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Cubes 3D Revolution Cheats for iP
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Cubes 3D Revolution iP Cheats

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Cubes 3D Revolution

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Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

Advanced SchemerMake a combo of 10 deletions
AnnihilatorDestroy 30 cubes in one turn
BlessingMake 3 consecutive Brilliant moves
BomberDetonate 3 bombs in one turn
Color ObsessedCompose 5 lines of the same color in 5 consecutive turns
Dead ZoneMore than 50% of cubes on the field are antibonuses
Fast LevelComplete any level after 3rd in less than 20% of maximum moves needed
Favorite ColorCompose 3 lines of the same color in 3 consecutive turns
God's TouchMake 2 bonuses by the first move on a level
Guru PlayerReach level 20 in Classic mode
Ice DestroyerDestroy 8 ice cubes in a single level
Ice HunterDestroy 40 ice cubes in one game
Impressive EndingFinish a level with 25% or more score poins than required
Lightning MasterActivate 3 lightnings in one turn
Master PlayerReach level 15 in Classic mode
MinerActivate 7 explosive bonuses in one turn
No MistakeFinish the first 5 levels in Action mode with no revolving that do not compose a line
PerfectionistGet 30 Perfects in one game
Pre-SchemerMake a combo of 4 deletions
Pro PlayerEarn 100,000 points in Classic mode
Resplendent GameGet 20 Brilliants in one game
Rookie PlayerReach level 10 in Classic mode
Save The DayGet back and finish any level after 3rd when the energy bar is lower than 5%
SchemerMake a combo of 7 deletions
Stone DestroyerDestroy 6 stone cubes in a single level
Stone HunterDestroy 30 stone cubes in one game
StubbornReach level 12 in Classic mode with no hints
Swift LevelComplete any level after 3rd in less than 10% of the maximum moves needed
Triple HitCollect 3 cross-lightning on the field at the same time
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