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Pokedex 3D Cheats for 3DS
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Pokedex 3D 3DS Cheats

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Pokedex 3D

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Pokedex 3D and Pokemon/Move/Egg List Guide 96%
This guide is not meant as the BE all END all guide to Pokemon 3D but an overview of what is contained in the program, a listing of the Moves and Eggs along with some of my own thoughts about them all. I hope you find them useful.

Read the Guide --> Pokedex 3D and Pokemon/Move/Egg List [Guide]
By: Toebin(11218)
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Sticker bonuses 93%
Description: Collect the listed amount of stickers by scanning AR Codes and taking pictures of Pokemon in the AR Viewer to unlock the specified bonus.

Nine Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer70 Stickers
Ten Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer200 Stickers
Eleven Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer250 Stickers
Use an image as a background.50 Stickers
Note Button in AR Viewer30 stickers
Slider Scale in AR Viewer100 Stickers
Stopwatch Button in AR Viewer150 Stickers
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Impossible Quiz 100%
Type in BLAHBLAH on the keyword quiz for a surprise...
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Poedex 3d extra pokemon 80%
When you get uot of the poedex 3d you get new pokemon data you can go close the program and then go back in you can get up to 3 pokemon a day.
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How to get a pause button 20%
To get a pause button you must go to updates then you cilck it then when it says connect to sever wait then you get a pause button.
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