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Dragon's Dogma Cheats for PS3
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Dragon's Dogma PS3 Cheats

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Dragon's Dogma

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Knowledge 100%
You and your pawn level up/learn with each type of enemy kill. Though it can get repetitive, keep trying. You will gain levels. Go out, kill, revisit, and kill again. (ex. 500 dead goblins=high tier. 120 Cyclops=high tier.)
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Custom color shop 100%
After you have delivered the Hydra Head to Gran Soren, a pawn selling custom hair, brows, eyes and skin colors will be in the tent at the encampment near Cassardis where you got your 1st pawn. He will be dressed like a monk and sell other items too for Rift Crystals.
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Easy rare items 100%
When you have leveled your main character as a Strider up to the ability "Master Thief", walk the road north of Gran Soren, pass the bridge, and find a random pawn. Steal two items using your "Master Thief" ability. Run from the pawn until he disappears, then run back and steal again (and again). Sometimes these will be rare items (like the Veterans Peridot) or quest items (like the Sour Ambrosial Meat).
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Trophies 98%
Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

The True Arisen (Platinum)Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies
The Laborer (Bronze)Completed 50 notice board quests
The Hero (Silver)Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests
Human Resources (Bronze)Changed your vocation
The Specialist (Silver)Learned all the skills of a single vocation
The Veteran (Bronze)Defeated 3,000 enemies
Local Recruit (Bronze)Directly enlisted a pawn to your party
Foreign Recruit (Bronze)Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift
The Captain (Bronze)Enlisted a large number of pawns
Inhuman Resources (Bronze)Changed your main pawn's vocation
The Savior (Bronze)Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life
The Knave (Bronze)Obtained a forgery
The Artisan (Bronze)Combined two materials to make an item
Well Equipped (Bronze)Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor
A Queen's Regalia (Bronze)Dressed a male party member in women's clothing
The Philanthropist (Bronze)Gave 50 presents
The Escort (Bronze)Acted as a reliable travel companion
Affinity and Beyond (Bronze)Raised a person's affinity to the maximum
Into Dripstone Cave (Bronze)Entered the azure caverns
Into the Ancient Quarry (Bronze)Entered the ancient quarry
Into Soulflayer Canyon (Bronze)Entered the Soulflayer Canyon
Into the Manse (Bronze)Entered the duke's manse
Into the Frontier Caverns (Bronze)Entered the southwestern caves
The Tourist (Bronze)Visited 50 locations
The Vagabond (Bronze)Visited 100 locations
The Explorer (Silver)Visited 150 locations
The Ever-Turning Wheel (Gold)Completed the adventure a 2nd time
The Coin Collector (Silver)Earned a total of 10,000,000G
The Patron (Bronze)Helped Madeleine open her shop

There are 22 secret trophies.

It Begins (Bronze)Completed the prologue
Onward (Bronze)Departed from Cassardis
A New Ally (Bronze)Summoned your own pawn
Getting a Head (Bronze)Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps
The Courier (Bronze)Entered Gran Soren
Writ Large (Bronze)Received a writ from the castle
Come Courting (Bronze)Attended an audience with the duke
The Message (Bronze)Received the duke's commendation
Rough Landing (Bronze)Completed the urgent mission
Destiny (Bronze)Accepted the Godsbane blade
Treacherous (Bronze)Peered into the very depths of the world
Freedom (Bronze)Escaped the yoke of eternity
Mercy (Bronze)Dealt the blow of deliverance
Solitude (Bronze)Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty
Servitude (Bronze)Soar unto a new world
Peace (Bronze)Took refuge in an illusion
Closure (Gold)Put an end to all things
Headshunter (Bronze)Defeated a hydra or archydra
Eye Contact (Bronze)Defeated an evil eye
Serpents' Bane (Bronze)Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern
The Messiah (Gold)Defeated the Ur-Dragon
Dragon Forged (Silver)Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire
By: Toebin(12756)
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Dragon's Dogma FAQ/Walkthrough Guide 100%
Dragon's Dogma is Capcom's latest foray into the RPG genre. This guide will help you complete all of the quests that are a part of the game's main questline, and more!

Read the Guide --> Dragon's Dogma FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Killing the dragon in the southwest map area 96%
To the west of the quarry mine exit, you will find the dragon. Unless your level is near 30, do not attempt the quests of going thru the mine on your way to secure a stronghold in this area, because you will encounter many Saurians and Hobbe Goblins.Once you have left the mine, save your game when you have found the small camp to the left where you can rest and store your gear. You must be able to use a bow and pruchase a 'one hit kill arrow' from the dealer in the capital's lower residence area. Once rested, work your way west, staying on this side of the lake area. The dragon will be off to the southwest. Find the cluster of rocks that has one tree up against its backside. The dragon will move toward you when you have shot a regular arrow to get its attention. If he breaths fire, keep the tree between you. If he flies back to where he was, repeat the process keeping in mind that he may move faster. Now get your 'one hit kill arrow' and do not miss his head. 20,000 ecperience points, blood endowed bow and clothing, and some rare weapon materials are yours for the kill. If you attack with your sword after the hit it may be endowed as well. Though it is expensive, get another 'one hit kill arrow' for the next dragon. (Don't waste it on lesser quarry.) You get slightly more experience for a night kill.
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Wakestones 100%
Wakestones are used in the game at the end for a specific quest. Here's ways to collect them

Kill big monsters in Everfall area - 3 Wakestones
Kill small monsters in Everfall area - Wakestone fragments (4 = 1 Wakestone)
Kill Ur-Dragon - 20 Wakestones
Loot chests - Random amount of Wakestones
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Infinite money 100%
Yes I will show you the best way you can have a lot of money,just go to Cassadie city then find oila and buy some carrots(more carrots more money!) then go to in and sleep just for 3days then you see that carrots changed to moldy carrots!know you can sell them,and now you have more money because the moldy carrot is more expensive!
tip:take 150G for the price of inn
tip2: try this when you are offline it takes less time.
tip3:just sleep 3day no more.
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Endings 60%
Ending #1 - Sacrifice Mercedes to the dragon
Ending #2 - Get killed by the Seneschal during the first stage of the fight
Ending #3 - Walk away from Seneschal and exit town instead of continuing the fight with him
Ending #4 - Complete the Epilogue of the game and then use the Godsbane item
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Get ouut of jail free 40%
When you end up in jail the guard wants 5000gold so even if you have 0gold the guard will let you out and if you use a skelaton key you still have to pay the gaurd because the gaurd is the only way
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