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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Cheats for PC
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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record PC Cheats

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Trainer (STEAM 10.18.2011) by: Caliber Oct 18,2011
Trainer (PATCH 10.17.2011) by: Caliber Oct 17,2011
Trainer (STEAM) by: Caliber Oct 11,2011
Trainer by: Caliber Oct 10,2011

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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

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Achievements 100%
Complete the listed achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Adult Content (20 points)Take an extremely erotic picture
Alpha Vs. Omega (20 points)Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin
Award Winning Photography (20 points)Photograph 75 PP stickers
Best of Friends (20 points)Defeat 5 psychopaths in co-op
BFF (20 points)Use the Snapshot skill move on a zombie
Camera Crazy (20 points)Take a picture of a psychopath
Card Archive (20 points)Collect 50 combo cards
Card Collection (20 points)Collect 20 combo cards
Challenge Addict (20 points)Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different single player challenges
Challenge Domination (20 points)Get a gold medal on all single player challenges
Cramped Quarters (20 points)Get 8 survivors into a vehicle
Dominoes (20 points)Use the Jump Kick to knock down 100 zombies
Drugged Up (20 points)Take a dose of Zombrex
Elite Killer (20 points)Kill 1337 zombies
Even More Help From My Friends (20 points)Get a gold medal on all co-op challenges
Frank West: Cross Dresser (20 points)Dress up completely in women's clothing
Full Camera (20 points)Fill your camera's memory
Hands of Doom (20 points)Unlock all skill moves
Help From My Friends (20 points)Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different co-op challenges
I Got a Medal! (20 points)Get a medal on a challenge in Sandbox Mode
Luggage Code (20 points)Kill 12,345 zombies
Maintaining The City (20 points)Visit 10 different maintenance rooms
Making Memories (20 points)Take a picture of your co-op partner during co-op play
Mixed Messages (20 points)Take a picture with elements of horror, brutality, outtake and erotica in a single shot
More Help From My Friends (20 points)Get at least a bronze medal on all co-op challenges
New Hotness (20 points)Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record
Nice Shot (20 points)Photograph a PP sticker
No Zombies In The Vents (20 points)Unlock the secret shortcut
Out With the Old (20 points)Defeat the motorcycle-riding psychopath
Party Time (20 points)Get a survivor drunk
Photo Album (20 points)Photograph 25 PP stickers
Photo Journalist (20 points)Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures
Photo School (20 points)Take a high PP value picture
Powered Up (20 points)Restore power to the Yucatan Casino
Prestigious PP (20 points)Get over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill
Prom Night (20 points)Kill 69 zombies
Puking Rally (20 points)Have a zombie slip in a puddle of vomit
Purewal Memorial Cup (20 points)Don't consume any meat, dairy or alcohol until the military arrives
Raw Emotion (20 points)Take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation
Safety Check: Failed (20 points)Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once
Save the Girl (20 points)Rescue a damsel in distress from the Twin Terrors
Save the Girl... Again (20 points)Save the damsel in distress a 2nd time
Save the Girl... Yet Again (20 points)Save a damsel in distress for the 3rd and final time
Six Digits?!? (20 points)Kill 100,000 zombies
Team Player (20 points)Avert a mutiny
Technological Terror (20 points)Destroy a "harvester"
The Challenge Experience (20 points)Get at least a bronze medal on all single player challenges
Tiger Tamer (20 points)Have Snowflake attack and damage a psychopath
True Colors (20 points)Defeat the mastermind of the Fortune City incident
We Have a Winner! (20 points)Play a carney game and win
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Skip glich 100%
In a new game you can skip the bit of it by dying at the beginning of the zombie outbreak to put you at the bunker
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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record FAQ | Walkthrough Guide 100%
This Dead Rising 2: Off the Record guide will walk you through the game including the characters, cases, co-op and all the extras. So get your duct tape ready and expect to learn some awesome combo's!

Read the Guide --> Dead Rising 2: Off the Record FAQ | Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(11217)
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Easy money 100%
All you got to do is use the hacker but it runs out really fast
By: kendog24(834)
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