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Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D Cheats for iP
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Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D iP Cheats

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Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified achievement and bonus.

Achievement Task Bonus
Rookie of the year100 home runsGoldBall +20
Hitter of the year500 home runsGoldBall +50
Homerun King1,000 home runsGoldBall +200
Hall of fame5,000 home runsGoldBall +1000
The Legend10,000 home runsGoldBall +3000
NoviceScore more than 10,000GoldBall +20
Not a bad playerScore more than 20,000GoldBall +100
Good playerScore more than 50,000GoldBall +500
Super playerScore more than 100,000GoldBall +1000
AddictScore more than 200,000GoldBall +3000
MVP50% mission completionGoldBall +2000
Pitcher hunter10 home runs per gameGoldBall +20
Pitcher killer20 home runs per gameGoldBall +50
Titan of terror50 home runs per gameGoldBall +300
Iron manLongest shot 500 ftGoldBall +20
The beastLongest shot 550 ftGoldBall +100
Moon shooterLongest shot 600 ftGoldBall +300
Beginner10 match upsGoldBall +10
Veteran100 match upsGoldBall +100
Master500 match upsGoldBall +500
Guru1000 match upsGoldBall +2000
Fighter10 match up winsGoldBall +50
Matchup King100 match up winsGoldBall +500
Conqueror1000 match up winsGoldBall +5000
Killer5 straight winsGoldBall +300
Mr. Clean-up10 straight winsGoldBall +2000
Hard worker10 lossesGoldBall +10
Mr. Never-give-up50 lossesGoldBall +50
Indomitable man100 lossesGoldBall +100
Homerun racer5 homerun comboGoldBall +20
Homerun machine10 homerun comboGoldBall +500
Illusionist20 homerun comboGoldBall +2000
Marvel hitter5 called shots per gameGoldBall +500
Entertainer10 called shotsGoldBall +20
Mr. Compass100 called shotsGoldBall +100
Audience exciter1000 called shotsGoldBall +1000
Macho50 crashesGoldBall +20
Gang100 crashesGoldBall +100
Buster1000 crashesGoldBall +1000
Crasher10 crashes per gameGoldBall +500
Destroyer20 crashes per gameGoldBall +1000
Pole hitter10 pole hitsGoldBall +50
Lucky man100 pole hitsGoldBall +500
Mr. Pole5 pole hits per gameGoldBall +2000
Fair man10 cyclings per gameGoldBall +100
Mr. Cycling20 cyclings per gameGoldBall +1000
Foul man100 foulsGoldBall +20
Mr. Misfortunate500 foulsGoldBall +100
The centerAdd 5 rivalsGoldBall +100
CelebrityAdd 20 rivalsGoldBall +500
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