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Jets 'n' Guns Gold Cheats for PC
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Jets 'n' Guns Gold PC Cheats

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Jets 'n' Guns Gold

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Achievements 100%
These are the achievements for Jets 'n' Guns Gold on Steam.

Air destroyerKill 100.000 air targets
Armageddon now!Finish one level with Armageddonator
Bounty hunterFind and capture all 9 galactic villains
DecoratedMake one hero obtain all medals
Don't panicPick up 100 hitchhikers
FlawlessFinish campaign without being shot down
Full hangarUnlock all 12 ships
Going viralFind the secret science lab level
Ground destroyerKill 10.000 ground targets
HackerActivate 100 devices with RemCon
Hidden orbitFind the secret base on lava planet's moon
LegendaryGet to 10th round of the campaign
LooterCrack 100 crates open
Mini GamerReach score of 10.000 in Tetrix
MoneygrabReach score of 100 millions
Multi killerKill 60 troops with one hit
No more secretsFind all secrets
Not so PerfectFind Mr. Perfect's secret level
Sweet revengeFind the secret level with spammers
Total mayhemDestroy 250.000 targets
Troop destroyerKill 100.000 troops
VeteranFinish game on hard difficulty or higher
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Armagedonator weapon 100%
How to unlock: Beat three levels in a row.
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Cheat Mode 98%
Description: Press ~ during game play to display the console window.

*** Press ^ instead if using a "QWERTZ" keyboard. Enter one of the following codes to activate the specified cheat function.

*** Enabling any code will permanently mark you as a cheater. Also, some codes may need to be entered multiple times.

Effect Code
Set moneyrichman<number>
Toggle no damage; instant deaths are still possiblearnold_for_president<0 or 1>
Toggle no overheatingkeep_cool<0 or 1>
Toggle quadruple firepowerpower_to_the_people<0 or 1>
Level skipveni_vidi_vici
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