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Monster Pet Shop Cheats for iP
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Monster Pet Shop iP Cheats

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Monster Pet Shop Cheats

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Monster Pet Shop

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Monster Pet Shop Walkthrough (iOS) Guide 90%
Beeline Interactive developed Monster Pet Shop for the iPhone/iPad. Your main job in the shop is to take care of the monsters that are to be sold and manage a pet show. To keep those monsters happy, this guide will provide you with tips, hints, tricks, and cheats.

Read the Guide --> Monster Pet Shop Walkthrough (iOS) [Guide]
By: Toebin(12760)
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Save money for food 55%
Sometimes we ran out of money when we have to feed the monster, to trick this, change the date (settings, general, date and time, set date and time) to a few days or weeks to come, with notes:
change the date to the day ahead and check application monster pet shop, to pet and play with our monsters (no need to feed the pet or clean the habitat).
keep changing the date day by day repeatedly until you've had enough (be sure always check the pet shop before you change the date again to prevent the monsters from running away).
then on the last date, take care of your pets, this time complete all things (feeding, cleaning habitat, pet the monster, and play). then back again to change the date to the actual date.
now until the next few days, you don't need to feed your pets.
there you go, save money for food for several days or even weeks
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Here you gooooooooo 35%
How do you make your eggs grow faster? SImple. Speed up the time on your device by going to settings, then general, then date & time, then SET date & time. Speed yyour time up a little bit. Simple. But, be sure not to do it more tyhen three times, or until Uncle warns you: your monsters will run away!
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