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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Cheats for PS3
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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure PS3 Cheats

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Get Off Me!!! 100%
If you ever have to many Enemies next to you or your dangerously low on health hit the select button to bring up your character info then hit select again. When you do this your Character Spawns back up and Everything near you will get shoved away from you but this does not destroy objects only shoves enemy away.

I hope this helps!
By: trickytoes(74)
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Trophies 87%
Description: To unlock Playstation3 Trophy rewards, complete the following tasks.

True Portal Master (Platinum)Unlock all other trophies

Climb to the Top (Gold)Level up any one Skylander to Level 10
One for All! (Gold)Defeat Kaos without swapping Skylanders during the battle
The Savior (Gold)Complete the adventure mode by finishing the game
Star Chaser (Gold)Get 3 stars in any 1 level

Archaeologist (Silver)Collect 10 Story Scrolls
Call Me Fireman! (Silver)Defeat Kaos' Evil minions in the Lava Lakes Railway Level with only Gill Grunt's Power Hose
Can't Stop Me! (Silver)Complete 3 Challenge levels
Chompy Chopper (Silver)Defeat 15 Chompies in the Shattered Island Level
Fashion Elite (Silver)Collect 10 Hats
Get Me If You Can! (Silver)Complete the Crystal Eye Castle level without being hit by any of the rolling barrels
Gotta Buy Them All (Silver)Purchase all upgrades for any 1 Skylander
Magic Time (Silver)Complete the Arkeyan Armory level and acquire the elemental source
Mine Detector (Silver)Complete the Troll Warehouse level without getting injured by the landmines
The Ace Pilot (Silver)Defeat 30 enemies while riding the War Machine in the Arkeyan Armory Level
The Spiritual Mentor (Silver)Collect 10 Soul Gems
Treasure-hunter (Silver)Collect 10 Legendary Treasures

Dancing Fire (Bronze)Complete the Lava Lakes Railway Level and acquire the elemental source
Dodge Ball (Bronze)In the Falling Forest Level, defeat Evil Ent while more than 5 of Evil Ent's seeds are on the field
Fashion Stylist (Bronze)Have your Skylander equip a hat for the 1st time
Fresh Air (Bronze)Complete the Stormy Stronghold Level and acquire the elemental source
Happy Hour (Bronze)Open any treasure chest
Hello Skylander!! (Bronze)The first time you put your Skylander on the Portal of Power
Home Sweet Home (Bronze)Complete the Shattered Island level
I Love Shopping (Bronze)The first time you purchase an upgrade for your Skylander
I Love Smashing! (Bronze)Destroy all of the rocks in the Molekin Mine Level
Inside Power (Bronze)Unlock any Elemental Gate
Leviathan Dentist (Bronze)Get swallowed by the Leviathan 5 times in the Leviathan Lagoon Level
Light of Life (Bronze)Complete the Falling Forest level and acquire the elemental source
Mother Earth (Bronze)Complete the Stone Town level and acquire the elemental source
New Challenger (Bronze)Complete your 1st challenge level!
No Rocket Fired! (Bronze)Never use any rocket in the Falling Forest Level
Perfect Technology (Bronze)Complete the Battlefield level and acquire the elemental source
Phew! That Was Close! (Bronze)In the Leviathan Lagoon Level, dodge 30 sharks without being hit
Pure Water (Bronze)Complete the Leviathan Lagoon Level and acquire the elemental source
Tag Me If You Can! (Bronze)Avoid being hit by the laser traps during the boss fight in the Creepy Citadel level
The First Battle (Bronze)Play and complete any PvP match: win or lose
Undead Spirit (Bronze)Complete the Creepy Citadel Level and acquire the elemental source
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Camp fire 40%
Go to a fire down at the beach you nead a spyro and gill grunt get gill grunt then put the fire out the spyro light it up again keep on doing it
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Hints to beating Kaos in the last level!!! 29%
If your having trouble beating kaos in the last level I think I can help!
Go back to other chapters and study the moves that his minnons and spells make.
Bye more skylanders so if some of them need to rest you can swich skylanders.
Try not to play skylanders a lot so you will have more confidince the next time you try.
I hope this helps!
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A helpful way to get the collection award is to go to random places.
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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - Can't stop me! Can't stop me!
Complete 3 Challenge levels. (primary profile)
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