts Tower
Magical MasterUse at least 20 spells in one round
Master of DisasterDestroy 5 Colossus Invaders in one explosion
Monstrous CastleReach 100,000 maximum castle health
MoolahEarn 10,000 points
Paying Your DuesView the entire game credits
Puppet MasterConvert 2,000 units
Rammer Time - Can't Ram ThisDefeat 50 rammer invaders
Seriously They're No Giving UpDefeat 5,000 plain invaders
Set Them Up The BombSend out 500 demolition experts
Sharp ShooterIntercept a Catapult projectile
Should Nave Used a Nail FileDefeat 500 rammer invaders
Stick TortureHold an invader in the air for 20 seconds
Take That Stick and Shove ItDefeat 2,500 rammer invaders
The Big BangSend out 10 Demo Experts within 5 seconds
The Bigger They AreDefeat 250 colossus invaders
They Just Keep ComingDefeat 1,000 plain invaders
Thoroughly AddictedPlay for 30 minutes total
Tick Tick BoomSend out 125 demolition experts
Time to RelaxFinish a round without killing an invader by throwing
Was That a Bottle Cap?Defeat 25 colossus invaders
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