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EDGE Cheats for PC
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EDGE PC Cheats

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Steam Achievements 100%
Complete the following tasks to unlock the specified achievement:

*** How to view your achievements & stats in Steam: Select Community, then My profile, then View all my games, then select the game & finally select View stats.

A-listGet an A rank on all normal levels
An enemy of my enemyCross the block-enemy section in "cube invaders" without activating any of the three bridges
BackpackGet at least 8 seconds of EDGE time on the human figure in "edge time"
BalanceBalance on the floor for at least 5 seconds
CentimeterComplete 24 normal levels
ChickenFind toki tori
ColorblindFinish a level without collecting any prisms
CompactGet crushed 10 times
DaredevilGet more than 0.5 seconds of EDGE time on the active side of a bumper
DecameterComplete all bonus levels
DecimeterComplete 36 normal levels
Double RainbowCollect all prisms in the game
DropoffGet dropped off by a platform and continue hanging on the wall
EdgaholicFinish a level by getting EDGE time on every edge climbed
FlagClimb the flag in "highest flag"
Hard wiredDon't skip any of the moving wires in "wire"
HectometerComplete all extended levels
HitchhikeGet 30 seconds of EDGE time on a moving platform
HitchupEscape the clutch of the elevator in "star dust" and get across
HourGet 60 seconds of EDGE time
InvaderGet on top of an invader
JumperJump on top of a car in "peripherique"
KilometerComplete all normal levels
Leap of faithTake a leap of faith
Long FallFall more than 16 meters and survive
MeterComplete 45 normal levels
MicrosecondGet 10 seconds of EDGE time as a mini cube
MillimeterComplete 12 normal levels
MinimalistUse only one of the nine switches at the end of "click"
MinuteGet 30 seconds of EDGE time
MonkeyUnleash the nibbling totem monkey head in "babylonian"
Mythical birdSummon the mythical bird in "mystic"
Nailed itGet to the exit of "hammer" fast
Perfect landingFall directly on the exit square in "star castle"
PickupGet picked up by a platform while hanging on an edge
PinholeFinish a level in mini form
Quick responseFind the QR code
RainbowCollect all prisms in the normal levels
RoundtripGet picked up by a platform and then dropped off by a platform
SecondGet 10 seconds of EDGE time
ShuffledGet shuffled in "magic"
SnowblindFind the six hidden switches in the snow-covered levels in December
StardomGet an S+ rank on all normal levels
StubbornPress the first nine switches in "do not click!" and finish the level
SubwayRide the complete subway track
Tumbling travelsGrab the prism after the wall sequence in "higher" as mini cube
Turnstile jumperEvade the subway fare
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