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Map My Mind Cheats for iP
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Map My Mind iP Cheats

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Map My Mind

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Game Center Achievements 100%
Description: Complete the tasks listed below to unlock Apple Game Center Achievements:

Apprentice (15 points)Complete 1 map getting all the nodes
Bodybuilder (10 points)Complete 3 maps of Sport
Celebrity (25 points)Amass a total of 1000 global points
Coolness (15 points)Complete 1 map without any failed answer
Erudite (10 points)Complete 3 maps of Culture
Explorer (10 points)Complete 3 maps of Social Science
Fanboy (10 points)Complete 3 maps of Entertainment
Gold Brain (40 points)Complete 20 maps getting all the nodes
Initiate (5 points)Finish the tutorial
King (35 points)Amass a total of 2500 global points
Know-it-all (15 points)Answer correctly to 10 questions in Trivia Mode
Legend (35 points)Complete 10 maps getting all the nodes
Liberator (5 points)Open 1 liberation node
Master (25 points)Complete 3 maps getting all the nodes
Mini-game Bonanza (10 points)Complete 5 mini-games
Mini-game Crusher (25 points)Complete 100 mini-games
Mini-game Hunter (25 points)Complete 30 mini-games
Mr. Encyclopedia (20 points)Answer correctly to 50 questions in Trivia Mode
Naturalist (10 points)Complete 3 maps of Natural Science
Nobel Prize (10 points)Complete at least 1 map of each catagory
Perfect Mind (10 points)Great a perfect grade in a map
Rich (15 points)Amass a total of 500 global points
Robin Hood (15 points)Open 5 liberation nodes
Self-Sufficient (15 points)Complete one map without using any wildcard
Super-Fantastic (40 points)Amass a total of 5000 global points
Trivia Lover (15 points)Play more than 20 minutes in Trivia Mode
Unbeatable Mind (20 points)Answer correctly to 10 questions in a row in Trivia Mode
Wildcard Addiction (5 points)Use all the different types of wildcards at least once
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