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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Cheats for WII
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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure WII Cheats

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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

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Eliminate All Enemies On Screen At Once 82%
Place an adventure pack character(e.g.: Pirate Ship, Dragon's Peak, etc.) on the portal during a mission, and it will destroy all enemies on the screen, leaving all experience points for them. This will only work once per chapter, so be sure to use it only when you are in serious trouble from multiple enemies!
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Prism pin 75%
If you get all the starting upgrades for prism break and get to fighting kaos. wait until he slams the ground and is about to take off into the air again. then use your summon crystal attack. it pins him to the ground so you can hit him more (or just use crystals when he slams the ground because your crystals do more damage than your beams)
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Light walk 75%
If you have voodood use your zipline attack on the core of light from a little bit back you may have to use it a few times but you will be on the big gear around the edge
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!rainbow sheep! 71%
!hey gamers! if you have the 1 and only double trouble use your a atack on the sheep and they change color oh and dont waste your time on trying to level up your skylanders more then level 10 because the 1 who wrote hint is wrong in the part where he saids that you migth want your skylanders at level 20 or 30
By: luigi1111111(123)
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Light trigger walk 71%
Use Trigger Happys Golden Machine Gun by The Core Of Light and you will be on it!
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Rock in Zook 67%
If you have cool Jamacin Zook go to the rock that you use your powers on and it gives you money [not the elementel one].keep on using your mushroom attack on it and the rock should go under the hole where the rock is held. [if it goes under and you want it to come out keep on using your mushroom attack on it and it should come out].
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Hints to beating Kaos in the last level!!! 62%
If your having trouble beating kaos in the last level I think I can help!
Go back to other chapters and study the moves that his minnons and spells make.
Bye more skylanders so if some of them need to rest you can swich skylanders.
Try not to play skylanders a lot so you will have more confidince the next time you try.
I hope this helps!
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Kaos minions 56%
Wait till you have 5 skylanders talk to tbone after
hit him with a attack and you will get kaos minions
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How to upgrade your skylanders cheaper 53%
The blue butterflies in the game make upgrades cheaper. The more you find the cheaper the upgrades.
By: AxtheWeilder(266)
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Defeat kaos 53%
Have all skylanders at level 10 and have all their upgrades than face kaos
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Cool prism break attack 42%
Shoot up some cristals,then zap the cristal in front of you.It will hit it,then hit another one,then another and so on.It might create a dome for the enemy inside,or hit multiple enemys by rebounding the lazer off a couple of cristals.
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Camp fire 40%
Go to a fire down at the beach you nead a spyro and gill grunt get gill grunt then put the fire out the spyro light it up again keep on doing it
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A helpful way to get the collection award is to go to random places.
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Skylander questions 36%
The weird bear child at the top of the island asks different questions to different skylanders.
By: AxtheWeilder(266)
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Playin' With A Friend 31%
If you want to have even more fun on this game, play with a friend. Your friend could do way more things tan you usually could. All you need to do is connect another Wii Remote, place another Skylander on the Portal of Power, and then get started, but be careful. You may have more help, but if you run out of Skylanders, you will have to restart the WHOLE chapter so all you need to do is get as many Skylanders as possible so you don't run out of them. Play smart and have a lot of fun!
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How too make spyro a level 10. 28%
By going on the 1st chapter last level in till you reach level 9.Then go to 1st stage 3rd level in till you reach level 10.
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HINT 21%
On skylanders before you go to kaos's temple try to level up as high as you can (if you make it to the levels 20 to 30 for your skylander go to kaos's temple.)
By: MaddenNFL10(28)
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