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Far Cry 3 PS3 Cheats

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Far Cry 3

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Improper Use (5G) 50%
Description: Kill an enemy with the repair tool (Single Player only)
Strategy: Under "special" items in the store, the same place you'll find the flamethrowers, there is a repair tool that you can take and equip. The repair tool is mainly used for fixing vehicles, but it is fairly useless in the game because it takes up an entire weapon slot.

Use the tool on an enemy until he dies to get the achievement.
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Return to Sender (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the "Sidetracked" co-op mission.
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Rocking the Boat (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Overboard" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the co-op mission "Overboard".
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Hide and Seek (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the co-op map "Lights Out" to get this achievement.
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Late Night Pick-up (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the Rush Hour co-op mission.
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Getting Even (20G) 50%
Description: Complete "Payback" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Complete the "Payback" mission in co-op.
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Dirty Work 50%
Joseph will give you this side quest. You have to kill three different privateers on the island. Do NOT fast-travel during this quest, because it resets the entire quest for some reason.

Just go to three different objective markers and kill them. There will be a Heavy flamethrower at the first one, but nothing too dangerous. The second area will have a boat with an RPG and gunner on it, so blow that up before taking out the rest of the people. The third privateer is on a hill and pretty uneventful.

When they're all dead, return to Joseph and tell him the good news.
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Unhappy Reunion 43%
Go to Buck's hut. Enter the front door, and then speak with Buck. Go through the next door and go downstairs. Keith will be on the bed in the corner, trembling. Apparently Buck has been routinely raping him. Oh, and that deal you made with him? Yeah, you can forget about it.

Buck shows up and challenges Jason to a knife fight. A QTE segment ensues. Complete the QTEs to kill Buck, and then exit his shack.
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Lin Cong, I Presume? 40%
Buck will now send you after the knife. You'll meet with him right at the top of a high cliff overlooking a pool of water very far below. When the conversation is over, get a running start and leap off the cliff, diving into the water below.

Swim to the surface. The objective marker points the way to some rocks you can climb on top of to get out of the water. Yellow vines can be climbed here to reach the entrance of the temple. As you explore this temple, you're going to notice a few things.

One, this temple is all about ziplines in the early sections. You start at the top of the area, which allows you to look below and kill the enemies before ziplining down to them, which I highly recommend doing. At the end of the zipline fest, you'll come to the next obstacle in this dungeon.

What I'm speaking of is the hot water. Steam will shoot out of the ground as you try to traverse the hot water area. Stay on the rocks and avoid the steam to the best of your ability. You'll reach a ledge you can climb up, which will then result in another area where you have to traverse a few ruins. Special doors will be unlocked with the compass, and there will be a Komodo dragon or two, but nothing too intimidating.

Finally, you reach Lin Cong's tomb. Open up her grave by holding X, and then Jason will grab the knife. Of course, everything goes to hell in the next moment, so sprint on out of there. Avoid the Komodo dragons in the area, and also avoid the fire to the best of your ability.

Slide under the wall as it is closing. Then alternate between RT and LT to crawl under the collapsing ceiling and get out of there alive. Jason will call Buck once he exits the temple.
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Here We Come (20G) 40%
Description: Complete "Ready or Not" Co-op map (Online/Offline)
Strategy: Activate your UPlay account to access Far Cry 3's multiplayer and co-op content. Then complete the map "Ready or Not". You can do this online or you can do it offline in split-screen play.
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Poker Night (50G) 33%
Description: Kill Hoyt
Strategy: Complete the mission "Aced in the Hole"
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Hire Friends 33%
Life cheat
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