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Don't Look Back Cheats for PC
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Don't Look Back PC Cheats

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Don't Look Back

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Defeat Cerberus 100%
How to: To defeat Cerberus, instead of jumping over him for the first two hits, let him jump over you. For the final blow, jump over him at the correct moment, then quickly turn around and shoot him in the back.
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Defeat the Final Boss 100%
How to: The last Boss is a giant with an entire range of weapons at his disposal. At first, the weapons he favors most are to shoot fireballs and to send out flying and crawling creatures. To defeat this Boss, do not stay on the ground. Notice the two intermittently appearing and disappearing platforms. Jump onto the lower one initially. As it fades, leap to the one that appears above. From here, jump up and take a head shot at the Boss. Head shots are the only way to kill him. As soon as the upper platform fades, leap back to the lower one and just avoid the battle until you can leap back to the upper platform again. By constantly bouncing between the two platforms in this manner, you will avoid all the ground-based creatures. You will also usually be able to avoid the fireballs and save enough time to take out the Boss. When the Boss' health begins to get low, he will send out waves of fireballs as opposed to individual ones. Position yourself in a gap as they approach and keep shooting him with head shots until he is defeated.
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