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Plazma Burst 2 Cheats for PC
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Plazma Burst 2 PC Cheats

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Plazma Burst 2

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

All Cheat Codes 85%
Name yourself root, then complete all levels.
Simply press "Enter" and type one of the cheat codes below to activate it.

bot 1 (Enables bot control over your character.)
bot 0 (Disables bot control over your character.)
god 1 (Activates godmode.)
god (Same effect as god 1.)
god 0 (Deactivates godmode.)
render 1 (Reactivates game rendering.)
render 0 (Deactivates game rendering.)
very slow (Play the game in slowest speed setting.)
slower (Slower speed setting.)
slow (Slightly slow speed setting.)
normal (Default speed.)
fast (Fast speed setting.)
faster (Faster speed setting.)
very fast (Fastest speed setting.)
friends (Enemies no longer attack you and will become your allies.)
dm (Deathmatch, enemies fight each other.)
kill (Explodes your head, killing you. If the game is paused, you will not be killed until you play the game. In Multiplayer, say -kill.)
kill enemies (Kill all enemies without destroying their body, set their current HP to 0).
give all (Gives all of the Marine's signature weapons, all upgrade level 3 (including Defibrillator).
zoom 25 (Camera is zoomed out, with this, you can see almost all of the map.)
zoom 50 (Camera is zoomed out, same zoom level as if the player is in a Hound Walker or another vehicle.)
zoom 100 (Camera is at the default amount of zoom.)
zoom 200 (The camera is zoomed into your character.)
hyper jump (Big jump.)
headshot (Removing your head without instant death. Same effect if you pause the game, type 'kill', then 'god' and play the game. Don't use this cheat at the levels 37-41 and 21.)
debug 1 (Activates debug mode.)
debug (Same effect as debug 1.)
debug 0 (Deactivates debug mode.)
quick start (Give you 999999 $.)
no players (Deletes all teammates and enemies from the level (excluding yourself)
no vehicles (Deletes all vehicles from the level, do not use this cheat while you are in vehicle.)
no guns (Deletes all guns from the level (including your guns)
no barrels (Deletes all barrels from the level.)
no lights (Lamps can't be broken.)

If you find this helpful press the "Helpful" button.
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Plazma Burst 2 Logging in as Player - Cheatmaster Catstrich 81%
Your always playing as guest right?
Or you cant maybe change your Character.

Sign In -
Click "Im New!" and read on the right side PROPERLY and understand harder best you can do. Thats it! Your done. You have account!

Login Editing Profile -
If you dont know how to Edit Profile, remember when you signed in where you click "Im New!" For registeration? Look at those both Login and Password. Put your Nickname and Password in the box by just typing in the boxes. If you have typed in both 2 boxes. Next Step is later. If it doesn't works for you, keep trying again and again or make another account to repeat all of this steps again. Now... the next step is very simple. All you got to do is click the Edit Profile somewhere on the top right corner [Almost]. Then you can Edit your profile! Now you can go Rank Matches or make maps. If you dont know how, go to "FAQ" if your using Manual. WARNING: Do not go to unranked matches that are Approved but Deathmatch or Custom Maps are fine. If you dont know where the FAQ is, go play Plazma Burst 2 first and you will see a selection, Campign, "FAQ" and all those things. Click the FAQ and look for Eric Gurt's Comment of Level Editor MANUAL, if you dont want, do Beta Level Editor [easy]. If its helpful... Click it. Remember to read my other cheats. Thanks for reading.
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How to Mirror bullets easier than usual 80%
To mirror it easier,you have to be in slow motion mode,to do that,press z on your keyboard,then,find an enemy any kind but only with a gun that shoots bullets,laser guns cant be mirrored,after pressing z slow motion mode,when the the enemy shoots,use your swords and make sure you hit the bullets,if this helps,please press helpful.

thank you plazma burst 2 players, =D
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How to Selfboost higher - Cheatmaster Catstrich 78%
Press ESC or look at the top right and click that menu button.
If your done, click "Graphics & Gameplay" Then you will see
alot of thingies there. If you see the "Physics Quality", Change
it to LOW. Next, frame rate must be 60. Once your done,
go back to your game and you can selfboost higher. if you
dont know how to selfboost, *also try camera movement to FAST*

Buttons to hold:

X, Mouse/slice, Jump

Make sure to click the Helpful button and add me in Plazma Burst 2. My name is just on the title, without Cheatmaster. If you dont understand, go search "" Then just search 'Plazma burst 2 how to selfboost'.
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Defence Tutorials 78%
Step 1. Go to a map that has Multiplayer War thing.
Step 2. Press Menu
Step 3. Click ' Graphics & Gameplay '
Step 4. As you see, its like an option, if you saw a Physics Quality, change it to LOW.
Step 5. Camera movement to FAST
Step 6. Frame rate to 60
Step 7. Double press the menu button again or exit the option when your done.
Step 8. As you can see there are enemies fighting there. Read the tutorials down below.

Defending Tutorial Ways:
1.As you see an enemy, fastly selfboost over him/her and shoot him/her

2.Use portnade over him/her or behind you, or incase enemies surrounded everywhere on your body, just throw over them fast and do Selfboost, your done, your away from them.

3.if you see an enemy on your left/right, try walking forward them and hold X+Slice+Forward them. You will kill them with swords. Incase there are swords mode.

4.If you see a guy trolling you as a fake AFK, quickly hold Left and right, Left and right w/(with) slicing

5.Keep using 'SLICE button + HOLD left and right, left and right' and also try the other Defence Steps to make yourself safe.

6.If your going to slow motion sword fight in DM, try to do the Step 5 of Defencing Tutorials. Once you and enemy are going forward together, that you cant go back where you went to plan to go that spot, hold X and slice him if jumping. If your walking and that guy doesn't jump, hold the buttons order as ' Going forward him/her, X, Slice'

If you have anymore Questions/Tips/Tricks for me to ask, tell me in
and click the helpful button down below.
(Master & Genius)
By [I M M O R T A L]: Cheatmaster Catstrich

Thanks for letting my hottest 100% voted tips admins and peoples!
Also check out my other cheats that are 'HOT', 100% and my "MORE How to cheats".
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How to use enemy shield 77%
First, kill an enemy without breaking parts of it then hold c and move him in front of you.But the other enemies will shoot at you!But they cant hit you because the bullets will go at the enemy.
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2013 Player points - Glitch 69%
Go to approved map that have ranking. Quickly slice someone nearby you when you spawn near them.

Map needed:
Make sure it is DM mode
Make sure psi-swords 0N

And make sure dont play non-ranking matches or it will lower your Overall KDR Rank.

By... You know me, the one always makes cheats that are HOT for 2013 =)
Yes, this is another cheat. Click the helpful down below. Thanks Plazma-
Burst-2-Fans! I hope you'll learn the good cheats I made...
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Cheat mode 66%
Description: Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes in multi-player mode to activate the specified cheat function.

Effect Code
Toggle CPU controlbot <0 or 1>
Toggle screen renderingrender <0 or 1>
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Switch team 66%
Switch team the TDM (Team Death Match) switch team blue say -blue switch team red say -red enjoy :)
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How to cheat in Singleplayer with Command Codes 66%
Nickname must be "root" if you cant change your nickname again, reset the site. Whole Singleplayer must be finished, level 42 also. Commands are "god 0" "god "bot 0" "bot 1"

If it doesn't works, try to use " - (dash)" or with numbers.
if you dont understand, check out MrDiamondHero's video, & also, click the helpful down below if its good. See the video: Cheat Video
Plazma Burst 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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How to become a pro on the map ''poxghostrobosteelthunder-youngbrodoslowmo'' map. 64%
If you know how to swag attack here's a little tip...when you are fighting when they slice, slice exactly when they do it sometimes sends them flying into the air but not always and it's the ultimate way to kill lagers and speed hackers.
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Master 62%
Hey im going to show you how to find the hidden falkok
first play plazma burst 2 void second go to level 40 after you go to level 40 and type the code to the left ...
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Add a player (not works) 59%
Bot (1) to spawn bot (meby) (0) to unspawn If thats works press helpful
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How To Switch into a new team 59%
If You are in TDM mode then if you dont want to be in that team (Red) (Blue).
-blue : Switches The player to Blue Team. -red : Switches The player to Red Team.
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God 0 58%
After you put in "god 1" press enter again then you can put in "god 0" as in zero so you can go back to normal
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Fly without the AR-15 58%
U can fly if you go on multiplayer online then when you are playing go to "menu" press "gameplay and graphics" turn all of the options to low or "off' then you can jump high (u will have to hold 'x' in the air while stabbing the air) {u need to have 'swords' on it does work not like those pepole who post some 'awsome' thing then you do it and it freaking sucks and everyone is calling you a noob for typing a weird thing in the chat so plz try this cheat and rate it :p
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Plazma killer 57%
Press c to let the dead enemy go every where
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MORE How to cheat in Singleplayer with Command Codes by Catstrich 56%
Read the first one down below if the title is similar first. Then read this.

MORE Cheat Commands: "Render 0" "Render 1"

To watch MrDiamond's Video in HD, Click the
" Cheat Video " Down below with an " |} "
and make sure! Both of my cheats are 100%
Thanks! Stay Cool and be a cheater in Singl-
ePlayer Modes! Click the (+)Helful down below. See the video: Cheat Video
Plazma Burst 2 cheat video Cheat Video
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How you change your character 55%
Go in inicial page,go to edit profile,go down,choose your new character,go down again and press save.
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Give all 54%
Give all is a cheat for plazma burst 2 it rlly works so first to make it work you have to have root as a name and you have to complete all campaign lvls first then you go on any lvl and you try it, its gonna give you all marine signature guns that means all guns that you can buy for the marine. oh and you will have a red text appearing after you used that cheat just dont pay attention to it
By: wolffire(14)
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Invincible 53%
God 1. try it its awsome
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How to see the ghost 47%
Press ctrl+g
By: yasha(125)
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Cheat 45%
Eachmore--get bazooka
hpup--20,700 hp
createloader--unluck all levels
bonusrush--raining bomb
nux--get nuclear
billionrich---get million of money
garbage--kill all enemies
bus---get 1 partner
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How to walk trough walls 43%
To walk trouh walss dontt press anything or you will die even were the wall goes
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Plazma burst 2 42%
By: yagyagen(24)
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How too get wassapp on any phone 33%
Call frezycool on 07061885920
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Plazma brust 2 29%
Plz I want to plat this game
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