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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Cheats for NDS
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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle
NDS Cheats

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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle

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Captain Morgane - Chapter 1 and 2 100%
Chapter 1

Talk to mother to get chores to do
Lift the cloth from the top of the barrel, lift the dustpan from side of fireplace and lift the brush from under the kitchen bench
Sweep up the dust by combining brush and dust pan. 1 patch on mat, 1 patch at cabinet and 1 patch at barrel
Lift the jug from kitchen bench
Open the toy chest and lift the sword
Walk to bottom of the screen and go outside. Empty the dust into the barrel
Lift pump handle from base of tree and look in the woodpile for the magnet
Use magnet with muddy patch to find the bolt and then combine bolt with the pump handle and attach handle to the water pump
Use jug with pump then fill it with water and go back into the living room, pour water into the bucket
Use dry cloth with water then clean the windows, refill the jug and bring it back into the house
Go outside and down path to find friends
Talk to Arno
Collect rope from the front of large rock
Use your sword to fight Arno then use rope to tie him up
Use Bobby to help you climb onto lookout rock, after this you head back to see you papa
Lift dry grass from left side of gate
Talk to the donkey, it won’t move. Lift flask of water from the cart and pour it over the man then talk to him about the cart and donkey
Lift shepherds stick
Put wet cloth on the sunny rock to dry then combine cloth with shepherds stick
Put dry grass on sunny rock and use broken flask on sunny rock
Put torch on burning grass, this will move the donkey
Go back into house using friends to help you. Look in window then use ledge to get into house

Chapter 2

In bedroom find the magnet, sword, pistol and embroidered hanky.
Leave the bedroom and collect the dull plate from the wall
Go into Alessandros cabin
Talk to papa about everything, he will give you a sword and a new station
Find out what your first duties and tasks are
Leave the cabin and go to the main deck then to local island
Talk to all the people outside the Admirals rest then go inside and talk to everyone there. Make sure you get all the tasks people have for you
Go outside and talk to Nell and she gives you food, give chicken to Carlo and collect the small chicken bone lying on the ground
Go back into the Admirals rest and into the kitchen
Use the loaf on the greasy pan
Clean the dull tray with the hanky
Go outside and look at Flat Top hill from the decking then head to the town hall. Then to the Fork and up the narrow path
Find the nest and hide an item here
Head back to the docks and talk to Arno , you need him to check out the shiny area, then try and lift his sword.
Use greasy bread on Arnos sword
Fetch the sword from the sea using the magnet and give it to Razzo. You now have 2 crew members.
Go back to the town hall and use your pistol on the shutter and get Razzo to help you open the window, you need to convince him to help
Use one of your items to open the chest and collect the map using serial number Thomas handed you to help
Go back and give the map to Thomas

Submitted by A & J
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Captain Morgane - Chapter 3 - 5 100%
Chapter 3
Talk to Thomas and get quest, ask him all the questions
Sail to Bounty island and go to the admirals rest. Talk to nacho and then to the inn keeper
Leave the inn and sail to another place – Crab Island
Talk to the blonde and Razzo
Enter the inn and get the matches from the basket on the counter
Talk to Anita and the other person in the inn then go upstairs
Try the jackpot machine
Go back to Bounty island and ask papa for some dubloons
Head back to Crab Island and play the jackpot machine (use cheat) you will win alcohol
Go outside and use the alcohol with the lamp and use the matches with the alcohol
Go back into the inn and use alcohol on the painting to get the hairpin
Use hairpin on town map beside lamp outside inn, take map to Anita
Go back outside and tap to left of door, tap on Crab Island map
Use your pistol on inn fence at the statue
Tap on telescope and use Razzo on telescope
Look at the back of statue for cyclinder. Combine 2 pieces of iron fence to make pliers
Walk towards spooky woods and collect some flowers
Combine flowers with the alcohol
Place alcohol on top of flat grave to catch the fireflies. Use the bottle of fireflies on the statue
Use pliers on map cyclinder,
Use Razzo with the telescope turn inner circle turn right, outer circle turn left twice

Chapter 4

Ask all the questions to get some more information
Leave the cabin and talk to Diego
Head to the main deck and sail to Hollow Island
Talk to Sancha about everything
Head to the town gate, both the inn and house are locked so head to the upper town square, then to lower town square
Check out Percys stall and find the bell, then check out the wheelbarrow
Cross the bridge and go to the governors mansion
Talk to Miss brown and give her the broken relic. Talk to her again about the key. Try your key in chest, when it mentions a funny shape lock check out the key rack. Play the game – cheat again
Go back outside and head to upper town square and go to Sanchas stall. Talk to Sancha and get the earring and net
Go to lower town square and use net with the wheelbarrow. Tap on water at the side of Percys stall and wash the clapper. Combine hat pin with clapper and fix Percys bell and press it
Percy comes running to you. Talk to Percy about everything
Go into the Governors garden and enter Percys shed, find tools
Use tools on mosaic column, nothing happens
Go back to Hollow Island. Through town gates and find Sancha. Talk to her about Hilary
Go back and knock on Nathaniels door, he is now at home. Talk to him about everything
Go back to jetty and onto the ship. Just go onboard and talk to Diego
Then talk to Vasco and then Diego again
Go to the upper town square and talk to Sancha. Then go back to the garden in lower town square
Use tools with Diego and he will use them on the mosaic
Look through rubble and collect the disk. Combine the two pieces together
Go back into the mansion and talk to Miss Brown. She will give you money. Talk to her about Hilarys base then give her the shell. She will give you a report
Go towards Percys stall and tap bottom of screen, this shows Hollow Island map, locate the dark reef
Go to the reefs. You will find Briscoe tied up
Go out and tap on water to get a coin
Go back onto Hollow Island and to the upper town square. Use Diego to get the ladder

Chapter 5

Talk to Briscoe
Talk to Manuel – Ask all questions
Go into the Admirals rest and talk to Nacho
Talk to Tasco
Go back outside and talk to Nell then give the shirt to Manuel. Talk to Briscoe, try going to Briscoes house again
Go aboard your ship and talk to papa, then talk to Diego
Convince Diego to unlock the door
Go inside and collect the crossbow and book. Open the toy chest.
Collect the paintbrush from the fireplace and paint set from floor. Pick up the small blanket
Talk to Morgane kid. Collect sheet of paper from box beside cabinet
Put blanket into toy chest. Combine brush with paint set and paper with paint set
Give your painting to Bonita. Try to leave the house
When dream ends open the toy chest and collect the blanket, leave your house
Head to the fork, then the tunnel, then the docks
Give blanket to Manuel
Use strong alcohol to attract guards
Use pear on the bell to get the guards to find alcohol
Search the guards, talk to Briscoe
Go back to the docks and ask Nell about the spare key
Go to Briscoes house and try key with the door
Talk to Elizabeth about Hilary
Do the following section quickly or you will have to repeat it
Collect small purse, iron bar
Use purse with the pistol on the desk to get the gunpowder
Use gunpowder with pistol in your bag
Use gunpowder in purse on front door
Use magnificent sword on the net curtains
Use the thread with the door as a fuse
Use matches on the door
Play the chase (cheat)

Submitted by A & J
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Captain Morgane - Chapters 6 - 7 100%
Chapter 6
Talk to Briscoe, Show map B to papa
Show sketch map to Briscoe, then use it with the globe on the table
Talk to papa again. He pushes you out of the room
Look around and collect the small hammer
Tap on the privy door and then talk to Diego
Go onto main deck and sail to Tanner island
Tap on planks in the sea then use Briscoe to help you get them
Get loose piton from rock
Look in shrubs, you can’t get anchor yet, talk to Briscoe
Combine hammer with piton
Go back onboard and talk to Diego about the anchor
Use Diego with the anchor, collect the anchor and dark rock
Talk to Diego, try to wake him
Combine rope with anchor and use it with the scaffolding. It’s too heavy for Morgane
Combine crossbow with anchor and rope. Use it on scaffolding then climb up
Talk to guy in hammock
Look about and collect the iron stem, stone cup and oil lamp
Touch the strange device then go and ask Buck about it
Tap on campfire, you can’t help here yet
Use wooden plank with broken bridge, Talk to Buck about the bridge
Use hammer and piton on the bridge and cross it. Play the game or cheat
Collect the nuts in sandy patch, feathers and dark rock. Combine the 2 rocks
Use sword to clear the undergrowth
Go across the bridge
Go back to Bucks place. Use nuts with the nut press and then tap on it. Use the lamp to collect oil, tap on press to collect the oil lamp
Put brushwood in campfire and use flint stones with campfire
Talk to Buck about cogwheel
Go back across bridge and tap on a seagull. Use pistol on seagull
Use fish on campfire. Combine fish with iron stem and retry
Give cooked fish to Buck. He will give you a cogwheel
Go back across bridge and use cogwheel on drawbridge
Look at stone pillar. Use empty bottle to catch fly. You need to wake up Diego
Use map and go to the jetty
Use feather on Diego then board the ship, ask Diego about the fly
Go back to Tanner Island
Use map and go to Carmines monument, go across the rope bridge
Combine bandage with the bottle and use bottle on the fly
Place disk in pillar and use lamp with the pillar
Try stone cup with the small depression to collect the water
Use water on sarcophagus, it reveals a panel
Use iron stem with the glass panel
Use hammer on iron stem
Give turtle rod to Buck
Once back on board go back into your cabin
Sail to Bounty Island and try to go onto main deck
Go and see papa, give him back the dubloons
Go back outside papas cabin and use fly on the cabin door. Go inside the cabin, papa is now aslepp.
Tap on papa and you will transfer to the old house
Tap on papa again and let the game do the next part

Chapter 7

Talk to Thomas about a note.
Head to town gate and knock on Nathaniels door, ask him about Tanners friend
Head to lower town square and go into the mansion and talk to Miss Brown
Leave the mansion and go to Hollow Island map and to dark beach and then to dark reef
Talk to Sancha about everything
Tap on your map and go to voodoo village
Talk to the guards and then climb to the upper level
Talk to the lady Tana then enter the hut. Try to wake Chem’in. go back and talk to Tana
Go back into the hut and look on the bookshelf, get the recipe book and the voodoo kit then talk to Tana again
Go back down the ladder into the village , go to Hollow Island map and back to the jetty
Go to Crab Island and collect hook on pillar on the dock
Use hook on the crab on the inn sign
Go back to Hollow Island and to the governors house, show the turtle rod to Miss Brown
Use flower description with flower pot, ask Miss Brown for one
Go back outside and talk to Percy about weed killer
Go into the garden shed and look for weed killer
Go back into the mansion and use weed killer with the flower pot and then leave mansion
Get back onboard ship and go to Tanner Island, climb rope, cross bridge and rope bridge. Go into the secret entrance
Use flask with small depression
Go back to the jetty and sail to Bounty Island
Go into the inn and into the kitchen and collect the dead chicken
Go to Hollow island and use map to get to voodoo village. Go into the hut and use crab, petals and flask of water with the fireplace. Use flint stones with the fireplace to cook mixture
Sail to Crab Island. Place the dead chicken on the flat grave
Combine the feather with the piece of paper
Head back to the jetty and go to Hollow Island and back to voodoo village. Go up and into the hut.
Use paper with fireplace
Talk to Chem’in about everything. He will give you a pebble
Leave the hut and show pebble to guards at the temple, they will let you in
Once inside talk to Bajari. Then go up the ladder and talk to Tana
Go back to the temple and talk to Bajari
Go back and tell Tana he is healed, then tell Chem’in the same
Go and show the golden rod to Bajari. Leave the temple and go to the jetty. Talk to Briscoe

Submitted by A&J
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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle - Chapters 8 - 10 100%
Chapter 8
Go onboard your ship and sail to crab island
Go into the inn and talk to Anita about Tanners notes etc
Go back outside and use map to go to French quarters
Climb up the rose trellis, climb back down and go to the inn and try to take the fishing rod
Talk to Amanda then take the rod, go back outside
Collect the cork from the barrel and the octopus. Go onboard your ship
Check out the clothes hamper and collect the sheet
Combine cork with iron stem, combine this with the sheet. Combine again with the fishing rod
Go back to the French quarters and climb the trellis. Use your Ghosty item on the guard
Climb down the trellis and collect the wooden pole
Tap on Drakes door. Talk to the ghost. Look in showcase
Leave the room
Go to Priests house and tap on his door
Use map and go to docks, go into the inn and tap on the musket then ask Anita about the musket
Collect the ram rod
Use ram rod with blocked blow pipe
Put ram rod back with musket. Use maps and go to the ancient graveyard. Tap on the flowers
Use berries with blowpipe. Use map to go to the French quarters, climb the trellis
Use blowpipe on the priests window
Talk to the priest. He gives you a shovel
Go back to the docks and into the inn. Talk to the stranger, give him your wooden pole
Combine pole with spade head
Use map and go to the Ancient Graveyard
Use spade on small mounds, you will find mabels grave and some papers
Show papers to the priest
Go back to French quarters and talk to Mabel
Tap on the four drawer cabinet. Open the drawers. Use your small key on fourth drawer 2.
Leave the Governors house, talk to Diego
Go to docks and talk to Sonia
Go into the inn and talk to Anita and unknown character and stranger
Go back and talk to Sonia, then go into the inn and talk to Pierre
Go back outside and use map to get back to French Quarters
Use Diego on guards, enter Drakes house
Tap on Drakes portrait. Search the room and look at butterflies. You get numbers 8,1 and 4. Enter number using colour of butterflies, number and safe box colour
Leave house and talk to Diego, go back to docks and into the inn. Talk to Pierre again and Anita
Go onboard and talk to Nacho
Go into captains cabin and lift pen and paper from the desk
Go into the inn and talk to Anita about the octopus. Give Anita the octopus. Talk to Anitas husband
Go back onboard ship. Combine ink with bottle abd bottle with pen. Give pen and paper to Nacho
Go back onto Crab island and into the inn
Give statement to the stranger and talk to Pierre
Use map to go to French Quarters
Tap on arrow at priests house – Tortue d’or
Go and ask Diego to come with you
Go back and tap on Tortue d’or
Talk to uncle Eduardo and the man behind the counter
Give turtle rod to Eduardo
Once onboard talk to Eduardo again

Chapter 9

Sail to Turtle island
Collect berries from the bush and the battered turtle shell
Give Uncle Eduardo the berries
Use Eduardo on the high branches and distant branches
Go onboard the row boat and talk to Diego
Talk to Diego about the vegetation and then use Diego on the dense vegetation
Check out the stone on the left
Cross bridge - forward, right, right, forward, forward, left, forward, left, left, forward
The trigger to disable bridge is on the left.
Tap on the amber turtle
Use whistle on uncle Eduardo
Use Eduardo on Bodkins, use berries to intice him to them then ask him again
Tap on small chest
Take plank, shackles (2 pairs)
Talk to papa
Combine shackles
Use small chest with posts
Use plank with posts
Use shackles with plank
Tap on the turtle stones and basket on the ground
Walk to the right and head to Turtle beach
Combine caterpillars with broken turtle shell. Combine diamond with turtle shell
Use turtle mask with man on the beach
Talk to Bobby about everything
Tap on the girl lying on the sand, talk to her
Show turtle map to Tanama
Go back to the village and tap on the hut
Combine turtle map and Briscoes map
Go back to Turtle beach and show map to Tanama again
Call Uncle Eduardo to come to you and Tanama

Chapter 10

Check out the turtle altar
Play the game or cheat
Walk into the turtle chamber
Look at the strange device, tap on the dark zone
Talk to Tanama, talk to the turtle
Show broken egg shell to the turtle, show turtle egg to the turtle
Talk to Tanama again
Head to turtle path then to turtle beach and into turtle village
Tap on Shamans hut, go inside when they leave
Take pelts from the wall
Take bone needle and tough thread
Check out the mattress and the secret trap
Tap on images until you get 4 turtles and exit
Take the spirit egg
Combine bone needle with thread
Use threaded needle with pelts
Use bag with the spirit egg
Check out the woven grid
Put brown turtle egg into area of trap
Leave the hut
Call Uncle Eduardo to help you
Use Eduardo on guard furthest away from you
Go and talk to the other guard
Talk to Diego about everything
Use spirit egg with incubator
Talk to Tanama then talk to Baba Carey
Tap on the incubator. Use turtle rod with the secret panel
Talk to golden turtle then talk to him again
Talk to papa then talk to the turtle
Tap on the chest
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