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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer/Editor 1.05 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 May 16,2013
Trainer 1.05 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Mar 4,2013
Trainer/Editor 1.04 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Jan 13,2013
Trainer 1.04 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 20,2012
Trainer/Editor 1.03 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Dec 13,2012
Trainer 1.03 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 13,2012
Trainer/Editor 1.02 (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Dec 4,2012
Trainer 1.02 (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 4,2012
Trainer (DX9+DX11) by: Caliber Dec 3,2012
Trainer/Editor (DX9+DX11) by: 0x90 Nov 29,2012

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Far Cry 3

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Pinned to Earth 33%
You'll find a woman (one that looks suspiciously like!) that complains of a nearby wrecked plane. Go outside and follow the objective marker to a glider parked (?) at the edge of a cliff.

Hold X to use the glider. Fly it over the island below and you'll see the plane wreckage soon enough. Strangely, it looks pretty rusted. Exit the glider safely, either by slowing it down near the beach or ejecting into the water.

Then investigate the wreckage. The tail of the plane will be empty, so go to the cockpit half of the plane. You'll find a guy in there, so speak to him and this side quest is completed...

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Lin Cong, I Presume? 33%
Buck will now send you after the knife. You'll meet with him right at the top of a high cliff overlooking a pool of water very far below. When the conversation is over, get a running start and leap off the cliff, diving into the water below.

Swim to the surface. The objective marker points the way to some rocks you can climb on top of to get out of the water. Yellow vines can be climbed here to reach the entrance of the temple. As you explore this temple, you're going to notice a few things.

One, this temple is all about ziplines in the early sections. You start at the top of the area, which allows you to look below and kill the enemies before ziplining down to them, which I highly recommend doing. At the end of the zipline fest, you'll come to the next obstacle in this dungeon.

What I'm speaking of is the hot water. Steam will shoot out of the ground as you try to traverse the hot water area. Stay on the rocks and avoid the steam to the best of your ability. You'll reach a ledge you can climb up, which will then result in another area where you have to traverse a few ruins. Special doors will be unlocked with the compass, and there will be a Komodo dragon or two, but nothing too intimidating.

Finally, you reach Lin Cong's tomb. Open up her grave by holding X, and then Jason will grab the knife. Of course, everything goes to hell in the next moment, so sprint on out of there. Avoid the Komodo dragons in the area, and also avoid the fire to the best of your ability.

Slide under the wall as it is closing. Then alternate between RT and LT to crawl under the collapsing ceiling and get out of there alive. Jason will call Buck once he exits the temple.
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Retake Wallstreet (20G) 33%
Description: Rescue Keith from Buck
Strategy: Complete the mission "Unhappy Reunion"
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Payback 33%
Jason will automatically go near Vaas's island. Just jump off the cliff and into the water. Swim over to the dock, and then silently kill the guard at the dock. Climb onto the land, and crouch, move slowly through the brush, as there will be two more pirates beating up on a woman down the road.

Take them out silently as well. If you have the chain takedown skill, it comes in handy here. When they're dead, continue into the more open area. There will be a pirate in the watchtower on the right, a pirate messing with two dogs in the middle of the street, and another patrolling to the west.

First, kill the guard on the tower using a silenced weapon. Then make your way on a hill so you have a clear vantage point of the man with the dogs. Kill him, then kill the guy patrolling. The dogs will rush you, so knife them.

Go to the designated wall on the side of the compound. It may seem too high up, but it's not. Climb up on top, and then approach the large sliding door. Hold X to slide it open, and then go inside the compound proper.

It's a trap! The doors and windows will start closing and the compound will catch fire. Jason's vision will become blurry as well, but do your best to run through the compound and escape the flames.

You should be able to make it outside, but there will be a ton of pirates out there waiting for you. Kill them all from your current position until the fire overtakes the building you're on. Then jump down into the compound and continue fighting off the pirates. Try to stay a safe distance to avoid taking too much damage.

You'll come to huge doors that are a part of a hangar. They will slide open. Two regular pirates will come out, but a Heavy will as well. Kill them and then go inside the hangar. Take a left to enter Vaas's weird TV maze, and then Vaas will surprise you and stab Jason through the gut.

Jason will now be a part of a weird dream, standing on TV sets. Move across the TVs and more will magically appear. Keep going until Vaas starts showing up in multiple forms. Kill these as they near you using the machinegun provided.

At the end of the run will be Vaas again. Complete the QTE section to finish him off in a knife fight.
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Triple Decker 33%
Sam will tell you to try to get a roll sheet. He thinks one of three guards outside a local temple will have it. The area outside the temple has a makeshift scaffolding structure that is used to reach the top of the cliff, and then there is a bottom area with destroyed buildings.

There is one guard at the bottom and two guards at the top. Use your camera to figure out who is a captain, and then try to kill them silently without anyone seeing. You can lead them away from the area by throwing rocks.

Loot each dead body. The roll call won't be found, but Jason will find a rendezvous note!
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Aced in the Hole 33%
Meet with Sam outside the compound just as you did before. Speak with him. This is the point of no return for Far Cry 3, at least for a little while. Once you start this next mission, you won't be able to go back to the island's activities and side quests until you complete the main quest of the game.

Go with Sam to Hoyt's office and start the poker game. Just go through the motions and play a hand of poker. At the end of the first hand, Hoyt kills Sam with a knife to the neck, and then a trippy knife duel between Jason and Hoyt begins.

Once again, this is just a QTE section. Go through the QTEs to defeat Hoyt in a knife fight and kill him.
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Return to Sender (20G) 33%
Description: Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the "Sidetracked" co-op mission.
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Late Night Pick-up (20G) 33%
Description: Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the Rush Hour co-op mission.
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Boom 33%
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How to craft Simple Fuel Sling 29%
2 dog hide
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Jungle Journal (20G) 25%
Description: Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide
Strategy: This achievement will unlock naturally over time when playing the game. Basically, whenever you meet a new person, drive a new vehicle, encounter a new animal, find a new relic, craft a new item, all sorts of stuff gets updated in the Survivor Guide. You can view all this information through the pause menu.
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One of Us (20G) 25%
Description: Complete the Rakyat initiation
Strategy: Finish the mission "Meet Citra" to unlock this one.
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Dirty Work 20%
Joseph will give you this side quest. You have to kill three different privateers on the island. Do NOT fast-travel during this quest, because it resets the entire quest for some reason.

Just go to three different objective markers and kill them. There will be a Heavy flamethrower at the first one, but nothing too dangerous. The second area will have a boat with an RPG and gunner on it, so blow that up before taking out the rest of the people. The third privateer is on a hill and pretty uneventful.

When they're all dead, return to Joseph and tell him the good news.
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