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X Rebirth Cheats for PC
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X Rebirth PC Cheats

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X Rebirth Cheats

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X Rebirth

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Achievements 98%
This is a list of the achievements for X Rebirth on Steam.

A Safer JourneyFinished 33 escort missions
An Unexpected LodgerHave Yisha stay longer than you both expected
Can't Shoot ThisDestroy 100 turrets
Capital PunishmentDestroy a Xenon capital ship
Finders, KeepersCapture 50 ships
First ContactMake your first friends outside of Albion
Friends in High PlacesReach highest reputation with any faction
Gun RunningAcquire weapons from Heart of Albion contact
Hijack ThisBoard a capital ship
Home Sweet HomeBuild your first station
I'll Take ThatReacquire your ships and crews
Killer's HeavenDestroy 777 ships
Mending the SplitTransport an important dignitary on a diplomatic mission
Nailed DownDestroy the engines of a capital ship
Nice PileGet one billion Credits in your account
One Less WarHelp forge a key alliance
Pimp My RideMaximally upgrade the Albion Skunk
Short LeashDestroy the jump drive of a capital ship
Space TaxiFinished 20 passenger transport missions
Speed FreakReach maximal boost speed in a highway
The Best of the BestUpgrade a Marine Officer to five skill stars
We Only Slowed ThemHelp take out key Xenon facilities
Xenon SalvagerCollect 100 Xenon components
Xenon SalvagerCollect 100 Xenon components
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Inf neck 10%
To get inf necks all you gotta do is delete the game then reinstall it XD
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