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Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies Cheats for iP
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Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies iP Cheats

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Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

"Nacht Der Untoten": Easy kills 98%
Description: Clear the debris to the upstairs area. Go upstairs. When you first get to the top, you will see an area where you can resupply grenades. Go directly in front of the grenades and have your back towards the grenades. You are now in a good camp-out location. Because you are on the top floor you have access to the flamethrower, the trench gun, the BAR, and grenades.
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flamethrower 98%
Description: Once you get 3,000 points, go upstairs in the zombie factory place. When your upstairs, if you used the main steps on the front start area, turn around. Go around the steps and go back to the back of the room near the sandbags until you see a vanity or dresser object behind a pillar. Go up to it and open it. You will get a flamethrower. Go around the pillar over to where the steps are located. Turn left and to find a room and a wall in a protected corner. Go in the corner and use the grenades behind you and your flamethrower to kill.
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Extra radio 98%
How to: If you unlock the storage room, there is a radio on the barrel by the Teddy bear that has the voices from the Verrukt video.
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"Shino Numa": Easy survival 96%
Description: After you open up all areas, the middle of the map is the best location to go. You can just run around there in circles. By doing this, you can make it to round 38 by yourself.
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Wunderwaffe DG-2 96%
Description: To get a free Wunderwaffe DG-2, open all areas but do not get the Perk-A-Colas. Once you get them all open, you will receive a shovel when you use the knife. Search for a mound of dirt. Tap the "Dig" action button to receive the Wunderwaffe.
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"Nacht der Untoten": Mystery box 93%
Description: Unlock the "help" room. Once there unplug your charger and plug it back in. To exit, do the same thing as you did to get in. *** You are invisible to the zombies the entire time. If you are having trouble killing them, shoot up and you will get a zombie or two.
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Easy headshots with pistol 67%
When round starts you go to every barrier and check and see if any zombies are spawning look up a lil bit and when it aiming at the zombie"s head,zoom in and shoot
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Nacht der Untoten Easy Way 67%
At the biginning kill the zombies,until you have enough points to get to the second floor and get the flamethrower.You will need at least 4000 points.After you get the flamethrower,go to the mystery box the connet you usb cable to your pc.Then run into the gap that is between the cabinets and the mystery box.At the same time unplug and plug in your cable,until your at the back of the mystery box.When your are in the back you will become invicible to zombie.Plus the flamerthrower will never ran out of ammo.
By: TheHelper101(49)
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How to get money 67%
In the being of the game don't buy a gun and use it untlei you run out of amon and us you kifie get a gun if the get in faster but you have lote of money
By: najeralazaro(20)
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