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Far Cry 3 Cheats for PC
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Far Cry 3 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer/Editor 1.05 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 May 16,2013
Trainer 1.05 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Mar 4,2013
Trainer/Editor 1.04 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Jan 13,2013
Trainer 1.04 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 20,2012
Trainer/Editor 1.03 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Dec 13,2012
Trainer 1.03 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 13,2012
Trainer/Editor 1.02 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Dec 4,2012
Trainer 1.02 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 4,2012
Trainer (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 3,2012
Trainer/Editor (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Nov 29,2012

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Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Guide 90%
CheatMasters presents the complete and comprehensive guide on Far Cry 3. Psych Out!

Read the Guide --> Far Cry 3 Walkthrough [GUIDE]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon Walkthrough Guide 85%
Welcome to the evil infested world of Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon. Play along with us as Cyber-Commando Seargent Rex Power Colt - Mark IV and destroy evil...

Read the Guide --> Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon Walkthrough [GUIDE]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Guide 84%
Full beginning to end walkthrough of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!

Read the Guide --> Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Rock Always Wins (10G) 80%
Description: Fully distract 25 enemies with rocks (Single Player Only)
Strategy: To get a full distract in Far Cry 3, you have to throw a rock. An enemy has to walk over and investigate the rock, and then they have to return to their starting position.

To throw a rock, press "right" on the d-pad and aim in any direction. You can actually grind this achievement on a single enemy, just tossing the rock and letting them go look for it each time. Of course, it will help if you don't throw the rock too far away.
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Dog Soldier 79%
Make sure you have a shotgun for this quest. There is a rabid dog on the nearby beach, and it is the leader of a sizable pack of other dogs. Go to the beach and then kill the alpha dog, marked with the yellow objective marker.

You can run, but I recommend sticking around and clearing out the rest. These "dogs" are actually dingos, and there are two craftable items that require four dingo skins a piece, so this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your gear. Just remember to skin them after you kill them, and when you're ready, report your success.
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Fly South 79%
Next on the agenda? Kill Hoyt. However, Hoyt is located in the southern islands, and the only way to reach them safely is by using a plane. Jason figures Willis can help and gives him a call.

As luck would have it, Willis is about to leave the island himself, and is flying right over the southern islands on his way to Singapore to upgrade to a commercial airliner he will then take to Russia. Fast-travel to Amanaki Town to get the ball rolling on this, then hop in a vehicle.

Willis is leaving in five minutes, with or without Jason. Check your map constantly to check the location of the plane so you don't take any wrong turns. When you arrive, you'll find pirates are attacking. Kill them, but you won't be able to stop from them from damaging the plane.

Willis immediately gets to work on fixing the plane. A meter appears at the top of the screen that shows his progress on getting the plane repaired. In the meantime, pirates will continue to attack in waves.

The first wave of pirates comes from the front. Get on the turret and blast them away. Then they will come from your right, so kill them. A truck will come from behind, but a well-placed grenade should take out most of the pirates in the third wave, though even more will continue to show up.

Do your best to fight them off, wave by wave. When the plane is done, even more pirates will show up, including multiple heavies from all directions. Kill the heavies coming in from the right and behind first, as well as the pirates (there will be a pirate in the window of a hut right next to the plane as well, don't miss him!)

When they're dead, turn your attention to the heavies that are walking in front of the turret. The reason you should focus on the other ones first is that the ones in front of the turret will take a lot longer to reach you, and the turret can easily kill them. Do just that.

With the area clear of pirates, Willis hops in the plane. Join him.
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Say Hi to the Internet (10G) 79%
Description: Find the lost Hollywood star
Strategy: Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) is buried in the sand, and it's up to Jason Brody to find his head! For an achievement. And glory.

So, these are the rough coordinates:

X: 620.6
Y: 557.7

You can use your map to check the coordinates as you near it. The location is on a beach on the first island of the game. His head is buried right in front of a tree with two people hanging from the tree. The head is glowing, so it's hard to miss, even at night. Walk up and press X to interact with the head and get the achievement.
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The Doctor is Out 76%
Liza will give Jason a call while he and Riley make their escape on the helicopter. Someone has hijacked their boat, captured them, and has taken them back to the island! Jason tells Riley to fly the copter to the doctor's house.

Upon arriving, make your way through the flaming wreckage to the gazebo. There you will find Dr. Earnhardt on the ground, bleeding, and dying. He tells you that the jungle warriors took your friends to their temple!

Return to Riley and tell him to get the copter in the air again.
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Shotgun Hunt: Rabid Dogs 75%
One of the first Path of the Hunter missions will come in the form of a hunt for rabid dogs. First drive to the gear drop location. There you will find a pump-action shotgun. If you want to hold on to the weapon you already have, you will want to craft new weapon holsters by using goat skin.

Upon acquiring the shotgun, tap X to reload. Then pick up the remaining shells on the crate and then take the dirt road on the left. Hug the hill on the right until you find a slope going up so that you can get on top of the hill. Check your map for the location of the rabid dogs and move there.

There will be five dogs in a pack. They will attack you from all sides, and only flee when there are one or two remaining. Don't aim down the sights to kill these guys. Let them get close, then blind fire from the hip for the best spread and best chance to take them out. It's possible to take out multiple dogs with one shot if they are close together enough.
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A Connection to the Past 75%
This is a side quest made available shortly before and after the "Meet Citra" main quest. It seems a native is wanting to recover three tablets that belonged to his ancestors and try to return them to the temples that they once belonged.

After speaking with him and getting the quest, you'll find the first tablet nearby in a stone tower. Grab it and then you have two choices. The nearest tablet is in a ruin nearby. Go inside and down the stairs. You'll find a Relic in here as well.

Take a left down the hall, and then swim underwater. There will be a relic on the center pedestal, but the tablet will be directly in front of that. Grab that relic and then exit. Make your way down the road to the third tablet.

The third tablet is in a ruined tower, connected to another ruined tower. Go to the part that it is connected to, and you'll find a ledge to climb up. However, a stone door is blocking the way. Use explosives to destroy the door, then climb up there.

Walk across the stone bridge. There is a ladder blocking the way to the tablet. Cautiously walk around the side of the tower to get inside and grab the tablet. Drop down, run back down the road, and deliver them.
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Faces of Death 75%
Yet another disturbing side quest from our friends over at Ubisoft. The twist at the end of this one will probably leave you reeling a bit, so I won't spoil it. I will tell you how to complete your objectives, though!

A guy from Badtown wants you to take photos of three dead pirates in the area so that he can post them on a bulletin board in town so that people stop fearing the pirates, seeing that they can die just like any of them. Sound reasoning, I suppose.

The western most pirate will be dead on the side of the road near a tiger. Kill the tiger then snap a photo of the dead pirate. To take pictures, press "up" on the d-pad to equip the camera. Then snap a picture by pressing RB. Wait for the reticule of the camera to turn orange before taking the picture.

The next pirate, if we're going west to east, will actually not be dead yet. There will be a couple of pirates on a hill after a bridge. Kill them both and snap a picture of one of them.

The third pirate is right down the hill from the previous one, leaning against a large rock right off the side of the road. Unfortunately, you can't fast travel back to Badtown, so you have to walk there.

This can actually be pretty dangerous. Back to Badtown means traversing down mountainsides, and one false move can mean death and redoing the entire quest over again. I recommend seeking the waterfall nearby and then jumping over into the water below to avoid taking fall damage. Swim to shore, and then go speak with the quest giver. Give him his pictures...then let him be in private.
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Higher Than a Kite (20G) 75%
Description: Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern island
Strategy: Complete the mission "Fly South" to unlock this achievement/trophy.
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Father's Burden 75%
Speak to the disgruntled father in Thurston Town. He will tell you of his plight. Next go speak with the gambler. The gambler reveals he lost the necklace the father is looking for in a game of poker. Go to the bar and start up a poker game.

This will be the longest part of the mission. There are three privateers that you are playing poker with. Your goal is to get them all to bust out by losing all their money. The buy-in is $500, so you have to have at least $500 to play poker.

The game of poker is played just as it is in real life. To check the remaining cash of your opponents, just press LB. Keep playing until they all lose, and then you will leave with the money for the gambler. Return to him and hand over his $300 to get the necklace.

From there, go to the drunk privateer outside of town. Kill him quickly. His friends will show up and attack if you don't drag his body to the other side of the building, but they aren't much of a threat. Loot his body.

Next there is a third privateer to deal with, a little bit farther out of town. He has three guards around him as well as guard dogs. A grenade tossed at their feet can kill all of them, but a chain assassination works just as well. Loot the body, the return to the father.
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Deepthroat 75%
Go to the water gorge when ready. Follow the dirt path to a canyon that has a pirate base built in the sides of the walls. Don't kill anyone, as they won't know you're against them just yet. Use the ziplines to traverse across the gaps and then go to the vantage point as designated by the yellow objective marker.

Hang tight. The meeting is happening on a bridge in the distance. Equip the camera and zoom in on the meeting. When the camera reticule turns orange, which you can make it do by aiming near the center of the meeting, snap a photo. Keep snapping photos.

Someone is liable to see what you're doing, so kill them. Then quickly equip an RPG or grab the one nearby. Fire at the left side of the bridge as instructed, then fire a couple of rockets into the middle of the bridge.

Jump off of the building you're on. Use the wingsuit and parachute to land safely in the water. Take a left and climb up the hill to reach the bridge. Kill anyone in the area and loot the body to find the list of traitors.

Jump off the bridge and use the wingsuit. Fly over the canyon and then you'll see a jeep on the ground. Use the parachute and land near the jeep, your getaway vehicle. Hop in the driver's side and drive away as Jason calls Sam.
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Dead Letters (20G) 75%
Description: Gather all "Letters of the Lost"
Strategy: There are many collectibles in Far Cry 3, and this is just another set of them. The Letters of the Lost are letters carried by the decaying corpses of Japanese soldiers from World War II, that are suspiciously preserved pretty damn well.

Typically, you'll find these bodies in old war bunkers dotted around the island. The bodies will be glowing, so they are hard to miss. When you are near one, an envelope icon will appear on the map. Hold X to loot the body just as you would a live person to retrieve the letter.
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Let the Trials Begin (10G) 75%
Description: Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score
Strategy: Trial of the Rakyat is a multiplayer-based activity. The locations of Trial of the Rakyat are square icons marked with a red star in the middle. Approach these objects in the game to start the Trials.

This is leaderboard based. All you need to do is beat a score and rank on the leaderboard to get this achievement. There is one early in the game that can be easily done.

Keep in mind that to do this, you'll need to have an online UPlay passport. These are only in new copies of the game, but you can purchase a code when you start up if you didn't buy the game new.
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Toxophilite (10G0 75%
Description: Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow (Single Player only)
Strategy: You can kill anything, be it pirate, privateer, or animal to get this achievement. Be very far away from whatever you're trying to hit, and then fire arrows at them until they die. If you are at least 70m away, the achievement/trophy will unlock.
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Poker Night (50G) 74%
Description: Kill Hoyt
Strategy: Complete the mission "Aced in the Hole"
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Prison Break-In 73%
You'll come to another encampment just outside a cave. Wipe out the enemies at the encampment. A good vantage point is on the west side of the place, but a coiled snake guards the stairs. Once everyone is dead, find the enemy with the key and loot his body.

Move into the cave system. You can use the darkness to your advantage here if you want to do a stealth run, but you can also run and gun if that's more your style. Make your way through the cave system and kill everyone you see.

When you reach the room with Liza, it turns out that it was just a projector. Move into the next room, ignoring the tiger, and then you'll be attacked.

Following the cut-scenes, move forward. Wait for the water to put out the fire, and then round the corner. Shoot the valve to release water and put out the next fire. An explosion will blow the door open, so go through and then climb the ladder.

Walk across the planks. Click on the right analog stick to swing your knife and smash through the slightly destroyed blue door. Move through, and then tilt the left analog stick in the indicated direction to move through the small space and avoid the fire.

Now move up the piece of cement leading to the next door. It will give way, but Jason will pull himself up. Push through to the next room, and then climb up the ledge. Shimmy along the side, and then move over to the next ledge to climb, with the vines slightly hanging down.

You will finally reach Liza. Watch the scenes.
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Bad Side of Town 73%
Badtown is on the far eastern side of the island. You can fast-travel there if you are anxious to keep the story rolling, but there are many benefits to exploring the jungle in-between, liberating outposts, completing side quests, and activating radio towers. However, this is up to you, of course.

No matter which method you choose to get there, once you reach Badtown, go to the local bar. Take a seat at the chair that is glowing, and then the man in white that Jason saw during his drug-induced hallucinations will show up.

When the man in white exits the bar, follow him outside. Crouch low and follow him through the town. Keep a safe distance, and always try to be behind an object at least slightly, but don't let him out of your sight. If he happens to move out of your sight, you have 20 seconds to look at him again before you lose him and fail the mission.

However, be wary of being too close as well. Getting too close to him and having him see you can also result in a mission failed. When he is looking at you, the same white meter that fills up when enemies see you will start filling up, so you at least have a chance to back up before he sees you.

The mission will end when the man in white enters a strange house.
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Citra's Favor 73%
Speak with Citra. Then exit her temple. You'll bump into Dennis on the way. He is drunk and a little angry at Jason. Perhaps jealous of his relationship with Citra. Exit the temple and then fast-travel to the doctor's place.

Go to the cave with your friends. Jason will tell them the news that he has decided to stay on the island. This greatly upsets Liza and everyone, as you could imagine. Exit the cave.
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Doppelganger 73%
Speak with Sam at his house. Follow him inside, and Jason will tell him of his plan to kill Hoyt. Sam agrees to help, but only if Jason infiltrates the privateer ranks.

Go to the designated area. There is a long drop into a pool of water. However, you can't just jump in. You have to sneak aboard Hoyt's ship below, kill a rookie privateer, steal his uniform, and then become one of them.

But to do this, you have to work your way through an entire cave tunnel system to reach the bottom of the pit. First thing's first, there is a guard sitting in a chair at the top. Chuck a rock somewhere away from the stairs so that he walks off.

Go down the stairs. At the bottom, it will lead right into the cave. There will be a guard here. Don't bother with the rocks. Follow close behind him, then take a left as the room opens up more. This will allow you to walk around all the enemies.

The next room has even more enemies, and can be kind of tricky. Slowly make your way to the left again, and there will be plenty of room to maneuver, thankfully, and you'll once again be able to get by all the guards without being seen.

Go over a makeshift bridge and walk around more enemies. The final room will see you walk around to the left, by a dead body, then walk under another makeshift ramp to reach an outside area. Jump into the water and swim over to the side of Hoyt's boat and climb the ladder.

On the boat, the rookie will be right in plain view. Kill him and take his uniform. Go let the guard scan your ID, and then get in position in the crowd of rookies and listen to Hoyt's speech.

When Hoyt is done talking, go up the ramp and follow the tunnel path to a speedboat. Get on the boat and drive it out of the cave and into the ocean. Jason will make a call to Sam as you drive.
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Bagged and Tagged (10G) 71%
Description: Complete a Path of the Hunter quest
Strategy: When playing the game, you will walk by posters that have a recommendation for a hunting quest. This is a "Path of the Hunter" quest. You will see them on your map as they are marked by an icon that looks like a deer with antlers.

Complete your first one and you will unlock this achievement/trophy
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Kick the Hornet's Nest 71%
Go to the shack where the man in white entered. He will then speak to Jason through an intercom and you just have to sit tight while Jason tries to convince the dude not to blow him up. When he's done chatting, a secret passage will open up, so follow that passage downstairs.

There you will find Willis. A spy. But maybe not. Willis explains that Hoyt is the "boss" of Vaas, and that Hoyt is the leader of the entire pirate operation on the islands. Willis gives you a flamethrower and asks you to go burn down Hoyt's drug crops and destroy one of his drug smuggling boats as well.

With the flamethrower in tow, the game recommends making the Fireproof syringe to protect yourself from burns and explosions. I highly recommend taking the time to craft some of this. It will definitely come in handy. It is under the "Combat" category of syringes, so it requires a Crimson Leaf. Exit the shack and Jason will call Dennis, who warns him of Hoyt.

The first drug plantation is a single field guarded by two pirates and a couple of dogs. Kill the pirates from afar and then kill the dogs. Then have fun lighting all the pot plants on fire! When the field is destroyed, you now have to clear out the neighboring plantation, which consists of two sections of pot plants at the top of the hill, and three at the bottom of the hill.

This section can get a little difficult because of all the pirates that will try to attack you. Keep fireproof on and burn down the fields of pot as fast as you can. The pirates will infinitely respawn until you destroy all the pot fields. Check the huts that are around for healing supplies and for fuel canisters for your flamethrower.

It's also recommended to shoot the red and yellow explosive barrels in the area or catch them on fire. This will create an explosion that will light a decent chunk of the marijuana fields on fire. You can also use Molotov cocktails to burn away some of the weed if you want.

When all the pot has been destroyed, run down to the small fishing village. It is just overrun with pirates. Move from house to house and kill them all. The fishing huts have supplies that you can snag such as money, loot, and medical kits. Plus they provide nice cover from the pirates, which will consist of heavy pirates that are armored, ranged pirates with snipers, and those that will charge you head-on, so be prepared for a serious firefight. I recommend using any weapon that is not the flamethrower for this section.

After they've all been killed, rush to the dock. Equip an RPG. If you don't have one, there is one lying on the crate that you can snag really fast. The boat will speed away quickly, so blow it up before it gets too far. You can also use grenades or other explosive weapons to destroy the boat as well.
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The Motherlode 71%
Go speak with Buck near the abandoned mineshaft. Take the lift down. Afterwards, enter the mines. You'll find a cart that must be pushed out of the way by holding the X button, and then a little deeper in the mine, you'll see a couple of guards.

They are chilling out near support beams for the mine system. You can shoot these beams and rocks will fall and crush them, or you can take them out yourself. When they're dead, move into the next room, where you will find more mine carts, and be warned of snipers in the distance.

Being stealthy is moot at this point. Your best bet is to peak around the corner and pick off the snipers with a sniper rifle of your own. Across a bridge will be more enemies, so kill them as well. Then make your way own way across the bridge.

A heavy enemy will come down the slope, and two others will start chucking Molotov cocktails in your direction. Kill all the enemies in the area and then continue through the mine. You'll find a weird door that can only be opened with the compass, so use it by holding X.

Jump off the ledge in the subsequent room. Approach the key-looking object in the center of the room and pull it out of the floor. This will cause a door to open. Go through the door and follow the cave system to reach a wooden elevator. Step inside and enjoy the ride.

There will be snakes and Komodo dragons in the area, so keep an eye on the floor as you maneuver. Go down the stone steps and jump over the gaps. You may want to get a running start first by pushing down the left analog stick to sprint, if some of the jumps look a little too far for your liking.

You'll eventually reach a room with another piece of the compass sitting on a stone table. Grab it, and then the entire place will start collapsing, with the wood catching on fire. Leave the area and avoid the flames. Sprint to the exit objective marker, and be ready to jump over gaps and avoid falling rocks.
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Fearless or Stuipd (15G) 69%
Description: Dive more than 60m (Single Player only)
Strategy: Swim out far into the ocean. Use the map to make sure you're not swimming into shark-infested waters. Then use the "Deep Dive" syringe. This syringe can be crafted using 2 Blue Leafs and 1 Green Leafs. You'll have to do work before unlocking this syringe, such as finding relics, but it is earned fairly early on and is under the "Exploration" category.

After you have used this syringe, dive straight down into the water. Keep swimming straight down until the achievement pops up. Click on the left analog stick to make Jason swim faster.
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Harvest the Jungle 67%
Dennis will now teach you how to use the jungle to your advantage. Open up your map by pressing "select". Then mark the boar icon on the map by pressing A. This will place an icon on your screen. Go to the nearby car and hold X to get inside.

Drive to the designated area. You need to collect two green plants, one red plant, one blue plant, and the skins of two boars. Also notice the diamond icons on your map. These indicate lootable chests and the like.

Loot the area, then walk around to the different plant icons on the map and harvest them. The blue plant will be underwater, so go to the nearby stream, just beyond the field, and dive to harvest the appropriate plant.

Now it's time to kill the boars. It may be tempting to kill them with melee attacks, but you should instead shoot them. All the animals in the game can be pretty dangerous, including these boars. Shoot them quickly, as one shot will probably make them run away.

When they're dead, skin them by holding X. When you have all the necessary supplies, it's time to learn to fast-travel. Press "select" to bring up the map. Go to the fast-travel icon on the town and press A to fast-travel there.

Go speak with Dennis. He will be standing next to a jeep. Now he'll teach you about crafting and leveling up. To craft, go to the appropriate menu. First you need to craft syringes using the plants for healing items. Create two syringes as instructed.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen are two small bars that represent your health. When they are depleted, you will be asked to hold Y to heal. When you have syringes with healing medicine inside, the two bars will be instantly and fully replenished. Otherwise, Jason will clumsily try to bandage his wounds, which will only heal him a little bit.

Next you have to craft a larger pack to carry more items. Do this using the boar skin that you collected.
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In Cold Blood (10G) 67%
Description: Complete a WANTED Dead quest
Strategy: There are "WANTED" posters at various locations in the game. Find these posters and then hold X to accept the bounty. Then you have to find the location of the target, and figure out which target is the right one by using the camera's "tag" functionality by zooming in on the enemies.

Your next goal is to kill the target in the manner specified. The first target you kill will probably need to be taken down with a knife or takedown kill, so you'll want to take a stealthy approach.
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Mushrooms in the Deep 67%
Apparently your friend that escaped, Daisy, has made her way to Dr. Earnhardt's mansion. Go there now. There is a radio tower nearby that I suggest you complete so that you have a full map when you go see the doctor.

You'll be able to find the doctor in a greenhouse. Speak with him and then go into his house. Go up the stairs and find Daisy. The doctor will explain that she needs another dose of antidote, but he is out of the cave mushroom necessary. He tells Jason where to look.

Go to the cliffside. Jump into the water, and then dive. Swim through the cave system. Hold the left stick down to swim faster. When you see the surface of the water, starting swimming upwards immediately to avoid drowning.

Jump off the next ledge into the water below and then climb up the vines. Follow the yellow objective marker through the caves. It will require you to climb vines and climb onto ledges, but there's nothing too particularly taxing about this area. Jason will step on mushrooms and start hallucinating, however.

When this happens, keep following the marker to a set of vines. Start to climb up them, but then this will fail. The camera will rotate onto its side, and now you can move straight up the wall. Boulders will move out of the way to let Jason pass. Keep moving through the dream-like sequence.

Eventually, you will reach the greenhouse, except it is inside the cave system. As you move closer to the greenhouse, it will dart away. It will stop eventually, though, and you will be able to enter. Inside, mushrooms will start floating in the air and exploding.

When this phenomena ceases, a door in the greenhouse will open. It will lead to the needed mushrooms, growing on the edge of a cliff. Move to them, and Jason will fall. When he comes to, he will be back to normal, and the mushrooms will be in plain view.

Ignore the bats and harvest the mushroom. Even if your pack is full, Jason will still be able to harvest them. With the mushrooms, exit the cave system. Start climbing up the sides of the cliff until you reach the mansion again. Go speak with the doctor in the greenhouse, and then go back to his house.

Go upstairs and speak with Daisy. Jason will give the doctor the mushroom, and they will decide that any other survivors Jason finds will be sent to the doctor's mansion, as the pirates won't think to look there.
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Inked Up (5G) 67%
Description: Earn 5 skill tattoos
Strategy: Jason earns XP in the game by completing missions, completing radio tower segments, hunting animals, and more. When an XP meter is filled, Jason is rewarded with a skill point that can be spent on a variety of icons in three separate skill trees.

Simply level up five times and purchase five new tattoos with your skill points.
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Artsy Craftsy (10G) 67%
Description: Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment
Strategy: Simply craft 5 different items during the game. Items are crafted using animal skins and plants.
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Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet? 67%
This is a side quest in Amanaki Town to rescue a teenage girl that ran away with her lover to commit suicide. Dark stuff. After speaking with the distressed parents on their porch, go out to the general location of the girl.

She will be just south of the village in a region usually filled with Tapir. There will be a handful of Komodo Dragons here, and the girl is hiding on a rock. Her boyfriend is dead on the ground. Kill the Komodo Dragons and then go speak with her on the rock. She will explain her story, and then the side quest is complete.
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The Medusa's Call 67%
In the north eastern part of the map will be your next story-based mission. As you near the objective marker, there will be a lone pirate near a body hanging in a tree. Kill him silently, and then move closer to the large, dilapidated ship, aka the Medusa.

This is a stealth mission. I highly recommend bringing a scoped sniper rifle with a silencer for the ride, but you can use rocks to distract enemies and then sneak up on them for knife kills if you want to go that route as well.

The first threat will be two enemies right off the bat. Tag them with the camera, and then take them both out. You can sneak up on them and kill them one at a time pretty easily once they have their backs turned to you. Loot them both, and one will have the key code you need.

Now move through the bowels of the ship. Get onto the top deck, and there you will find the next two victims. Remember, the one tagged with a gold badge above his head is the target with the code. Kill them both, and then turn your sights to the beach below, where yet another pair of enemies awaits.

Kill them both. Loot their bodies. You'll now have all the codes. Go on the ship next to the Medusa and go to the radio room. Interact with the radio. As the conversation goes on, loot the room for supplies. You'll find ammo as well as body armor and a medical pack on the far wall.

The pirates will discover you, so move out onto the deck of the ship. They will swarm in from the beach. If you brought along a sniper rifle as suggested, this part is cake. Just pick them off from your vantage point on the boat. Otherwise, you'll have to move down to the beach and get your hands dirty.
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Poacher (20G) 67%
Description: Hunt and skin a rare animal
Strategy: Kill a rare animal and then skin that animal. The easiest way to do this is as a natural part of the Path of the Hunter side quests.

Pretty early on in the Path of the Hunter quests, you will get the chance to kill a golden tiger using a bow and arrow. I recommend crafting the Deadly Hunter syringe to improve your damage against animals.

The golden tiger will be lighter in color than a typical tiger, and it will also be less aggressive and try to run away once you attack it.
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Hunting Tips 67%
1. Use animal repellent
Animal repellent may seem like something NOT to use during a hunt, but on the contrary, it can be incredibly helpful. You can run down the animal and keep them in view, but they will refuse to attack you with the animal repellent on.

2. Don't bother aiming down the sights
After the initial strike on an animal, try to avoid aiming down the sights. You will find that blind firing from the hip will be a lot easier to take on the animals, especially the deadlier foes.

3. Be sure to skin all animals!
Animal skins are incredibly useful in Far Cry 3. Skin all the animals you kill, as you never know when their skins are going to come in handy. You should probably spend a good chunk of your early time with the game crafting larger sacks and wallets by hunting specific animals.
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Once More With Dignity 67%
A rambling man needs the ingredients for his medicine. Immediately outside his shack will be the first three plants you need to harvest, the Golden Beehive. Harvest them and then return to the man...but woops, you need to get three more plants!

Now go up on a hill just outside his house. You have to collect three more plants, and the only ones that count are the ones in the blue area on the map. Collect three more and then return to him and hand him over. Now time for three more plants.

Go to the gorge indicated on your map. There will be the three plants, and once again, only those harvested in the blue area count. A bear will be guarding these plants, so kill it before harvesting. Return to the quest-giver to receive your just rewards.
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Light at the End of the Jungle 67%
Speak with Rebecca, a sad, church-going lady that believes her husband is having an affair. After speaking with her, step back outside into the village. Go to the house directly across from Rebecca's and you have five seconds to get to the window.

Sit and listen to the conversation. It seems that not only is Rebecca cheating on her husband...but her husband is gay! What a twist! At that point, you have two choices. You can go tell Rebecca the truth, or you can confront the husband and get him to do it himself.
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Saving Oliver 67%
Fast-travel to the proper location. Willis will then clue you in on when Oliver is being transported. Jump into the jeep and then speed your way to the vantage point.

There will be pirates here when you arrive. You are timed, so kill them as quickly as possible. A single RPG shot to the white car in the middle of the area will kill most, if not all, of the pirates in the area.

When they are dead, go to the vantage point on the cliffside and equip your camera. Wait for the helicopter and jeep to arrive, and then scan the area. Oliver will be in the passenger side of one of the jeeps, marked by a blue shield above his head, whereas everyone else has the typical enemy markings above them as you scan.

Whatever sniper rifle you have with you, or whatever sniper rifle is the one you use the most, will be equipped at this point automatically. It has infinite ammo, and you can't stop looking through the sights. Shoot the enemies. Shoot the barrels when the enemies are by them, and try to protect Oliver. I'm sure you've done segments like these in a million other games.

Protect Oliver like this until he reaches the boat. He will drive the boat under the cliff. Sprint and dive off the cliff, landing in the water. Swim over to the side of the boat and hold X to climb aboard. Jason will then automatically get in the gunner position.

Oliver will start speeding away. Use the turret on the boat to destroy the enemy boats as they attack, as well as the trucks on the roads and bridges. There will be huts on the beaches with pirates as well, so shoot them. There are explosive barrels inside the huts, so shooting the huts themselves usually results in explosions that kill all the enemies.
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Love the Boom (10G) 67%
Description: Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with one explosion (Single Player only)
Strategy: There are many, many opportunities to get this achievement in the game. It's especially easy using an RPG, but any kind of explosion can work. You can get this by blowing up a vehicle, blowing up an explosive barrel, or even using grenades.
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Never Saw it Coming (20G) 67%
Description: Kill an enemy with a takedown from above from a glider, zipline or parachute (Single Player only)
Strategy: This seems like it would be pretty difficult, but you can actually get this achievement as a natural part of the main story missions. In the mission, "Lin Cong I Presume?", there is a section where you will go on a zipline then automatically stab an enemy upon landing, assuming you have the "Death from Above" skill unlocked.
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Ambush 67%
Upon exiting Citra's temple, Dennis will tell you that Vaas and his men are in a convoy going through a town, and now is the perfect opportunity to ambush him. Go to the town designated on your map and speak with the man heading the ambush against Vaas in a church.

Go to the gasoline tanker outside and place the C4 on the side. Then run over to the water tower and climb up the ladder. Sit tight and wait for the convoy to show up. When the explosion occurs, hold your position at the top of the water tower and pick off the soldiers below, but don't shoot any of your people.

When the soldiers have almost all been killed, you will be told to get in a cargo truck and catch up to the convoy. You have about three minutes to do this. Climb down the ladder and rush to the cargo truck. Get in the driver's seat and speed to the convoy. Get out and kill the two soldiers, then open the back doors of the tank.
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Warrior Rescue Service 67%
Vaas has once again captured Jason. This time he ties him to a concrete block and knocks him off the side of a cliff into the water below. After hitting the water, mash on the A button to free yourself, then quickly swim to the surface to get some air.

Climb onto the rocks and silently kill the first guard. Take his weapon, then silently kill the next two guards. Get to high ground and use your camera to mark all the guards in the next area so you know where they're at all times. Hug the left side of the area against the cliffside to avoid being detected. Go up the stairs and kill the sniper that's on the building as soon as you enter the small encampment.

You can sneak by the other guards without any trouble. Disable the alarm system when you reach it. In the next area, the helicopter will land. Rush to the helicopter and jump inside. The helicopter will be shot down with an RPG, and then Vaas will shoot Jason in the chest.

Jason wakes up in a mass grave, but not dead. Complete the QTE segments to escape the grave.
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New Rite of Passage 67%
Talk to Dennis on the phone. Then return to the temple with Citra. Go speak with her, and then it's time for another drug-induced episode, but this time there's plenty more demon fighting! Follow the dark ink until they go up the stairs, and then wait as the path up the stairs is blocked.

A giant demon, the one painted on the wall in the temple that Citra showed you, towers above. It will scream at you, shooting a toxic gas in the process. Constantly fling arrows at its face, preferably of the explosive variety, and make sure you have plenty of healing items at the ready.

When he goes to breath his poison on you, you can fire off a shot into his mouth for even more damage. Constantly shoot at his face while he is away, and eventually he'll retreat. At this point, a bunch of men with demon masks will rush up the stairs with knives. Get your back to a wall and fight them off.

The demon will return, though his face is slightly injured. Repeat the same strategy as before, except now he'll also fling balls of gas at you. He will fling one from the right, then the left, then right again. If you are quick enough, you can shoot them out of the air with your arrows, or you can run away from them. Keep shooting him in the face at every opportunity until he collapses.

Run up the demon's hand and complete the QTEs. This will result in Jason defeating the demon and waking back up with Citra, ready to go to war with Vaas.
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Three Blind Mice 67%
As Willis flies over the southern islands, Jason has the opportunity to jump out with a wingsuit. The wingsuit controls similarly to the glider, except to deploy the wingsuit properly, you must click in on the left analog stick when prompted by the game.

Fly the wingsuit near the objective marker, a small beach on the southern island. When ready, press A to deploy your parachute and land on the beach. Work your way across the beach to about five pirates.

They will have a truck as well as a caged tiger. From the safety of grass, free the tiger by shooting the door off its cage. The tiger will then run out and kill most of the pirates. Kill the tiger, any remaining pirates, and then steal their truck.

Drive the truck to the next town. Go to the bar and speak with the bartender. He will tell you about a secret poker game downstairs where you may just find the "Sam" Willis was telling you about, that could help you fight off Hoyt.

Speak with the privateer. Jason will buy his way into the game, then go downstairs and join them at the table. You have to play a hand of poker, but you don't have to win the hand or anything. When the hand is done, Sam will leave the room.

Follow Sam outside. He will pull a gun on Jason, but relaxes once Jason mentions Willis's name. Sam then disappears around the corner.
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Poker Bully (20G) 67%
Description: Win $1500 playing poker
Strategy: At various bars in the game, you can play poker with pirates, soldiers, people, and whatever. The rules of poker apply here, and that's about all there is to it. You can always see how much money you're up by and when you have the $1500 necessary, you can quit by pressing B.
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Defusing the Situation 67%
Sam will need your help in defusing three different bombs planted in the plantations. Follow him to the first bomb. It appears a firefight broke out in the area earlier. Protect Sam while he defuses the bomb, killing any pirates that get in the way.

Then follow Sam to the second bomb. He'll go into the building where the bomb is to defuse it. Use the ladder to get on the roof. Kill the pirate up here and then use this vantage point to kill the enemies as they come over the hill. The end of enemy waves will result in a group of enemies showing up in a jeep.

After they're all killed, follow Sam to the third and final bomb. It will be in a greenhouse. Clear it, then get behind the turret. Use it to kill the rest of the enemies until Sam defuses the bomb. Bomb defuses will be tracked by a meter at the top of the screen.
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Paint it Black 67%
Go to the communications center that the privateers use to speak with each other. Sneak in using the vines hanging from the cliffside, keep low, and stay near foliage. Hung the edge of the area and make your way to your objective. Don't get caught, as this place is crawling with enemies.

There will be concrete barricades blocking the metal door you need to destroy, but there are bushes there you can crawl through to reach the door as well. Place C4 on the metal door and then get to a safe distance before pressing the button.

Get inside the bunker before enemies can attack you from behind. Wipe out the bunker one room at a time. There will be two heavies with flamethrowers in the first couple of rooms, so be ready for that. Having an RPG handy is a good idea. There's plenty of explosives and medical kits in this area for those willing to look around a bit.

When you near the stairs of the bunker, you may notice awareness indicators popping up, but no enemies. This is tell you that there are enemies right around the corner at the top of the stairs and they know you're coming. When you reach this point, stand in front of the door and wait.

Red barrels will come tumbling down the stairs and then they will explode in the next instant. Get away from them so that you're not damage, then peak around the corner and kill the flamethrower heavy and the enemy at the top of the stairs. Climb the ladder and the satellite will be in view.

Rush to the satellite. There will be a dog and a bunch of enemies, but ignore everyone that isn't blocking your path to the satellite. Place the C4 on the satellite, and then hunker down. Use the sandbags for protection, as you're going to be there for a while.

Sam is on his way in a helicopter, but there will be more waves of enemies to contend with. There will be a lot of heavies near the end, but luckily there's an RPG nearby and RPG ammo as well. Just kill the enemies as they come.

If they get to the satellite, they will defuse the bomb. When this happens, you have 10 seconds to stop them or else the mission is failed. Because of this, you should just stay near the bomb the entire time, no matter how hectic the situation becomes.

When Sam arrives, leave the bomb. Sprint to his helicopter. A moment of hesitation can result in a destroyed helicopter and a failed mission. Sam will fly away and then turn the helicopter around so you have a clear view of the satellite. Detonate the explosives.
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Fully Inked (30G) 67%
Description: Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills
Strategy: There are three different skill trees in the game. You can cycle through them using LB and RB as you choose your skills. You have to progress in the story missions to unlock new skills to purchase, for the most part.

Every time that you level up, you earn a new skill point. To earn XP, complete missions, side missions, activities, quests, kill enemies stealthily, kill enemies with headshots, and whatever else. You'll be notified whenever you level up.

There are two icons on the skill trees that have to be unlocked with unconventional manners. They are as follows:

1. Gunslinger Takedown
-To unlock this skill, you need to get 10 kills with a pistol in the game. This is very easy to accomplish.

2. Ninja Step
-This skill is a bit harder to unlock. You have to liberate two outposts without being detected. The reason this one is harder is that it is actually missable. There are 34 outposts in the game, but if you liberate all of them and do it all guns blazing, then you will miss out on this skill.

To liberate outposts stealthily, you have to kill every enemy there without being shot at and without anyone turning on the alarm. They can find dead bodies, but if the alarm is off, it won't matter. The alarms are marked on your mini-map by "audio" icons like you'd see on a computer. They are red boxes usually attached to telephone poles. Hold X to disable them. Disabling one alarm box will disable all the alarms at the outpost.

To kill enemies stealthily, use weapons that have silencers attached, and use takedown skills. Takedowns are the stealth kills in Far Cry 3. To activate these, sneak up on an enemy and then click on RS when the prompt appears on the screen.

It seems like this would be easier to unlock early in the game, but it is actually easier later in the game. Yes, the outposts have more enemies and they are better armed, but Jason will be upgraded much more with better Takedown abilities at that point, which allows for killing enemies from below and jumping on them from above for takedowns as well.

Whenever you go to liberate an outpost, you should just try to do it stealthily anyway. You only have to do stealthily infiltrate two, but this can be a bit harder than it seems. Don't liberate all the outposts without liberating at least two undetected, or you'll miss out on this achievement.
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What a Trip (100G) 67%
Description: Attend the final ceremony
Strategy: Beat all the main story missions. The last main story mission in the game is "Hard Choices".
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Aftermarket Junkie (20G) 67%
Description: Buy all attachments and paint jobs for one weapon
Strategy: In the store, you can purchase a weapon. If you go back to that weapon and press "A" again, you'll be able to purchase attachments and paint customizations for that weapon. You can only have one paint job equipped at a time, and only a couple of attachments usually, but just buy all of them anyway to get this achievement.

This may cost quite a bit of money, so I recommend not going for this achievement until your wallet is big. Increase the size of your wallet by collecting the recommended animal skins.
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Archeology 101 (20G) 67%
Description: Gather a total of 60 relics
Strategy: Relics are scattered throughout the island. There are 120 relics hidden in the game, but this achievement only requires that you find half of them.

On your map, relics will appear as white icons that look like vases. If you are near a relic, the icon will automatically appear on your map. You can buy maps from the store for locations in the game that will also pinpoint the locations of relics in the game.

There are different relic types. They are as follows:

Spider - The spider is a master of stealth and a skilled collector. Relics associated with the spider are carefully hidden.

Shark - The shark represents strength and brutality. It is the unchallenged king of the ocean. Relics dedicated to the shark will be found underwater.

Boar - The boar is a symbol of defiance and pride. Relics associated with the boar will not be uncovered easily, so expect to do some blasting.

Heron - The Rakyat see the Heron as a symbol of patience and long life. You must soar like the Heron to find relics dedicated to this majestic bird.

Basically, spider relics are usually hidden behind a puzzle or a dungeon area. The shark relics can only be found by diving underwater or going through underwater passageways. The boar typically requires you to destroy a door to reach it, and the heron relics will only be in high places.

When you are near a relic but can't find it, there are ways to figure out where it is. The mini-map will have a white arrow pointing up or down if the relic is above or below you. Ancient tribal music plays when you are near a relic as well, and the music becomes more intense the closer you are to the relic.
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Free Fall (5G) 67%
Description: Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only)
Strategy: There are many different ways to get this achievement. There are huge pits in the game where you can jump into pools of water below, and likely get the achievement that way. However, it seems not to unlock if you are doing a story-based mission.

Another way to get the achievement is to get a glider or use the wingsuit late in the game. Go to the doctor's house and get to as high a point as well. Fly out over the ocean, and then let go, letting Jason fall from high in the sky right into the ocean below. The landing will be rough, but survivable.
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Memory to Spare (20G) 67%
Description: Gather all the memory cards
Strategy: Yet again, this is an achievement that requires the player to collect X amount of an item that is lying around the island. Memory cards are easy to find as they are in the safehouses and outposts that you liberate throughout the game.

There are 20 memory cards but 34 outposts to liberate, so there are more outposts than memory cards. Still, a good way to do this is to just go to every outpost and then check it for a memory card. Memory cards are laptops that are glowing, and the memory card will be lying on top of the laptop. Upon collecting the memory card, the laptop will close and cease to glow.

Along with the memory card, there are other goodies as well when you collect them. Sometimes they will appear on your map as a memory card icon, which makes the search much easier.
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Heartless Pyro (10G) 67%
Description: Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only)
Strategy: The flamethrower can be purchased from the store fairly early on in the game. You also receive the weapon just by playing through the main storyline as well. So when you have it in your possession, equip it, and then kill enemies with it.

You have to kill a total of 50 enemies with the flamethrower, which can take quite a long time.
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Here We Come (20G) 67%
Description: Complete "Ready or Not" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Activate your UPlay account to access Far Cry 3's multiplayer and co-op content. Then complete the map "Ready or Not". You can do this online or you can do it offline in split-screen play.
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Rocking the Boat (20G) 67%
Description: Complete "Overboard" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the co-op mission "Overboard".
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Bled Dry 67%
Go to the location of the first diamond. Clear the area. Pick up the diamond out of the suitcase. And then go to the second diamond. Get the second diamond, kill the enemies, and then make your way back to the quest-giver.
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Playing the Spoiler 63%
This mission basically plays out like an Outpost takeover. You will be traveling south, to an area of the island that will be foreign to you if you have only been exploring within the parameters of the missions so far.

I recommend hitting the local radio tower first and activating that. Then move in to the base. Your vantage point is on a hill right outside of the outpost. Use your camera to tag as many enemies as possible.

Your first goal will be to turn off the alarm so that reinforcements can't show up. Crouch and move through the foliage. Directly across from your vantage point should be an open area in the fence with a single guard. Take him out and then keep low and move to the weapon supply door.

There will be an enemy carving his knife here. Another enemy will be on the dock, two enemies on the other side of the building, and another right around the corner. Kill only the one carving his knife for now, turn off the alarm, and then move into the armory area.

Plant the bomb at the designated location and then get the hell out of there. You have 15 seconds to sprint out of the yellow zone. The explosion should kill two or three enemies remaining at the outpost. Other pirates are attracted by the explosion, so kill them as they come or flee the area to complete the mission.
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A Man Named Hoyt 63%
Return to Willis and tell him of your success. He'll provide some intel on your friends. Listen to the tape recording, and then exit the shack the way you came.

Now head to the rice fields. You should enter the area from a cliff that is very high above the fields. You can't alert Hoyt to your presence, so that means no confronting him at this point in time. There is a zipline that leads directly down to the cabin you need to stay in, so use that zipline.

Hang tight inside the cabin and watch the proceedings. Three captured men run across the field. Two of them are blown up, but one makes it. This guy is Rongo, Willis's informant that has the manifest information that can help you find Oliver.

Hoyt exits the scene in a helicopter, leaving two men behind to kill Rongo. Take them out from the safety of the cabin, then make your way across the minefield. This can be very difficult, so be sure you have a lot of healing items at the ready.

You have to listen to the beeping of the mines as you move across the rice. When the beeping becomes intense, quickly move in the opposite direction. If a mine goes off, you will lose all of your health except for a tiny sliver. This gives you a chance to heal up and avoid being killed.

Upon reaching Rongo, hold X to free him of his binds. Then follow him through the fields. He knows the way to move through them without being blown up by the mines. You'll have to cover him by killing the pirates that show up as you move cover to cover through the fields.

When you reach the village, even more pirates will be around. Kill them all as they show up. You have to protect Rongo at all costs, because if his health meter at the top of the screen depletes, that's it for him and the mission.

Keep following Rongo until he leads you to his house. Unfortunately, pirates have recently ransacked the place, meaning all his notes and the manifest are all over the floor. Rongo now needs time to find the manifest, and you have to protect him.

Use your mini-map to see when enemies are showing up and coming to the house. They will attack in a series of five waves, so you don't have to take them all on at once. In the alley across from Rongo's house is a yellow explosive barrel, and at about wave three, a group of machete-wielding pirates will run through there, so use that opportunity to blow them sky high with a single shot.

When all the pirates have been defeated, Rongo will find the manifest. Speak with him and then Jason will take a picture of it and send it to Willis.
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Down in the Docks 63%
At the end of the beach, you will find Buck hanging out there, waiting for you. Apparently, he already knew where you were supposed to go next, but let you go get the compass off the ship anyway. What a nice fella.

After Buck is done with his little history lesson, go over to the temple door and hold X to enter. Now you have to make your way to the submarine dock. Near the shelves will be a box that you can climb on. Climb on the box, then climb up on the ledge with the white rope dangling off it just like always.

From here, you'll be able to walk across the ruined ceiling and drop down into a different room. Then you can drop down into the submarine area. Get in the water, then sneak up on the nearest guard and kill him silently.

There are three guards patrolling the area, and two guards on the submarine. Kill the three guards patrolling silently, and the dudes on the submarine should never notice you. Go up the small rocky hill into the tunnel.

The tunnel is filled with pirates, including one area with sandbags and a turret gun propped up. Try to be stealthy as long as possible, but use explosives on the turret. Then go to the objective marker. As you can see, there is a large temple door with an explosive attached to it.

Follow the red wire leading away from the explosive charge on the door. It leads to a control panel sitting on top of a couple of crates. Press the button to destroy the door, allowing you deeper access into the Chinese ruins.

These ruins are nothing special at first. You come to a door that you have to hold X to enter. And then when you drop down into the water below, you will be suddenly attacked by a crocodile. Do the QTE to kill it and then I recommend skinning it for its leather.

Swim up and out into the next area. You'll walk across a ledge that falls. Now it's puzzle time! There are two doors to your left and to your right if you face the next area you need to go through. Go through the door on the right.

In here you will find three poles that are rotting away. Destroy them and then a flood will burst through the temple. Swim out of this room and then go open the door across from it. It will open partially. Swim through the open top, and then swim to the surface here.

Go up the small wooden ramp. This will give you the vantage point you need to see the next three pieces of rotting wood. Destroy these and the flood will become even more immense. Try to retreat the way you came, and a boulder will fall down and block the path. Don't worry. Swim back up to the surface and use the wooden ramp from earlier to get by the boulder.

Back out in the main room, there should be enough water for you to swim up to the ledge that you tried to access before. Open the next temple door and you will find a stone table. Grab the object off the table, which is another piece for the compass.

Behind you, the ceiling will begin to collapse, backing the way back. To your left is a thin ledge. Shimmy across it. Approach the ledge slowly and Jason will automatically lean against the wall. When this happens, just tilt the left analog stick to the left to make him move across the wall.

Back on more solid ground, there is a narrow opening that leaves back outside. Go here and move through it. Jason will be somewhat blinded by the light in the process. Outside, speak with Buck again, and Jason will put the compass pieces together.
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Make A Break for It 60%
Follow Grant out of the pen. Press B to keep crouched and keep close to Grant. You'll have to throw a rock to distract guards at two instances. Just throw the rock in the direction of the icon that appears on the screen by pushing right on the d-pad.

Later, you will move through foliage. This will keep the enemies from seeing you. Throw another rock to distract them and move with Grant more. You'll have to climb on top of boxes and through a window. Use the A button to do this. Then grab the items off the table by holding the X button.

Keep following Grant until he is shot in the neck. Hold A to put pressure on the wound, and then run through the jungle. You'll have to jump over a loge. Push the left analog stick in to sprint, by the way, and then keep running.

Jump when prompted, crouch when prompted, and keep sprinting. Ignore the wildlife. There will be a bear and other animals, but with dogs on your ass and bullets everywhere, it's best to just run away from it all.

The end of this mission comes at a bridge. Run across the bridge. A helicopter will destroy it, and then Jason will fall into the water.
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Secure the Outpost 60%
Upgrade your skills as instructed. You will be taught the Takedown maneuver, which is basically stealth killing from behind, as well as the "slide" move. To do this, sprint and then tap B to slide. You earn XP throughout the game and when you have enough XP you earn a skill point to spend. Purchasing upgrades open up the other upgrades around that upgrade on the skill tree.

Jason receives a call from the enemy on the phone he stole from them, revealing his friend Liza is being held at a nearby outpost. This is the tutorial mission that teaches you how to break into outposts and overtake them.

Hop in the passenger side of the jeep. Dennis will drive you to the outpost and two other allies will join you on the way. Sneak up the hill and sneak around the shacks of the outpost. There are quite a handful of enemies here, including a vicious dog.

If you stay a ways behind the shacks, you should be able to systematically sneak up on about three of four and kill them. You want to be stealthy as long as possible because if one of your friends happened to die, then the mission is failed.

The pirates will probably notice you eventually. You should trade your pistol for the AK-47 belonging to one of the pirates and then use that weapon to take them out. Remember to use cover to your advantage and aim down the sights for the head.

When they're dead, go to the safehouse where Liza is supposedly being held. Hold X to enter, but Liza will be nowhere to be found, as she apparently escaped to the west.
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Island Liberator (40G) 60%
Description: Liberate all outposts
Strategy: There are 34 outposts in the game. They are marked by an icon on the map that includes a red flag. To liberate them, you have to kill all the enemies at the outposts. Once they've all been killed, the outpost has been successfully liberated.

You can liberate about half the outposts pretty early in the game. However, there is a southern chunk of the island that is inaccessible until you reach a specific point in the main storyline. This part of the island also has outposts to liberate, obviously.
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Improper Use (5G) 60%
Description: Kill an enemy with the repair tool (Single Player only)
Strategy: Under "special" items in the store, the same place you'll find the flamethrowers, there is a repair tool that you can take and equip. The repair tool is mainly used for fixing vehicles, but it is fairly useless in the game because it takes up an entire weapon slot.

Use the tool on an enemy until he dies to get the achievement.
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Hide and Seek (20G) 60%
Description: Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the co-op map "Lights Out" to get this achievement.
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Getting Even (20G) 60%
Description: Complete "Payback" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the "Payback" mission in co-op.
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Meet Citra 57%
The next mission is to meet Citra, who can apparently give Jason the strength he needs to defeat Vaas. Go to Citra's temple. It will be in a new area on the island, so I recommend climbing the radio towers and liberating the outposts in the area first.

When you reach the temple, Dennis will meet with you. Follow Dennis to Citra. You'll then drink from a weird glass, and then have another drug trip. Just go through the motions, and when you wake up, exit the temple.
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Taken for Granted (50G) 57%
Description: Kill Vaas
Strategy: Complete the mission "Payback" in the main story
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Down in Amanaki Town 50%
After you come to, you'll meet Dennis. He'll give you a wad of cash and tell you to buy a weapon. Go into the store and purchase a pistol. With that, go back out and speak with Dennis. He will tell you to go to the radio tower and turn it off so that you can have that section of the map open up to you.

Follow Dennis up the hill and he'll lead you to a gate surrounding the radio tower. Move through the gate and go to the base of the tower. Loot the chests at the bottom. Check out the shed for another chest to loot and loot that as well.

Work your way to the top of the tower. Don't fall off. Climb up the ladder near the midway point and then at the top interact with the ladder. Climb to the top and interact with the power box.

A camera will pan around the island and reveal all sorts of icons on your map. Take the zipline down by pressing the A button. When you hit the ground, return to Dennis.
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Hunter Hunted (10G) 50%
Description: Lure and kill a predator
Strategy: There are "predator" animal types in Far Cry 3. These predators consist of many different animals, such as tigers, sharks, and Komodo Dragons. To "lure" a predator, you need to make noise. Oftentimes, this can be accomplished simply by killing other animals that are preyed on by the predator.

From there, it's just a matter of killing the predator. These animals can be very dangerous, so try to have healing items on you before trying to take them on.
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Road Trip (10G) 50%
Description: Complete a Supply Drop quest
Strategy: On your map, there will be a "Cross" icon in light blue. This represents a "Supply Drop" side quest. These quests will require you to get on a vehicle and then drive the vehicle through a series of flares and reach the final flare, a red one, before the time runs out.

Complete just one of these and the achievement will unlock.
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Artsy Craftsy (10G) 50%
Description: Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment
Strategy: Simply craft 5 different items during the game. Items are crafted using animal skins and plants.
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Unheard (20G) 50%
Description: Liberate an outpost without triggering an alarm
Strategy: When attacking an outpost, be sure not to alert any of the pirates and walk around the exterior. On your map will be an audio icon. This represents the alarm system. Go to the alarm system and hold X to destroy the alarm. This will prevent the pirates from calling in reinforcements.

With the alarm system disabled, it's just a matter of killing the rest of the pirates. It's easiest to do this stealthily, but it is not necessary.
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Rebel With A Cause (10G) 50%
Description: Liberate 3 outposts
Strategy: Outposts appear on the map as flag icons. Each area of the game has an outpost attached to it, with the surrounding map colored red to indicate that the area is controlled by pirates. Liberate three outposts to get this achievement. This can be accomplished very early in the game. Liberating outposts is recommending as it unlocks new fast travel locations.
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Tagging the Past 50%
Across the water from Heron's Peach, you will find a side quest. The quest is to recover the dog tags off of three Japanese soldiers from World War II, as a bargaining chip of sorts to send to their families back home.

The three dog tags are located on three different bodies, spread out like triangle points in the area. Their bodies are typically found in bunkers or near old World War II weaponry. They are easily found and acquired.

Once all the dog tags have been found, return to the quest-giver and hand them over for your reward.
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Island Paparazzi (15G) 50%
Description: Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Single Player only)
Strategy: To equip your camera, press "up" on the d-pad. Now aim the camera at enemies as you near outposts or just see them strolling about the island. Aim the camera at the enemies for a few seconds, and they will be tagged.

You will know they are tagged when an orange icon appears above their head. The icons mean different things, and they are all labeled with a legend at the top of the HUD when the camera is equipped.
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Money to Burn (15G) 50%
Description: Spend $5,000 at the shop
Strategy: Simply spend up to $5,000 at the shop. You can purchase healing items, weapons, customizations, attachments, and more, so you should probably be able to get this one pretty early.
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Love Eternal 50%
On a beach in a broken up shack, you'll find this quest giver. Apparently her daughter died of "heart sickness", and her daughter's husband is trying to dig up the body for the ring he gave her for their engagement.

Go up the hill to find the makeshift grave. Speak to the husband. He's the one with the shovel, and his two buddies are the ones with the guns. After speaking with him, shoot the ground by his feet to scare him off. Kill his two buddies, and then return to the quest giver for your reward.
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Needle Exchange (15G) 50%
Description: Craft 25 syringes
Strategy: Syringes can be crafted using plants. As you progress in the game, more recipes will become available to you for crafting purposes.
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Island Port Hotel 50%
Unfortunately for Jason and Liza, the truck will not start. Mash on the A button to get the truck going, and then Jason hops in the back with a grenade launcher. Use it to blow up the enemy vehicles as they near you, or as you drive by them.

The truck goes off road and then stops. Now defend the truck as more vehicles come into view. A red barrel on the ground can be destroyed for a bigger explosion.

The pirates will then start attacking from the front. Jason will move to the front seat automatically and smash out the windows. With a pistol, kill the pirates. Use the red barrel on the ground when they get close to kill a couple of them at once. Liza will begin to drive away, but keep your gun ready to kill the pirates as she drives by, as they will shoot you even from a great distance.
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Worst Date Ever (20G) 50%
Description: Rescue Liza from the burning building
Strategy: This is an achievement/trophy tied to the mission "Island Port Hotel". Simply go through the main storyline missions and complete this mission to get the achievement.
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Keeping Busy 50%
Return to the doctor's place. Near the glider, drop down on the mountain ledge below. It leads right into the mouth of the cave where Liza and Daisy are staying. Go inside and speak with Daisy. Liza will follow you there, by the way.

Daisy has found an old boat and she is looking to repair it, but a part is missing. The area where the part is will be highlighted on your map, in the water. Swim over there and dive to find the part. Take it back to Daisy, and Jason will automatically attach it to the engine.

When that's through, go speak with Liza. Then exit the cave.
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Hands Off My Sonter (20G) 50%
Description: Rescue Oliver from the pirates
Strategy: Complete the mission "Saving Oliver" in the main story
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Piece of the Past 50%
Jason will call Willis. From there, you are instructed to speak with a man named Buck. He is located at the bar in Badtown. Go there now and then speak with him. He's the shirtless fellow with a deer tattooed to his chest.

Buck has Keith, another one of Jason's captured friends. However, he refuses to give Keith over unless Jason finds something for him -- a knife. The same ceremonial, ancient knife that Jason saw during his acid trip.

Buck instructs you that the knife is probably on a Chinese shipping vessel overrun with pirates. Fast-travel to the beaches near the ship's location, then dive into the water and swim to the ship. It's a long swim, but once you near the ship, the game will save so if you die you won't have to redo the long swim over.

The side of the ship facing the shore will have a ladder attached to it. Approach the ladder and climb to the deck of the ship. Kill every pirate on the ship, and also loot the area for goodies. Make your way to the door, around the other side of the ship, with a valve handle that is glowing. Hold X to enter.

Inside the ship, you need to take it stealthy or you're going to have a lot of pirates coming down on your position. Crouch and move into the next room, cautiously. There will be a single pirate here walking around. Kill him silently, and then kill the next pirate.

Down the stairs will be two more pirates. One is working on something in the corner and the other is walking around. Wait for the walking one to have his back to you, then rush over and take him out. Take out the crouched over one next, and then disable the alarm system on the wall.

Now you can kill your way through the rest of the pirates without worrying about reinforcements. Fight your way through the ship and to the objective marker, which is a laptop. Hold X to interact with the laptop and Jason will obtain a compass, an obvious clue to the knife he needs to get Keith back.

However, the place is rigged and an explosion causes the ship to start sinking. Swim out of that initial room as fast as possible. Remember to push in the left analog stick to swim faster. It's a linear exit out of the ship. You'll emerge in a dry area at one point, only to open another door and be completely submerged again moments later.

While swimming through the ship, you may notice glowing objects. These are oxygen tanks that you can use for Jason to replenish his oxygen supply without having to get his head above water for more air. These are necessary to use if you haven't purchased water-breathing skills from the skill trees.

An enemy pirate will attack Jason during his attempted escape of the ship, which results in a QTE. Complete the QTE, then continue to the window of the ship and hold X to smash through the window. Watch the scenes, and Jason will wake up on the shore with the compass.
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Cargo Dump 50%
Apparently, a man's daughter has been kidnapped by aliens! The aliens took her because of some car accident or something, and now you must scour the jungle for packages that were being carried by one of the vehicles involved the accident and snap a photo of their barcodes.

A new gadget is made available for this one. Jason will be equipped with what is called a "scanner". The scanner beeps more quickly when a package is nearby, and the light on it will also blink faster. To equip the gadget, just stop moving and Jason will switch to the gadget after a few seconds of inaction during this mission.

First, you will need to pick up the scanner, of course. Grab it off the box next to the quest-giver. Then make your way to the site of the accident. Go down the hill a ways, and you'll find the first package next to some cardboard boxes. It is white and small. Snap a picture of the barcode using the camera. To take pictures with the camera, remember that you have to press RB.

Follow the objective marker a ways and you'll come to a small river. There will be snakes here as well as a bear. Eliminate the dangers, then check a nearby tree for the second package and take a picture. The third and fourth packages are very easy to find, as they are really just in plain sight.

The fifth package will lead you to the top of a waterfall. Make your way down the waterfall to the right, facing the drop. You'll see a few ledges here that lead behind the water. You can jump across these ledges to find the package on a rock, next to another cardboard box. Snap the photo.
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This Knife's For You 50%
Leave the cave with your friends. Then go to Citra's temple. Speak with Citra and then exit her temple. Easy does it.
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Have I Told You? (50G) 50%
Description: Survive the encounter with Vaas and escape
Strategy: Complete the mission "Warrior Rescue Service" in the main storyline.
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Deep Cover (20G) 50%
Description: Complete Riley's interrogation
Strategy: Finish the main story mission "All In"
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All In 50%
Meet with Sam outside of Hoyt's HQ. Then follow him to Hoyt's office. Go through the conversation with Hoyt, and then Jason will be tasked with interrogating a prisoner in the basement.

Go to the basement area. A guard will be watching your home videos on a TV set. Speak with Sam, and he will take you to the prisoner...who turns out to be Riley!

Shocked, Jason beats the hell out of Riley anyway. Sam puts the camera on a loop so that Jason has a chance to explain to Riley about the situation. After that's over, smack Riley around using the triggers, and then hold A to stick your finger in his bullet wound.

Sam will call it off, so follow him out of the cell. Hoyt will be outside and challenges both you and Sam to a game of poker.
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Black Gold 50%
Sam will fly you high into the air and let you jump out. Jump out of the helicopter and deploy your wingsuit. Dennis will call while you're making your way back down to Earth. Listen to what he has to say, then deploy your parachute and land safely.

When Dennis is done talking, meet back up with Sam at a jeep with a mounted turret. You are going to blow up four key oil drills at an oil compound that is owned by Hoyt. Drive in the area and Sam will be at the turret.

Park near each building and leave Sam to fend off the enemies. However, if you notice his health bar at the top of the screen taking a lot of damage, go get him out of a jam real quick. Otherwise just make your way to the explosives placement location and place the bombs.

You will have about 20 seconds after each bomb to get to a safe distance. Repeat the process with the other three areas, and beware of Heavies that may light your jeep on fire while you're planting the bombs.

When these four have been destroyed, drive to the oil refinery building at the end of the compound. Park in the designated area, and Hoyt will run inside to place more explosives. Hop in the turret and start killing all the enemies that show up. There are plenty of explosive red barrels in the area to shoot to take out groups of enemies at once.

At the end of this assault, a helicopter will fly into view. Kill everyone aboard the helicopter and Sam will get in the driver's side and start driving out of the compound. Keep your trigger finger at the ready to kill more enemies as Hoyt drives through the compound. Aim for the red barrels and vehicles for maximum effectiveness.
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The Good Stuff (15G) 50%
Description: Craft a special syringe
Strategy: To get a recipe for a special syringe, you first need to collect at least 30 relics. This will unlock a new recipe for a special syringe which is the "Untouchable" syringe. This will make you temporarily immune to all damage in the game.

After getting the recipe, this is what you need to craft the syringe:

2 - White Leaf
5 - Blue Leaf
5 - Green Leaf

Of course, there are other special syringes in the game, but this is the earliest one you can craft.
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Return to Sender (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the "Sidetracked" co-op mission.
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Infite health 50%
Press w,s,a,f,d,p,s,d
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Unhappy Reunion 43%
Go to Buck's hut. Enter the front door, and then speak with Buck. Go through the next door and go downstairs. Keith will be on the bed in the corner, trembling. Apparently Buck has been routinely raping him. Oh, and that deal you made with him? Yeah, you can forget about it.

Buck shows up and challenges Jason to a knife fight. A QTE segment ensues. Complete the QTEs to kill Buck, and then exit his shack.
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Magic Mushroom (20G) 40%
Description: Return to the doctor with the cave mushrooms
Strategy: Complete the mission "Mushrooms in the Deep" to unlock this achievement.
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Jungle Journal (20G) 40%
Description: Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide
Strategy: This achievement will unlock naturally over time when playing the game. Basically, whenever you meet a new person, drive a new vehicle, encounter a new animal, find a new relic, craft a new item, all sorts of stuff gets updated in the Survivor Guide. You can view all this information through the pause menu.
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One of Us (20G) 40%
Description: Complete the Rakyat initiation
Strategy: Finish the mission "Meet Citra" to unlock this one.
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Betting Against the House 40%
With Hoyt dead and everyone else apparently, quickly exit Hoyt's office. Riley is reportedly on a plane heading to someone that bought him, and you have about 12 minutes to make it to the airstrip and save him.

Right outside the door will be heavy opposition, including a heavy. Kill them all, and wait for a jeep to roll up. Kill the driver of the jeep and the man in the turret and then steal it for yourself and start speeding to the airstrip, ignoring everyone around you.

When you make it to the airstrip, keep driving. Drive to the far end, and then check the buildings there highlighted in yellow for Riley. He will yell for help, so use the sound of his voice to reach him. Kill the enemies guarding him, and then open the red door to reach him.

With Riley saved, clear the area of enemies so he can safely make it to the black and orange helicopter. Then run there yourself and get inside. You'll control the turret and Riley will fly the helicopter. Blast away at the enemy vehicles and the enemies, and remember to use the explosive red barrels to your advantage.

The vehicles that will try to attack you will include jeeps with mounted turrets, helicopters, and boats. People with RPGs will also try to shoot you out of the skies. Keep an eye on the helicopter's health gauge at the top of the screen, but in the end, you should be mostly fine.
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I got your gun bitch 40%
This cheat will allow you to steal the gun from the piret infront
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Full Bars (20G) 33%
Description: Activate 9 radio towers
Strategy: Radio towers are at key points on the islands. They must be climbed, and at the top, you must destroy the electrical box. This will then turn your mini-map from blue to actually being useful as a map!

Icons will now appear on the map, such as loot locations, side quests, and more. Do this nine times to get this achievement/trophy. Whenever you are in an area that has a blacked-out map, you should make it your priority to conquer the tower.

When climbing these towers, be sure to look for ledges with low-hanging white ropes. These are an indication that you can press A to climb up onto the ledge.
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