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Pajama Sam In Don't Fear the Dark Cheats for PC
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Pajama Sam In Don't Fear the Dark PC Cheats

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Pajama Sam In Don't Fear the Dark

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Alternate Ending Sequence 100%
Description: Collect twenty socks to view an alternate ending sequence.
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Kisses 100%
Description: Go up the tree house. Go through the talking doors, then click on the door below Sam. A lady will come up and kiss him on the cheek.
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Cheese & Crackers Mini-game 100%
Description: Get in the mine cart and go to the area of the mines with the one-way door. Pick up the nearby pickaxe. Go to the mine area labeled "Gold" by several signs. Ride through it until you stop in front of some gold. Use the pickaxe to get some of the gold. Leave the mines and go to the boat dock. Ride the boat to the stone bridge. Give the bridge the gold then cross it. You will see three tic-tac-toe boards on the other side (3x3, 5x5, and 7x7). Click on one of them to play a game of Cheese And Crackers, which is a tic-tac-toe type mini-game.<& ><& >
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Nuggets Mini-game 100%
Description: Remove the rust from the mine cart. Go into the area that is labeled "Gold" by a group of arrows and signs. When you enter it, you must click the directions you want to go quickly. Take the left path, then the upper-left path, then finally the upper path. If done correctly, you will stop in front of an arcade machine that lets you play the Nuggets mini-game. In Nuggets, you will be in control of a mine cart and have to collect gems while avoiding various obstacles and picking up bonuses.
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Unsynchronized Audio & Video 100%
Description: You will notice that the audio and video are not synchronized at the following points during the game.

When Sam is rushing out of the "gold" door in the mines, he yells "WHOOOAAAAA!", but his mouth is shut.

The keys that spin around on the organ and the keys that are playing do not match the sounds coming out.
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Continuity 100%
The following mistakes in the game's continuity can be seen.

When Sam climbs up to the winch in the mines, the rocks in the lava actually become fewer.

When Sam lifts King up with the winch, he releases the hook. We do not see anyone lower it back to the ground, but in the next scene it is back down on the floor.

When entering and exiting the music room, Sam shuts the door. However once inside the room, Sam goes through the door again, and when exiting the door is still open.

When going into Darkness' house, the pulley remains motionless. Even if we do not go anywhere else, just out, the elevator is on the ground and the basket is in the air, just like it was before Sam went in, and the pulley did not move.

When at the garden, the well lowers the bucket by turning the wheel. However when Sam is closer, he just tosses the bucket in, unless Sam is going down.

The mine carts that exit Darkness' house and the underground cave have big chins, looking nothing like King.

When on Otto, the track visible is nowhere near the bucket, and there is no mine cart track near the bucket. However in the mines we see the bucket, and not only is King going in the wrong direction, but the bucket is not moving, when it should be.

When Sam enters the magic room, not only does he open the door twice, but when inside we see the door snap from being open to shut.

Sam begins the game rotated upright. However, when he enters the Doors of Knowledge, gravity mixes up and if you looked at him from the first angle, the top of his head would be facing you. He then enters the library however, the door is on the floor, so he is rotated again. This time, if you were to look at him, his feet would be touching the wall on the left, and he would be facing his back to you. He does not go through any more rotations, yet the dumbwaiter and the mines seem to flip him upright.

The talking trees took Sam's items and hid it around the Land of Darkness. How could they have gotten the flashlight into the mines or the shack? How did they get the lunchbox at the bottom of the cavern? There could have been other trees helping them, but there are no trees in a gold mine, especially not in an abandoned section.
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Revealing Mistakes 100%
Description: The following revealing mistakes can be seen.

When the lights are off in the flashlight's room, it is very dark despite all the lava.

The wood for the track supports are dipped in lava, and they are very strong.
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Factual Errors 100%
Description: The following factual errors can be seen.

King's wheels are rusted, but there is no water in the mines.

The organ is a pipe organ, but when playing a song he does not sound like a pipe organ at all. This occurs in at least two songs.

The organ in the music room has no black keys, but the first song is in B flat, and there are two black keys used there.

On any piano-related instrument, the keys go down, not up.

The "trombone" in the music room does not sound like a trombone at all. It is either a trumpet or flute, or something else.

There are crystals in the "geyser room" of the cavern underground. It is true that crystals form underground, however there are no volcanoes nearby. Magma (lava before the volcano erupts) can be cooled, and crystals can form. There are no volcanoes that look like they go underground there, so crystals in the room would be scientifically impossible. Also, the formation of crystals requires a total cave-in.
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