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X-Men: Destiny Cheats for XBOX 360
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X-Men: Destiny XBOX 360 Cheats

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X-Men: Destiny

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X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough Guide 100%
In this guide redapocalypse04 will walk you through X-Men: Destiny including all 8 missions, challenges, propaganda and all the Trophies and Achievements.

Read the Guide --> X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12086)
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Vintage suit 98%
Description: Complete the game under the X-Treme difficulty setting. An arena mini-game will begin during the credits. Defeat 200 enemies before the credits end to unlock the Vintage suit.
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Juggernaut Costumes 96%
Description: To unlock Juggernaut costumes, hold LB + RB and press Down, Right, Up, Left, Y, B at the main menu.
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Emma Frost Costumes 95%
Description: To unlock Emma Forst costumes, select a saved game, then press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left at the main menu.
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50 Achievements
X-Men: Destiny - David Beats Goliath David Beats Goliath
Defeat Sublime.
X-Men: Destiny - Broken Glass, Everywhere... Broken Glass, Everywhere...
Break 30 Combat Text Pop Ups.
X-Men: Destiny - It's a Secret to Everybody It's a Secret to Everybody
Find the U-Men secret lab.
X-Men: Destiny - Choose Wisely Choose Wisely
Make second power destiny choice.
X-Men: Destiny - I've Got the Power I've Got the Power
Fully level up a power.
X-Men: Destiny - Side-tracked Side-tracked
Complete your first challenge mission.
X-Men: Destiny - Ace In The Hole Ace In The Hole
Defeat Gambit.
X-Men: Destiny - Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck
Complete your first Great combo.
X-Men: Destiny - Things Look So Bad Everywhere... Things Look So Bad Everywhere...
Survive Magneto's attack on the Purifiers.
X-Men: Destiny - Think About It... Think About It...
Make first power destiny choice.
X-Men: Destiny - Stay Frosty Stay Frosty
Help Iceman, Cyclops and Emma Frost defeat the Purifiers.
X-Men: Destiny - At Least It's Aerodynamic... At Least It's Aerodynamic...
Equip your first suit.
X-Men: Destiny - Teleport This! Teleport This!
Help Nightcrawler rescue mutants.
X-Men: Destiny - Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough
Help Emma Frost defend mutant civilians from Purifier attacks.
X-Men: Destiny - Splicer Splicer
Equip your first X-Gene.
X-Men: Destiny - Profiler Profiler
Collect your first dossier.
X-Men: Destiny - Garbage Collection Garbage Collection
Destroy your first piece of propaganda.
X-Men: Destiny - Destiny Begins Destiny Begins
Select a Power.
X-Men: Destiny - The Choice Is Made The Choice Is Made
Make third power destiny choice.
X-Men: Destiny - Got My Eye on You Got My Eye on You
Join Cyclops and the X-Men.
X-Men: Destiny - Magneto Is Right Magneto Is Right
Join Magneto and the Brotherhood.
X-Men: Destiny - Shock and Awe Shock and Awe
Defeat Cameron Hodge.
X-Men: Destiny - An Unstoppable Force An Unstoppable Force
Defeat Magneto and Juggernaut.
X-Men: Destiny - Logan's Run Logan's Run
Help Emma Frost turn Wolverine back to normal.
X-Men: Destiny - Satellite Interference Satellite Interference
Interrupt the transmission.
X-Men: Destiny - Better than the Best Better than the Best
Defeat more enemies than Wolverine in the Prime Enforcer factory.
X-Men: Destiny - The Roof, the Roof... The Roof, the Roof...
Help Pyro set the roof on fire.
X-Men: Destiny - Flash Fire Flash Fire
Help Pyro, Juggernaut and Quicksilver defeat the Purifiers.
X-Men: Destiny - Mutant Tracker Mutant Tracker
Rescue Caliban.
X-Men: Destiny - Another Shrimp on the Barbie Another Shrimp on the Barbie
Stop Pyro from being mind-controlled.
X-Men: Destiny - Fist of the... Fist of the...
Stop Northstar from being mind-controlled.
X-Men: Destiny - Why Do They Keep Coming? Why Do They Keep Coming?
Help Forge's hacked Purifier Stalker Mech defeat the MRD Troops.
X-Men: Destiny - Fully Evolved Fully Evolved
Fully level up all powers.
X-Men: Destiny - Four of a Kind Four of a Kind
Equip a complete X-Gene set and suit.
X-Men: Destiny - This can't be happening! This can't be happening!
Complete your first Insane combo.
X-Men: Destiny - How Strong Could It Be? How Strong Could It Be?
Trigger X-Mode.
X-Men: Destiny - Fight Terror with Terror Fight Terror with Terror
Defeat 10 enemies with one Ultra power.
X-Men: Destiny - Taking Every Opportunity Taking Every Opportunity
Complete 10 unique challenge missions.
X-Men: Destiny - Completionist Completionist
Complete all 15 unique challenge missions.
X-Men: Destiny - Cleaned up the City Cleaned up the City
Destroy 25 pieces of propaganda.
X-Men: Destiny - Archivist Archivist
Collect 15 dossiers.
X-Men: Destiny - Purify the Purifiers Purify the Purifiers
Defeat 2000 Purifiers.
X-Men: Destiny - Mechageddon Mechageddon
Defeat 20 Purifier Stalker Mechs.
X-Men: Destiny - Reinforced Reinforced
Defeat 20 Prime Enforcers.
X-Men: Destiny - U Mad, Bro? U Mad, Bro?
Defeat 30 U-Men in the Secret Lab.
X-Men: Destiny - The Goon Squad The Goon Squad
Defeat 500 MRD Troops.
X-Men: Destiny - Alpha Level Mutant Alpha Level Mutant
Finish the game on X-Man difficulty.
X-Men: Destiny - Omega Level Mutant Omega Level Mutant
Finish the game on X-treme difficulty.
X-Men: Destiny - Can I Get A Valkyrie? Can I Get A Valkyrie?
You were defeated 100 times.
X-Men: Destiny - Beta Level Mutant Beta Level Mutant
Finish the game on New Mutant difficulty.
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