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Wanted Corp Cheats for PS3
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Wanted Corp PS3 Cheats

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Wanted Corp

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Trophies 100%
This is a list of trophies for Wanted Corp on PS3.

Royal skewer (Silver)Get a bonus of more than 10.000 credits with a series of captures
Shopaholic (Silver)Buy all the store's upgrades
Nerd fighter (Silver)Collect all the game's archives
Tri-band (Bronze)Arrest a fugitive with a ring after 3 successive bounces
Group rate (Bronze)Kill three fugitives with a single grenade
Chef's skewer (Bronze)Get a bonus of more than 5.000 credits with a series of captures
Distant partners (Bronze)Play a mission online
Spring cleaning (Bronze)Complete a Barghest arena before time runs out
Diamond dust (Bronze)Transform a frozen fugitive into diamond dust with Maddogg
Back in jail (Bronze)Capture a fugitive and transfer him to Wanted Corp
Disbanded sect (Gold)Capture Barghest and transfer her to Wanted Corp
In the can King Kong! (Silver)Capture Big Monkey Grunk and transfer him to Wanted Corp
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Cheat menu 100%
Beat the game on hard mode to unlock cheats like infinite ammo godmode on normal mode you unlock stages very hard mode all weapons movies and trophies
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Glitches lol 100%
On stage 2 go left of the screen jump up down keep going left untill you are stuck after that all trophies well unlock and you well die try it lol
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