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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Cheats for PC
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Fruit Ninja Frenzy PC Cheats

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Cheats

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Walkthrough Guide 96%
The following guide will provide you with enough tips so that you can become a Fruit Ninja Frenzy expert in no time!

Read the Guide --> Fruit Ninja Frenzy Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Most of the Achievements 56%
Here are most of the Achievements for Fruit Ninja Frenzy (found on Facebook):

Wake Up: Don't slice any fruit for an entire game
Single Cut: Score 250 points while holding down your mouse for an entire game
Happy Ending: Get a critical cut on the last fruit
Triple Stack: Have all three bananas active at the same time
Careful Ninja: Don't hit any bombs for 15 games in a row
Focused Ninja: Finish 50 games in a single day
Alert Ninja: Slice 100 bananas without missing any
Daring Ninja: Narrowly miss a bomb 5 times in a row
Awesome Ninja: Get 125 bonus points in a single game
Amazing Ninja: Get a 10-fruit combo out of freeze
Fantastic Ninja: Keep a blitz going for 45 seconds
Fruit Juggler: Slice 250 fruit in a row without missing any
Fruit Splatter: Get critical cuts on 14 different types of fruit
Fruit Machine: Slice 20,000 total fruit
Fruit Salad: Get 1000 in total blitz bonuses
Pineapple Plucker: Start combos with a pineapple 50 times
Watermelon Whacker: Slice 10 watermelons in a row in a single game
Coconut Cutter: Slice 12 coconuts in a single blitz
Strawberry Snobbery: Score 500 in a single game without slicing any strawberries
Points Adept: Slice 4 x2 bananas in a single game
Points Ninja: Score 220 from a x2 banana
Points Veteran: Score a total of 5000 from only x2 bananas
Points Warrior: Avoided 3 bombs on a single x2 banana
Frenzy Adept: Slice 4 Frenzy bananas in a single game
Frenzy Ninja: Get 10 combos in a single frenzy
Frenzy Veteran: Spawn 5000 fruit from frenzy bananas
Frenzy Warrior: Get 4 critical cuts in a single frenzy
Freeze Adept: Slice 4 freeze bananas in a single game
Freeze Ninja: Slice 30 fruit in a singel freeze
Freeze Veteran: Spend 600 total seconds in freeze
Freeze Warrior: Get 100 total combos in freeze
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