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SSX Cheats for XBOX 360
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SSX XBOX 360 Cheats

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Standard Tricks 100%
Name Move
Regular (left foot forward)
Nose GrabX + Y
MuteX + B
SeatbeltX + A
Flying SquirrelY + X
StiffyY + B
StalefishB + X
CrailB + Y
Tail GrabB + A
Goofy (right foot forward)
Switch IndyX
Switch CrailX + Y
Switch StalefishX + B
Switch Tail GrabX + A
Switch RocketY
Switch StiffyY + X
Switch Flying SquirrelY + B
Switch MuteB + X
Switch Nose GrabB + Y
Switch Seat BeltB + A
Switch TruckdriverA
BoardslideNo input
Ta Da! BoardslideX
Utah Teapot BoardslideY
The Proposal BoardslideB
The Wheelman BoardslideX + X
Lesser Seesaw BoardslideY + Y
Super Fish-L BoardslideB + B
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Uber Tricks 100%
Name Move
Regular (left foot forward)
Uber MelonX
Uber Nose GrabX + Y
Uber MuteX + B
Uber SeatbeltX + A
Uber RocketY
Uber Flying SquirrelY + X
Uber StiffyY + B
Uber IndyB
Uber StalefishB + X
Uber CrailB + Y
Uber Tail GrabB + A
Uber TruckdriverA
Goofy (right foot forward)
Switch Uber IndyX
Switch Uber CrailX + Y
Switch Uber StalefishX + B
Switch Uber Tail GrabX + A
Switch Uber RocketY
Switch Uber StiffyY + X
Switch Uber Flying SquirrelY + B
Switch Uber MelonB
Switch Uber MuteB + X
Switch Uber Nose GrabB + Y
Switch Uber Seat BeltB + A
Switch Uber TruckdriverA
Heel To The Cheif BoardslideX
Darkerslide BoardslideY
Jewl Twist BoardslideB
Darkslide BoardslideX + X
Brow Down BoardslideY + Y
Late Addition BoardslideB + B
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SSX Achievements 98%
Description: To unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, complete the listed Achievements.

Überlesscious (20 points)Earn a Bronze Medal on a Trick Event in Explore without landing any Super Übers
Around the World (10 points)Ride with all 3 Pilots with each member of Team SSX
Buried Alive (25 points)Survive Avalanche Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)
Caution Low Visibility (25 points)Survive Whiteout Deadly Descent without equipping pulse goggles (in World Tour)
Do You See What I See (25 points)Survive Darkness Deadly Descent without equipping a headlamp or pulse goggles (in World Tour)
Gear Up! (5 points)Make your 1st Gear Purchase
Grindage (5 points)Grind your 1st rail (not achievable in Tutorial)
Heart of Gold (10 points)Earn your 1st Gold in a Survive Event (in Explore)
I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost (10 points)Beat a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range (in Explore)
I Am a Ghost (5 points)Upload your 1st personal ghost
Ice to See You (25 points)Survive Ice Deadly Descent without equipping ice axes (in World Tour)
I'm Alive! (5 points)Rewind out of Death for the 1st Time (not achievable in Tutorial)
I'm Flying! (5 points)Deploy your wingsuit for the 1st time (not achievable in Tutorial)
I Need a Boost (5 points)Make your 1st Mod Purchase
It's Cold Out Here (25 points)Survive Cold Deadly Descent without equipping a solar panel (in World Tour)
Leave No One Behind (10 points)Earn a Bronze in a Survive Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)
Pass the Baton (10 points)Earn a Bronze in a Race Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)
Pass the Board Wax (5 points)Make your 1st Board Purchase
Peak-A-Boo (10 points)Participate in a Global Event in every Peak
Playing Favorites (25 points)Reach Level 10 with any character
Rocky Road (25 points)Survive Rock Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)
Tag Team (10 points)Earn a Bronze in a Trick Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)
Team SSX (10 points)Unlock every member of Team SSX through World Tour (or purchase in Explore or Global Events)
That Was Easy (5 points)Unlock all Game Modes
The Apple Theory (25 points)Survive Gravity Deadly Descent without equipping a wingsuit (in World Tour)
The Bronze Badger (10 points)Collect all Bronze Tricky Badges
The Bronze Campaign (10 points)Collect all Bronze World Tour Badges
The Bronze Finish (10 points)Collect all Bronze Race Badges
The Bronze Miner (10 points)Collect all Bronze Explore Badges
The Bronze Spender (10 points)Collect all Bronze Global Events Badges
The Bronze Survival Guide (10 points)Collect all Bronze Survive Badges
The Golden Campaign (50 points)Collect all Gold World Tour Badges
The Golden Survival Guide (50 points)Collect all Gold Survive Badges
The Golden Tricker (50 points)Collect all Gold Tricky Badges
The Golden Trick It (10 points)Earn your 1st Gold in a Trick Event (in Explore)
The Gold Finish (50 points)Collect all Gold Race Badges
The Gold Miner (50 points)Collect all Gold Explore Badges
The Gold Spender (50 points)Collect all Gold Global Events Badges
The Gold Standard (10 points)Earn your 1st Gold in a Race Event (in Explore)
The Silver Boarder (25 points)Collect all Silver Tricky Badges
The Silver Finish (25 points)Collect all Silver Race Badges
The Silver Miner (25 points)Collect all Silver Explore Badges
The Silver Spender (25 points)Collect all Silver Global Events Badges
The Silver Campaign (25 points)Collect all Silver World Tour Badges
The Silver Survival Guide (25 points)Collect all Silver Survive Badges
This Gear Is Bronze (10 points)Collect all Bronze Gear Badges
This Gear Is Golden (50 points)Collect all Gold Gear Badges
This Gear Is Silver (25 points)Collect all Silver Gear Badges
Tree Hugger (25 points)Survive Trees Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)
Who Needs Boost (20 points)Earn a Bronze Medal on a Race Event in Explore without using any boost
By: Toebin(11885)
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Super Uber Tricks 96%
Name Move
Regular (left foot forward)
SidewinderX + Y
All You Can EatX + B
Royal FlushX + A
Checkin' The NoseY
Huge In EuropeY + X
Cradle May FallY + B
Waaay BackB
BlackbirdB + X
SubmersibleB + Y
Stay FrostyB + A
Goofy (right foot forward)
Switch Waaay BackX
Switch SubmersibleX + Y
Switch BlackbirdX + B
Switch Stay FrostyX + A
Switch Checkin' The NoseY
Switch Cradle May FallY + X
Switch Huge In EuropeY + B
Switch SkyscraperB
Switch All You Can EatB + X
switch sidewinderB + Y
Switch Royal FlushB + A
Switch SledgehammerA
Sit On It BoardslideX
Skeleton BoardslideY
Invertible BoardslideB
Westcoast Crow BoardslideX + X
The Luger BoardslideY + Y
The Russian DreidleB + B
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