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Rayman Origins Cheats for XBOX 360
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Rayman Origins XBOX 360 Cheats

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Rayman Origins

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RAYMAN: ORIGINS Walkthrough Guide 100%
Here's the full video and written walkthrough for Rayman Origins including locations and how to's to release all the Electoons and find Skull Teeth to give to the Reaper to gain entry to the "Land of the Livid Dead".

Read the Guide --> RAYMAN: ORIGINS Walkthrough [GUIDE]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Achievements 98%
Description: To unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, complete the following Achievements.

Back at You! (15 points)You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile
Beautiful Beats! (15 points)Holly Luya, the Music Nymph is Free!
Betilla's Back! (15 points)Head Nymph Betilla is Free!
Blue Baron! (35 points)Beat the Giant Eel within 60 Seconds in Aim for the Eel
Boing! Boing! Boing! (15 points)Bounce-Bubblized 11 Enemies without landing in Polar Pursuit
B Side! (15 points)Played an Unlocked Character in any map
Crush Combo! (15 points)Simultaneously crushed 4 Enemies
Crusher! (15 points)Crushed 50 Enemies
Dr. Lividstone, I presume? (80 points)You found All hidden cages
Electoon Friend (15 points)Completed 10 Medallions
Electoon Hero (35 points)Completed 25 Medallions
Electoon Legend (80 points)Completed All Medallions
Explorer (35 points)You found 25 hidden cages
Fisher King! (20 points)Swam a Marathon
Full Mouth (35 points)Earned 5 Skull Teeth
Feed the Fairy! (15 points)Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy is Free!
Hover Happy! (20 points)1 hour of flight time
Hyperspeed! (35 points)Sprinted for an Entire Level
I'm Back! (15 points)Replayed any completed map
Kung Fu Combo! (15 points)Perform a swipe-to-air Kick Combo
Merm-Aid! (15 points)Annetta Fish, the Ocean Nymph is Free!
Milk Tooth (15 points)Earned 1 Skull Tooth
Nitro! (80 points)Earned All speed trophies!
No Panic! (15 points)Saved All Darktooned Wizards in Port 'O Panic
Nymphs Rock! (15 points)Helena Handbasket, the Mountain Nymph is Free!
Painless! (15 points)Completed a level without taking a hit
Pop! Pop! BOOM! (15 points)Popped 50 Enemy Bubbles
Scout (15 points)You found 10 hidden cages
Speedy! (15 points)Earned 5 speed trophies
Sprinter! (20 points)Sprinted a Marathon
Survivor! (15 points)Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch
The Bubblizer! (15 points)Chain-Bubblized 4 Enemies
The Jaw! (80 points)Earned ALL Skull Teeth
Turbo! (35 points)Earned 15 speed trophies
Vacuum Snack! (15 points)Inhaled 50 things on Moskito-back

Additionally there is 1 Secret Achievement.

Secret Achievement (80 points)Unknown
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UNLOCK night of the livid dead (last level) by zachery barnes 25%
To unlock the final boss and last level (very very hard) you must collect all skull teeth from the chest chase levels which are unlocked by saving a number of electrons.
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35 Achievements
Rayman Origins - Pop! Pop! BOOM! Pop! Pop! BOOM!
Popped 50 Enemy Bubbles.
Rayman Origins - Betilla's Back! Betilla's Back!
Head Nymph Betilla is Free!
Rayman Origins - Beautiful Beats! Beautiful Beats!
Holly Luya, the Music Nymph is Free!
Rayman Origins - Feed the Fairy! Feed the Fairy!
Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy is Free!
Rayman Origins - Merm-Aid! Merm-Aid!
Annetta Fish, the Ocean Nymph is Free!
Rayman Origins - Nymphs Rock! Nymphs Rock!
Helena Handbasket, the Mountain Nymph is Free!
Rayman Origins - Scout Scout
You found 10 hidden cages.
Rayman Origins - Explorer Explorer
You found 25 hidden cages.
Rayman Origins - Dr. Lividstone, I presume? Dr. Lividstone, I presume?
You found ALL hidden cages.
Rayman Origins - Speedy! Speedy!
Earned 5 speed trophies!
Rayman Origins - Turbo! Turbo!
Earned 15 speed trophies!
Rayman Origins - Nitro! Nitro!
Earned ALL speed trophies!
Rayman Origins - Electoon Friend Electoon Friend
Completed 10 Medallions.
Rayman Origins - Electoon Hero Electoon Hero
Completed 25 Medallions.
Rayman Origins - Electoon Legend Electoon Legend
Completed ALL Medallions.
Rayman Origins - Milk Tooth Milk Tooth
Earned 1 Skull Tooth.
Rayman Origins - Full Mouth Full Mouth
Earned 5 Skull Teeth.
Rayman Origins - The Jaw! The Jaw!
Earned ALL Skull Teeth.
Rayman Origins - The Bubblizer! The Bubblizer!
Chain-Bubblized 4 Enemies.
Rayman Origins - I'm Back! I'm Back!
Replayed any completed map.
Rayman Origins - Painless! Painless!
Completed a level without taking a hit!
Rayman Origins - Vacuum Snack! Vacuum Snack!
Inhaled 50 things on Moskito-back.
Rayman Origins - No Panic! No Panic!
Saved ALL Darktooned Wizards in "Port 'O Panic".
Rayman Origins - B Side! B Side!
Played an Unlocked Character in any map.
Rayman Origins - Hover Happy! Hover Happy!
One hour of flight time!
Rayman Origins - Crusher! Crusher!
Crushed 50 Enemies.
Rayman Origins - Crush Combo! Crush Combo!
Simultaneously crushed 4 enemies.
Rayman Origins - Sprinter! Sprinter!
Sprinted a Marathon!
Rayman Origins - Fisher King! Fisher King!
Swam a Marathon!
Rayman Origins - Kung Fu Combo! Kung Fu Combo!
Perform a swipe-to-air Kick Combo!
Rayman Origins - Hyperspeed! Hyperspeed!
Sprinted for an Entire Level!
Rayman Origins - Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!
Bounce-Bubblized 11 Enemies without landing in "Polar Pursuit!"
Rayman Origins - Blue Baron! Blue Baron!
Beat the Giant Eel within 60 Seconds in "Aim for the Eel."
Rayman Origins - Survivor! Survivor!
Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!
Rayman Origins - Back At You! Back At You!
You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile!
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