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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition Cheats for PS3
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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
PS3 Cheats

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition

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Fight Q In Arcade Mode 100%
Description: To fight Q in Arcade mode, do not lose any rounds (use no continues), get at least 5/10/15 Super Finishes proportionate to the rounds (1/3/5), and earn a "D" rank or better on every fight before the 9th fight. After the 7th or 8th fight, a shadowy portrait Q will briefly appear, and he will challenge you.
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Challenges 100%
Description: To unlock the spedified title title and VP points, complete the listed task.


Akuma MasterComplete Arcade mode with Akuma
Alex MasterComplete Arcade mode with Alex
Arcade LegendComplete Arcade mode without losing a round
Arcade MasterComplete Arcade mode with every character
Ball SwatterParry 100 balls in the bonus round
Cage MatchUse Alex to defeat Hugo, then use Hugo to defeat Alex
Chun-Li MasterComplete Arcade mode with Chun-Li
Dudley MasterComplete Arcade mode with Dudley
Elena MasterComplete Arcade mode with Elena
God SlayerComplete Gill without him using Resurrection
Hugo MasterComplete Arcade mode with Hugo
Human Auto WreckerCompletely crush 5 cars
Ibuki MasterComplete Arcade mode with Ibuki
Ken MasterComplete Arcade mode with Ken
Makoto MasterComplete Arcade mode with Makoto
Mystery ManDefeat Q
Necro MasterComplete Arcade mode with Necro
Oro MasterComplete Arcade mode with Oro
Q MasterComplete Arcade mode with Q
Remy MasterComplete Arcade mode with Remy
Ryu MasterComplete Arcade mode with Ryu
Sean MasterComplete Arcade mode with Sean
Sibling RivalryUse Yun to defeat Yang, then use Yang to defeat Yun
Super SoldiersUse Necro to defeat Twelve, then use Twelve to defeat Necro
Training PartnersUse Ryu to defeat Ken, then use Ken to defeat Ryu
Twelve MasterComplete Arcade mode with Twelve
Urien MasterComplete Arcade mode with Urien
Yang MasterComplete Arcade mode with Yang
Yun MasterComplete Arcade mode with Yun


Another NotchWin a match
Around the WorldWin a match with every character
Big FinishWin 50 rounds with a super move
Button MasherMash out of a stun
EX-ceptionalPerform 25 EX moves
Fully ChargedPeform 100 charged moves
Going StreakingWin 10 matches in a row
GrinderComplete 500 rounds
Hip TosserPerform 10 throws
IncineratorLight your opponent on fire
Projectile SpammerThrow 1,000 projectiles
Such a TeasePerform 10 taunts
Super ArtistPerform 300 super moves
The ShockerElectrocute your opponent
To the BellWin a round with a time over


Chain ReactionPerform 250 combos of at least 3 hits
Desperate ParryParry an attack with no health left
Fast FingersPerform 250 cancels to another move
Flying FortressParry an attack while in the air
Huge ComboPull off a 15 hit combo
InvincibleCompletely parry a super move
Mr. PerfectWin a round without getting hit
Red BaronRed parry 5 attacks
Steel ShinsParry 25 low attacks
Sticks & StonesWin a round with a taunt
Wax On, Wax OffParry 75 attacks


Akuma Combo MasterComplete 1 of Akuma's combo trials
Alex Combo MasterComplete 1 of Alex's combo trials
Chun-Li Combo MasterComplete 1 of Chun-Li's combo trials
Dudley Combo MasterComplete 1 of Dudley's combo trials
Elena Combo MasterComplete 1 of Elena's combo trials
Handicap Trial MasterComplete 3 handicap trials
Hugo Combo MasterComplete 1 of Hugo's combo trials
Ibuki Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ibuki's combo trials
Ken Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ken's combo trials
Makoto Combo MasterComplete 1 of Makoto's combo trials
Necro Combo MasterComplete 1 of Necro's combo trials
Oro Combo MasterComplete 1 of Oro's combo trials
Parry Trial MasterComplete 3 parry trials
Practice Makes PerfectComplete 55 trials
Q Combo MasterComplete 1 of Q's combo trials
Remy Combo MasterComplete 1 of Remy's combo trials
Ryu Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ryu's combo trials
Sean Combo MasterComplete 1 of Sean's combo trials
Twelve Combo MasterComplete 1 of Twelve's combo trials
Urien Combo MasterComplete 1 of Urien's combo trials
Yang Combo MasterComplete 1 of Yang's combo trials
Yun Combo MasterComplete 1 of Yun's combo trials
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Trophies 100%
Description: To unlock PlayStation3 Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

Pocket Full of Quarters (Gold)Complete the challenge Pocket Full Of Quarters

Going Streaking (Silver)Complete the 2nd tier of the challenge Going Streaking in ranked online mode
Mystery Man (Silver)Complete the challenge Mystery Man
Practice Makes Perfect (Silver)Complete the challenge Practice Makes Perfect
Sticks & Stones (Silver)Complete the 1st tier of the challenge Sticks & Stones in any mode

Big Finish (Bronze)Complete the 1st tier of the challenge Big Finish in any mode
Couch Potato (Bronze)Complete the 1st tier of the challenge Couch Potato
EX-ceptional (Bronze)Complete the 3rd tier of the challenge EX-ceptional in any mode
Sharing Is Caring (Bronze)Complete the challenge Sharing Is Caring
Super Artist (Bronze)Complete the 3rd tier of the challenge Super Artist in any mode
The Bitter End (Bronze)Complete the challenge The Bitter End
Wax On, Wax Off (Bronze)Complete the 3rd tier of the challenge Wax On, Wax Off in any mode
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Bonus Second Impact Colors 98%
Description: Complete the game in Arcade mode to unlock 6 additional "Second Impact" colors for that character. You can access the colors by selecting "My Content" then "Downloadable Content".
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Gill 98%
Description: To unlock Gill, complete the game with all characters with the "System Direction" option set to "Normal".
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