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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Cheats for 3DS
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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS Cheats

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Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Money tips! 100%
Buy flowers from Cam's shop, then make them into a bouquet/perfume and sell them via the shipping bin. You should get some profit - and remember, 3 flowers are needed for each bouquet/perfume and 200G is needed to make it into a bouquet/perfume.
By: liliziyue(413)
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List of all the eligible marriage candidates (guys and girls) 100%
Ash likes Doria:
Cooked Recipe (Main): Onion + Flour + Milk + Cooked Rice + Frying Pan

Cam likes Tom Yum Goong:
Cooked Recipe (soup): Tomato + Spinach + Brown Mushroom + Crab + Pot

Dirk likes Cream Croquette:
Cooked Recipe (horderve): Oil + Bread Crumbs + Potato + (Milk or Jersey Milk or Gold Milk) + Frying Pan

Hiro likes Gratin:
Cooked Recipe (main): Onion + Penne Pasta + (Cheese or Good Cheese or Great Cheese) + Frying Pan

Kana likes Spicy Curry:
Cooked Recipe (main): Chili Pepper + Curry Powder + Cooked Rice + Pot (very easy to make, but the chilli peppers are expensive!)

Mikhail likes Boiled Tofu:
Cooked Recipe (horderve): Tofu + Soy Milk + Pot

Alisa likes Ice Cream:
Cooked Recipe (Dessert): Black Egg + Seasoning Set

Georgia likes Fried Rice:
Cooked Recipe (Main): Oil + Cooked Rice + an egg, Carrot, or Shiitake + Frying Pan

Laney likes Cherry Pie:
Cooked Recipe (Dessert): Egg + Butter + Flour + Cherry

Nori likes Mixed Rice:
Cooked Recipe (Main): Carrot + Cooked Rice + Deep-Fried Tofu + Pot

Oracle likes Alpaca Wool (White or Brown)

Reina likes Tofu Salad:
Cooked Recipe (Salad): Cucumber + Onion + Tofu

By: liliziyue(413)
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Cooking list 100%
There are a two ways you can discover cooking recipes in Tale of Two Towns either by cooking it or by being inspired after you successfully cook a recipe. You can find recipe instructions by reading the bookshelves in the villagers' houses. Then you just have to cook it to see if you get inspired to learn a new recipe.

You don't need to know the recipe in order to cook it. If you have the right ingredients and cooking utensil, then craft it using your kitchen to have it documented into your recipe list. There are six categories of cooking recipes and a total of 273 cooking recipes.

Salad Recipes: There are 14 salad recipes using basic crops and oil. Most of them do not require a cooking utensil. You start with Turnip Salad in your cook book.

Soup Recipes: There are 16 recipes that require using the Pot. On day Spring 8 you will recieve it from Howard(bluebell) or Yun(Konohana). You start with Radish soup.

Appetizer Recipes: There are 64 recipes. Many of the use processes items like butter. You start out with five recipes: Sauteed Turnips, Roasted Mushroom, Sandwich, Sashimi, and Tofu.

Main Dish Recipes: There are 73 different recipes making it the largest. You start with Marinated Fish.

Dessert Recipes: A chocolate pack is required for many of the 54 recipes in this category. Can get it from the farm in bluebell. You start with Cookies and Soybean Rice Candy.

Other Recipes: Mostly drinks and teas with a total of 54 recipes. Start with cooked rice, bread, strawberry jam, hot coffee, and hot milk.
By: OctivaLoL(4)
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Soup recpies 100%
All of the soups require the use of the pot to make. Recipes with brackets use one of the items in the bracket and often the others are options to add.

Vichyssoise- Potato, onion, and butter can add milk, jersey milk, golden milk, or asparagus
Gazpacho- tomato, cucumber, onion, and bread can add Red wine (glass)
Bouillabaissee- onion, tomato, and (flounder, salmon, or oil) can add Salmon, flounder, or oil
Corn soup- corn, butter, and (milk, jersey milk, or golden milk) can add milk, jersey milk, or golden milk.
onion soup- onion and butter can add cheese
pumpkin soup- pumpkin and (potato, onion, milk, or soymilk) can add potato, onion, milk or soymilk
soy milk- soybeans and edamame cannot add anything
miso soup- miso and (spinich, potato, onion, tofu, or deep-fried tofu) can add potato, onion, tofu, deep-fried tofu, or spinich.
herb soup- chamomile and onion can add herb cheese, good herb cheese, great herb cheese, mint, or lavender
Asparagus Soup- Asparagus and (onion, milk, or soymilk) can addmilk, soymilk, or onion.
Radish soup- radish and (milk, jersey milk, or golden milk) can add milk, jersey milk, or golden milk
egg soup- egg and onion can add black egg or golden egg
shark fin soup- dogfish shark and shiitake can add egg, black egg, or golden egg
tom yum goong- crab, tomato, brown mushroom, and spinach nothing to add
pho- rice flour, onion, and chili pepper can add mint
By: OctivaLoL(4)
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Salad Recipes 100%
Turnip salad- turnip can add cabbage, asparaus, cucumber, onion, radish, tomato, or carrot
Tomato salad- tomato can add turnip, asparagus, cucumber, onion, radish, or carrot
Onion salad- pot, onion can add turnip, cucumber, tomato, or carrot
Potato salad- pot, potato, and milk can add yam or walnut
herb salad- mint, chamomile, and lavender can add herb cheese, good herb cheese, great herb cheese, herb mayonnaise, good herb mayonnaise, or great herb mayonnaise
Caprese salad- tomato and oil can add cheese, good cheese, or great cheese.
Mimosa salad- cabbage, asparagus, cucumber, and boiled egg can add bread crumbs
Boiled Spinich- pot and spinich can add turnip, eggplant, or bok choy
Asazike- spice rack, cucumber, and turnip can add asparagus or bok choy
Cucumber Namil- cucumber and oil can add nothing
tofu salad- tofu, cucumber, and onion can add nothing
Pasta salad-spaghetti and cucumber can add turnio, cabbage, asparagus, onion, tomato, carrot, penne pasta, or herb spaghetti
Daikon salad- daikon, bok choy, and onion can add spinach or eggplant
mixed salad- spice rack, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, and tomato can add turnip, carrot, or daikon.
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Mikhail Secrets 67%
Mikhails birthday is Fall 12th and he fist appears in the game on Fall 6th, he lives in the Bluebell town hall but in the summer he leaves Bluebell till summers end.
Favorite Food- Boiled Tofu
WARNING- He hates "Penne Pasta" this dish given to him will set you back 1000 friend points so I definetly don't recommend it.
Hope I helped, good luck
By: madibug1999(522)
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First chance to befriending the other town! 50%
Best way to start helping the to Mayors be friends again is on the first Cooking Festival in fall, Ina the mayor gives you ingredients for a dish so winning the contest shouldn't be a problem. Done right, this gets you almost a full heart toward you're goal (as you'll see if you win) and a step closer to a happy Two Villages!
Good luck
By: madibug1999(522)
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