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Super Mario 3D Land Cheats for 3DS
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Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Cheats

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Super Mario 3D Land Cheats

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Super Mario 3D Land

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Having trouble with bowser? 100%
You have to have a stone tanooki for this, but it is totally awesome. when you are up close, jump and press L and you turn into a statue. when bowser breathes fire, or does that really cool fire wave, or a tail spin, you are unaffected!
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Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough Guide 79%
In this guide, you will learn the ropes on how to enjoy Super Mario 3D Land with the tricks, trips, and hints we provide.

Read the Guide --> Super Mario 3D Land Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(11987)
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Zelda easter egg! 67%
In W5-2 The dungeon, come eqipped with a Fireflower & keep going right till you go to this room with four tourches.

Light them

Then the door to your right will open & play the ''you did it right'' zelda jingle!

This is a REALLY COOL easter egg!

Wish you luck. :)
By: ToniT36(114)
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How to ge the super secret level of the game. 67%
Note: What you'll have to do to get the super secret level is REALLY long, just saying that now for a heads up!

To get this secret level, you must do the following:

Get all 3 star coins in every level (Street pass star coins do NOT count!)

Beat every level as Mario and Luigi

Get a gold flag in every level

You will spend a painfully long time trying to do all this but it's well wort it!
By: ToniT36(114)
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World one to world two 59%
In world one the second level there is a second pipe that leads you to world 2 to get to that pipe all you have to do is go to were the koopa troopers are go to the last block the long one jump on it and than were the wall is jump go straight keep going straight and there you are if you do it right than you will end up at an orange pipe go through it and you will end up at world 2
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Yellow and White puffy flowers trick 56%
In world 1 level 1 Stand near a puffy flower (Yellow,White) and Blow on the microphone
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Unlimited 1ups 56%
Go to world 1-2 then get to the half way mark and go over and there is a brick on the ground and a koopa wait until the koopa is in front then step on it and then you get as many lives as you want!
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Boss 1-up life cheat 55%
Fight (Who I believe is to be Wendy O' Koopa) and get her to hide in her shell and try to land on you.

Jump on her while in shell mode and when she's in the air you'll gain an 1-up!

stay bouncing on her until you popped up into the air the 4th time then get off or she'll flip out on you and either make you shrink or lose your power up

By: ToniT36(114)
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World 1-1 1ups 50%
1)Go close to where the " tight rope " is keep going right until you find a box , break it with fire balls , tail , roll, boomerang ..... and go through tunnel and you'll get a 1-up @

then you will find an end you can go up to now go to the tree, climb up it and jump onto blocks there will be a bird that you go to , and then you have a one up !
By: CheatOverlord(16)
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Glitch 50%
On world 1 castle go to were the thwomps are get pass the first one go behind the second thwomp wall jump to the top and look threw the bonuculers and look up in the sky and zoom in all the way and you will notice that the level is in side a cage
By: zekrom(1653)
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Use tanooki tail with propeller block 50%
S6-1 get propeller block hold in R or L hold in B and he will be shaking his tail
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Unlimeted lifes 48%
On 4th world level 1 you go to a pond where you see 5 goombas and 1 coopa you beat the goombas and hit the coopa and stop it where there is a narow space then hop on it and the you will keep on bouncing on it on your own andthen you can get bup to 1010 lives
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S1-2 trouble 47%
Are you are having trouble on Special world 1-2? If it's NOT caused by the cosmic clone then this is the wrong hint for you. The cosmic clone will copy your every move and start by collecting a fire flower before it forms and RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LITTLE LIVES! ( well you've got three chances but you get the idea). Just before you reach the flag pole there's a "super star" once you get out of the pipe run to the star and take out the cosmic clone and get to the top of that flag pole.
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Upgrade tanooki !!!!!!! 46%
To get the upgraded tanooki suit, complete the game and go to s1-1. there in front of you is the upgraded tanooki leaf !

with it on when you do a ground pound you turn into a statue ...

you also get to wear an epic neck scarf ! LOL
By: coolo600100(43)
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Coins!!!!! 46%
In world 1-2 there is a torch by the pipe too the goal pole. you thogh a fireball at it and thirty-five coins appear.
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1up in w2-3 45%
Go to world 2-3 and get to the flag pole but leave it and instead go in to the 8 bit castle and you go to a floating island in the shape of an 8 bit in the middle there is a 1up.
By: coolo600100(43)
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Golden Tanooki! 44%
You need A few lives to spare and you must be Mario for this, If you are at a tough stage you need to die atleast 5 times next to you will be a Goldenbox with a striped Tanooki box. Grab the leaf now you are invincible! Don't die as in jump of stages though nothing can hurt you only lava and ledges...
By: CheatMasterTaco(580)
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Life in every level! 41%
Always have a suit on when you meet a red hoop. If you do , you can the challenge and maybe you will get a 1up!
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Get help from others ! 40%
You can recieve them , in toad houses , but you will get a ? next to level 1 level 2 and so on , ( I think it is if you met them when they didnt use the toad house for that world
) this is done with a wifi encounter , such as mario kart, and if you have their mii in plazza
By: CheatOverlord(16)
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To unlock luigi 39%
Beat the special 1st castle
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A good way to end your game! 39%
Beat every level (after beating the game) with a golden flag AND with Mario and Luigi, then you will unlock a bonus stage with a golden flag. At the end of that level the game will tell you "THANK YOU!".

Pretty darn cool, eh?
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Luigi !!!!!!! 38%
To get luigi, complete the game, get 110 star coins (so s1-castle unlocked) then complete s1-castle.
By: coolo600100(43)
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How to get a LOT of 1UPS 35%
When you get to a castle (any castle) you go over to the turdle at the end of the level and jump on its shell and keep jumpin' on it.
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Want to finish certain boards in less than 30 seconds? Then read this! 33%
On boards that you are suposed to jump into the water, if you have a kanooki suit, you can stand at the back of the board, run, jump, and hold A to get to the flag pole.
By: Aquamarine pink(6)
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Ufo 30%
In world 1 on level 3 look threw the bonucelers and look to the left were the parana plant is the one with the box over it and then look to the right then look in to the sky and you will see a ufo it is white it will work if you did it right
By: zekrom(1653)
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Supermairo 3d land 29%
In w1-1 go to the cliff and there is a freeguy there!
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Star coin w2-3 29%
Get a leaf on and go to w2-3 and smack the weal.
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How to turn into a teddy bear 24%
You go to world 4-3 and kill all the enemys and then you go to the end. then you go to the end and get to the top and get a gold flag.then you go to a level and your a teddy bear .but it might not work.
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