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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Cheats for PS3
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Ace Combat Assault Horizon PS3 Cheats

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Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlockable Call Signs 100%
Description: Complete the listed task to unlock the specified call sign.

AquilaObtain 1 survivor reward
BurnerWin 20 Capital Conquest matches
CougarShoot down more than 100 enemy players
DragonWin 10 Capital Conquest matches
FalcoObtain 1 Ace Striker reward
GalmObtain 5 Ace Pilot rewards
GarudaComplete the campaign
GhostShoot down more than 100 enemy players online while using an attack helicopter
GryphusObtain 5 Hero rewards
MobiusObtain 1 Hero reward
MohawkObtain a total of 100,000 points
PhoenixPlace 1st in a Deathmatch
RacerUse DFM Supper more than 50 times
ScarfaceObtain 1 Ace Pilot reward
StingrayWin 10 Domination matches
StrigonObtain 5 Survivor rewards
SweeperShoot down more than 50 enemy players online while using an attack helicopter
VikingObtain a total of 20,000 points
WardogObtain 5 Ace Striker rewards
WildcatShoot down more than 50 enemy players online
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Rewards 100%
Description: To unlock the sprcified reward, complete the listed task.

Ace PilotGet the most number of air kills in a round
Ace StrikerGet the most number of ground kills in a round
HeroPerform the overall best in a round
SurvivorStay alive the longest amount of time
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Aircraft 98%
Description: To unlock the specified aircraft, complete the listed task.

F-15E Strike EagleComplete Campaign mode
Unlock Mi-24 (HIND)Complete Campaign mode
Unlock PAK-FAComplete Campaign mode
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Unlockable Extra's 96%
Description: To unlock the specified items, complete the listed task.

Mi-24 (HIND)Complete the Campaign Mode
Color 2 for All AircraftComplete the Campaign Mode
PAK-FAComplete the Campaign Mode
F-15E Strike EagleComplete the Campaign Mode
By: Toebin(11693)
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Alternate Aircraft Colors 96%
Description: Complete Campaign mode to unlock a 2nd aircraft color.
Earn 1,500 points to unlock a 3rd aircraft color for that particular plane.
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Trophies 90%
Description: To unlock kPlayStation3 Trophy rewards, complete the listed tasks.

Warwolf 1 (Gold)Cleared all missions
Warwolf Squadron (Gold)Cleared all levels in mission co-op

Ace of Aces (Silver)Obtained an A rank for every mission (free mission)
All Rounder (Silver)Obtained all MVPs
Bomber Master (Bronze)Defeated a large number of enemies while flying a bomber
Chain Master (Silver)Took down 5 hostiles in a row with an assault chain
Critical Hit (Silver)Took down a hostile fighter with a charged homing missile
Formation Attack (Silver)Joined the same DFM with 2 others and shot down a hostile (mission co-op)
Nice Kill (Silver)Shot down a large number of hostile players in competitive online
Smooth Flight (Silver)Managed to get Sova 1 to land safely
Switch Master (Silver)Successfully switched from defense to offense 10 times with counter maneuvers
Veteran Pilot (Silver)Sortied for 50 hours in competitive online or mission co-op
World Tour (Silver)Played on all maps in competitive online

Aerial Sniper (Bronze)Used DFM to destroy 10 airborne enemies in competitive online
Bail Out (Bronze)Ejected from a damaged aircraft
Berserker (Bronze)Destroyed the air defense system, opening the way for allied pilots
Checking In (Bronze)Flew through the big hotel's gates
Defender of World Heritage (Bronze)Prevented enemy from using Trinity to destroy Derbent
Diverse Strikes (Bronze)Defeated hostiles with all 3 of the gunship's weapons
Eagle Eye (Bronze)Successfully focused on 3 targets
Emergency (Bronze)Attempted an emergency landing in a damaged aircraft
Fearsome Guardian (Bronze)Protected your allies using the gunship, and led a successful attack on the base
Fire Hazard (Bronze)Removed enemy presence from the oil field and the base
Gun Master (Bronze)Took out a large number of hostiles as the door gunner
Guns Guns Guns (Bronze)Destroyed 5 hostile vehicles from the air as the door gunner
Ground Pounder (Bronze)Used ASM to destroy 30 ground enemies in competitive online
Hard Strike (Bronze)Wiped out hostile ground forces with ASM
Hot Pit (Bronze)Successfully took off to protect allies amid heavy hostile fire
Interceptor (Bronze)Used an attack helicopter and destroyed 10 missiles or bombs in competitive online
Life Saver (Bronze)Rescued Major Illich from enemy captivity
Limbo (Bronze)Flew beneath a falling chimney
Machine Gun Faithful (Bronze)Destroyed an enemy aircraft using only the standard machine gun while piloting an aircraft
Nice Assist (Bronze)Used DFM support or ASM support to join a flight member
Nice Save (Bronze)Saved an ally being targeted by hostile players in DFM in competitive online
Nick of Time (Bronze)Destroyed the ICBMs
One Million Tons of Scrap Metal (Bronze)Sank the enemy fleet and saved the Russian Prime Minister
Pursuit Master (Bronze)Successfully pursued 3 enemies with counter maneuvers
Shot Master (Bronze)Took down 5 hostiles with a direct shot
Speed Demon (Bronze)Destroyed all radar missile defense systems in a short period of time
Stay on Target (Bronze)Obtained and destroyed 10 enemies in a helicopter
Steel Hunter (Bronze)Eliminated enemy threat from the Suez Canal
Successive Kill (Bronze)Took down 3 hostiles in a row with an assault chain
The Collector (Bronze)Piloted all aircraft in the game
Total Annihilation (Bronze)Disintegrated enemy bombers in mid-air, keeping damage to the city to a minimum
Welcome to Mission Co-Op (Bronze)Cleared 1 level in mission co-op

Additionally there are 6 Secret Trophies

Sierra Hotel (Platinum)Obtained all Trophies

Patriot (Bronze)Protected Moscow from destruction, freeing it from enemy control
Friendly Fire (Bronze)Alleviated the attack on Miami and helped Guts bail out
Category 5 (Bronze)Pursued the enemy and shot down Major Illich
Guardian (Bronze)Protected Washington D.C. from the threat of Trinity, and returned alive
Calamity (Bronze)Used Trinity to wipe out the enemy (free mission)
By: Toebin(11693)
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