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Dragon Age II The Black Emporium Cheats for PS3
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Dragon Age II The Black Emporium PS3 Cheats

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Dragon Age II The Black Emporium

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Dragon Age II: Warrior Guide 100%
All you need to know about the Warrior class in Dragon Age II.

Read the Guide --> Dragon Age II: Warrior [Guide]
By: Toebin(12447)
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Beating any battle with a rogue (even on insanity difficulty) 100%
Note:This tactic takes a lot of patience but rarely fails.

Step1) If only your rogue is left standing use stealth and run behind a wall where nobody will see you.
Step2) Wait until your health bar is almost full then run out and use a powerful talent.
Step3) Immediatley re-enter stealth and hide again.

Variation) If you can stealth and only be revealed after a second action you should stealth before you leave you hiding spot but only use one ability such as assassination or dual fangs in particular. This version is much more foolproof.

Tip) Make sure you have sufficient stamina to activat both abilities before you attack.
Get rid of archers first otherwise they can still shoot you while you attack.
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Dragon Age II The Black Emporium video Dragon Age II The Black Emporium (PS3) Video Walkthrough
   by: Overlord73
   Videos: 1 Length: 0:12:30
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