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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Cheats for PC
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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza PC Cheats

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Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

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Nakatomifaq 100%


Table of Contents:

I. Characters
II. Weapon and Item Profiles
III. Default controls
IV. Gameplay Tips
V. Walkthrough
VI. Legal and contact information


John McClane: The barefoot hero of this game, John has just arrived to LA to
visit his wife and children. He is a New York City cop, and although he may not
be the most polished, he is very much in control of the situation.

Holly Gennaro McClane: Holly is John McClane's wife. They are separated, and
part of the reason why you are even at Nakatomi Plaza is because you are making
an effort to fix up the relationship. Holly lives with John's children in Los
Angeles, very far away from John. She moved away because of her job, but John
stayed behind.

Sergeant Al Powell: Powell is a police officer in Los Angeles. His wife is
pregnant, and he is first on the scene at Nakatomi (and one of John's sole
supporters). Powell had a bad experience where he shot an unarmed kid while at
work, so he had been trigger-shy ever since. Powell also seems to lack respect
from his collegues.

Joseph Takagi: Takagi is a successful businessman who immigrated from Japan
during his youth. He is the man-in-charge at the Nakatomi building, working
just above Holly. Takagi is very strong willed, not giving into the terrorists,
and at the same time, he keeps himself very composed.

Argyle: Argyle is the very likable and helpful limo driver. He is new to the
job, so he is sort of awkward in the position, but he makes up for it by being

Ellis: This shady businessman is in charge of Nakatomi international
development. He is not the most likable character, being a suave coke-head.
His big ego is something that the terrorists will surely notice.


9mm Pistol: This weapon carries seven rounds and is highly ineffective. Only
use this in the first level (until you pick up the machine gun), and in the dark
scenes when you need to hold the lighter in the other hand. I also refer to it
as the handgun.

Submachine Gun: This is by far the most used weapon simply because it is so
easy to find ammunition. It is not the most powerful or accurate weapon, but it
is the mean between the other weapons. It carries 30 rounds, and it is
sometimes referred to as the "standard machine gun."

Sniper Rifle: This weapon carries 30 rounds, and can be used in two different
modes. The standard mode is a semi-automatic rifle, firing much like your
submachine gun. The other mode is the scope. When you right click, you can
zoom in with the scope. You will have very high accuracy, but very slow reload
between each shot. Ammunition is pretty rare, so conserve.

M-16 Machine Gun: This is a very powerful and accurate weapon. Unfortunately,
you can only fire 20 rounds before needing to reload. The ammunition is
probably the second most common, yet still relatively scarce. I will refer to
this either as the M-16, or the assault rifle (whereas it is what the SWAT guys

M-60: This is by far the most powerful weapon, you can tell just by the sound
of the thing. The bad part of this weapon is that it is highly inaccurate.
There is virtually no need to reload, it fires 99 rounds before reloading.
There are only a couple places where you can get ammunition for this gun. I
will also refer to this gun as the heavy machine gun.

Items- (to use items, see default controls)
Medical Kit: Items from a medical kit will (obviously) heal you a little when
you use them. Sometimes medical kits are hard to find, so it is a good idea to
save health that you don't need, you may run into it on a later level.

Radio: (aka, Motorola TalkAbout T6310 2-Way Radio... don't you love
corporatized games?) This radio doesn't speak well for motorola, it only works
sometimes. You will use it to interact with police and the terrorists.

Lighter: (aka, Zippo Lighter, all rights reserved... see previous item) With
this, you can see in the dark for a little distance, and it will help you a lot
in the ventilation ducts.

Badge: Your New York City Police Department identification that will help you
earn the trust of hostages and allies from the swat team. Otherwise, you will
never use it.

Fire Extinguisher: It puts out fires. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount
in each canister.

Wire Cutters: Cuts wires. You will use it in some of the earlier levels to cut
power or disarm bombs. You will not use it in the later levels.

Axe: You can use this as a weapon (although inefficient, it is fun to try), and
chop down blocked doors. You will need it a couple of times throughout the game
to get doors open. They are usually found next to Fire Extinguishers.

Flashbang Grenades: This is a non-damaging weapon that I find is very
unreliable. In other words, I never use them. Apparently you can use them to
blind terrorists, but I often find that I end up blinding myself. I refer to
them in the guide as flash bangs.


Escape- Toggle to menu/game or skip scene.
W- Forward
S- Back
A- Strafe Left
D- Strafe Right
Left Arrow- Look left (equivalent to moving the mouse right)
Right Arrow- Look right (equivalent to moving the mouse right)
Up Arrow- Look up (equivalent to moving the mouse up)
Down Arrow- Look down (equivalent to moving the mouse down)
Left Control- Crouch
Left Shift- Hold down to run
CapsLock- toggle always run
O- Objectives
L- Use Lighter
B- Show badge
X- Use radio (although you will never need to use this)
1- Primary weapon menu
2- Secondary weapon menu
Wheel mouse up/down- cycle through weapons/items after pressing 1 or 2
H- Holster weapon
R- Reload weapon
F- Use button/action button
F6- Quick save (try to stay away from this... rotate saves)
F9- Quick load
Q- Lean left (aka, useless, funny looking view)
E- Lean right (aka, useless, funny looking view part 2)
Left Click- Fire weapon
Right Click- Alternate weapon mode with sniper rifle


-Conserve health items, they may be useful in later levels.
-Return to health points to fill health before ending levels.
-Strafe. Strafe. Strafe. Oh yeah, Strafe.
-Conserve stamina, don't run or jump unless necessary.
-ALWAYS reload your weapon between stints of battle. Reload before going
through doors. Reload BEFORE picking up ammunition.
-Always use the standard machine gun unless you need to use a different weapon...
okay, okay, you can use the axe sometimes too.
-Save regularly. Stay away from the quick save so you can rotate saves. You
may regret not being able to redo a part.
-Ignore the morale meter, if you're trying your best, there's not a thing you
can do about it.
-Keep your eye out for some shoes.


Level 1: Nakatomi Plaza

Go up to the front desk, and the security guard will talk to you. After he is
finished, press the action button to look at the monitor (the "F" key). You
will have to keep pressing it to scroll through the names to find Holly Gennaro.
You find out Holly is on the thirtieth floor. Take the elevator that is the
first on left hand side by pressing the button on the left outside the elevator,
and then pressing the button inside the elevator.

When you reach the thirtieth floor, go out and meet the new people. You will be
taken to a semi-private room (the bathroom), where you will hear the people
outside being taken hostage. Pick up the gun on the sink, exit the bathroom
quickly, and then go out the door to the left and out the exit to clear the
level. You must do it quickly or else you will be gunned down by the terrorists
before you can blink.

Level 2: False Alarm

Start the second level by going forward to the end of the passage, and you will
be inspired to set off the fire alarm. After setting it off, go through the
passages. If you run into a deadend, turn around and try another way. In the
first room, you will encounter two terrorists. It is easiest to wait at the
entrance and wait for them to come to you, hiding off to the side, and shoot
them in the head as soon as they come out. When you've killed one, pick up his
machine gun and kill the other. Continue on through the passages.

When you reach the table saw, there will be two more terrorists. Kill them
before they get a chance to settle in. Try to aim for the head, headshots kill
much more quickly than body shots. There is little need to be ammo conservative
with your general machine gun because every terrorist carries a lot of
ammunition. There will be one more terrorist waiting around the corner. He
will be ready for you, but do your best to evade. If you are quiet, you will
sneak up on all three terrorists, and you can take them all out in one stint.
Continue on through the open door.

When you pass the axe, be careful, there will be a guy running at you. Kill him,
and continue on (it is probably best to pass the first aid and save it for later
when you might need it). There will be two more guys around the next corner,
settled in behind some boxes. Run at them to get a good shot, and shoot them in
the head. Now, go back and get the axe (you will need to shoot out the glass,
and then pick it up with "F"). Take what health you absolutely need, and save
the rest for after the first mini boss fight.

Once you have the axe, go to the door that is boarded up (it says "hmmm..." when
you go up to it). Hack it down, and then switch to your main weapon by pressing
the "1" key.

Go through more confusing passages, and when you get to the place that you are
supposed to be, one of the major terrorists will confront you telling you that
the fire has been called off (look at his funny looking eyes!). Shoot him until
he runs away. Strafe around (with the "A" and "D" keys) to get the guys that
are hiding in various places. Crouch behind boxes if at all possible (with the
Ctrl button). Be careful, the terrorist is still hiding in the next room, he
wasn't that easy. This is also a good point to take a break and save. The way
to kill him is slightly variable in this part. You can either do it the easy
way by shooting him, or you can sneak over to the breaker switches and turn on
the main breaker to send a piece of lumber careening at his gut. There are
other guys around too, so kill them off first or else they will take you out
before you even get close to the breaker. After killing a couple guys, I
usually return to the point where I left my health to get a little boost and
return to kill the terrorist.

When you've beaten him, go up to him and pick up his lighter, his radio, and
then look at his shoes with the "F" button. It took me FOREVER to figure out
that I needed to look at his shoes. It will then automatically send you to
level 3, what I call "the Attic."

Level 3: The Bomber

There are only a couple points in the game that I use the Caps Lock key to stay
running, and this is one of them. You need to quickly run through the passages
until you get to the dead end, killing all terrorists that stand in the way.
Avoid hitting the beeping bombs, they will blow up in your face, and it will be
"Game Over." When you reach the end, the last guy you kill should have wire
cutters. Pick them up and run back the way you came. Equip the wire cutters by
hitting the "2" key, scroll down to the cutters with the mouse, and then left
click). Cut the wires on each bomb to disarm them. There will be seven along
the way, so keep your eye out. If you miss one, you should still have time to
return and disarm it (if you've taken my advice to run). If at any point you
run low on health, there should be two medical kits in the level. One is
located next to the overturned table, and the other is by the stairs in the
final room. When all of the bombs have been disarmed, return to the final room
where there will be two more guys at the top of the stairs. Kill them and exit
through the door at the top of the stairs to end the level.

Level 4: On the Roof

Go up the stairs and out the door to get onto the roof. When you try to get on
the roof, it will automatically enter a sequence where you will try to get help
over the radio. When it is done, you must turn around by the stairs where you
entered, and take the ladder down to a lower outdoor level.

This part is very tricky, so save often when you are doing well. There will be
many guys, more than you're accustomed to. You'll need to go up to each of the
power sources, open the panel with the action key, and then cut the RED wire.
There will be an endless number of terrorists, so don't worry about them too
much. If you are running low on life, there will be two points where you can
pick up health. If you are quick, you shouldn't need all of it.

Keep going around the building, killing off terrorists in the way, cutting the
red wires. When you have gotten them all, continue through the two newly
unlocked gates and into the door on the left to end the level.

Level 5: Down the Shaft

Begin the level by going downstairs. Pass the locked doors, and go into the
unlocked door on the right. There will be a fan on, and it will suck you in as
soon as you open the door. Don't bother trying to jump into the fan, it won't
work. Instead, get over to the opposite side of the room as fast as you can and
try to catch onto the power box along the wall. It should be wide enough to
keep you from falling into the fan.

On the wall with the door, you will see a steel panel with a lock on it. You
can easily take aim and shoot the lock from where you are sitting. Look across
the room to where you came from, and you should see a terrorist getting sucked
into the fan, don't bother wasting bullets, just watch the funny show. This
next part is sort of tricky, so it may take a few tries (this means SAVE!).
Inside the panel are two wires, and as you should know by now, you will need to
cut the red wire.

But how do you get to the panel, you ask? The trusty CapsLock key. Just keep
running at the panel. You will need to hold down the forward key to prevent
yourself from falling into the fan. When the wire is cut, turn off the CapsLock
to keep up your stamina, and then crawl through the fan.

On the other side of the fan will be a ladder. Don't go down it yet. As you
may have already noticed, there are terrorists below you that are shooting at
you. One is across from you, off to the right. Kill him first, and then go
around to the other side of the platform and kill the guy that was directly
below the fan where you came in from. It may take quite a few bullets, but it
is possible to shoot through the grated floor.

Shoot off the lock on the platform to access the ladder. Climb down, and while
you're almost down, another terrorist will open a door off to the side. Kill
him quickly, it is easier if you kill him before you even get off the ladder
(avoid the strafe buttons while on the ladder--the results can be disastrous).
Continue through the door where you killed the terrorist.

In the next room, go up the ladder, and you will hear a conversation between
terrorists. Enter the door, go around the machinery, and kill them. Behind you,
a door will open, and a terrorist will come running through it (this will also
be the first time you see a flash grenade...). Shoot him, and continue through
the door, killing another terrorist on the other side of the door. Again, BE
CAREFUL of shooting the bomb, it is still possible to blow yourself up.

You should recognize this area from earlier on in the game. This time, you will
be going in the opposite direction. So turn right when you kill the terrorist
outside the door. Enter the next door and kill the next terrorist. Behind him
will be a grate. If you haven't already shot the grate on accident, do so, and
it will open up the ventilation system. Be careful, a missed jump will mean
"Game Over." You can look down before you jump, or just cross your fingers and
jump straight. You will ideally land on the crossed bars a bit further below
you. Crawl into the shaft at this level to finish off the level.

Level 6: Welcome to the party

First, pull out the nifty little lighter that you found on the first tough
terrorist (yeah, the guy with "feet smaller than [your] sister"). You can do
that by pressing "L." Crawl through the vents, if you see a big open shaft,
then YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY, and you will be killed.

When you reach the point where you see a grate and John says "I can make it
through this if I can just keep quiet" (or something like that...), wait. If
you've ever seen the movie, you will know what's about to happen. They are
going to shoot along the shaft, although I'm not sure they can actually hit you.
When the noise goes away, it should be safe to exit the vent through the grate.

Make sure your gun is reequipped, and go through the door on the right. You
should see a short hallway. Go through the last door on the right (it will be
the only one you can enter), and kill the guy inside. If you are really hurting
for health, take what you need, and then leave the room and go back out to the
room where you came from.

This time, go through the door on the left. Continue through the hall and out
the next door. You will be in a fancier area at this point. Go through the
door on your left, on the same wall as the door that you came from. Inside,
there will be two guys (I always look at the statue outside the door and shoot
off its head... but don't worry about the statues). One guy will be across the
room and off to the right a little. The other will be on the wall to the right.
You may notice that this is the office area where your gracious host was killed.

After killing the two terrorists, enter the bloodied up door. Inside is another
mini boss and a couple of terrorists. They are really tough to kill, but you
shouldn't have any problems. Kill the one in the gray sweater first, he is
easier. When you kill him, the other might run away. Either way, shoot him if
you get the opportunity. If he gets away, follow him into the next room. When
you finally kill him, he will fall down onto his knees saying "you shot me", and
he will still be shooting. Don't waste your ammo, he may still be shooting, but
he is dead. Try to stay out of the way of his shooting while he is dying.

When he is done being all dramatic, go up to his body and hit the action key.
This will trigger the famous movie sequence... you will hopefully know it when
you see it, don't want to spoil anything.

If he didn't escape, there is a door in the back of the room that is kind of
difficult to see. Follow it to see more guys entering the room. Kill them and
go out the door marked by "Exit" to finish the level (or, if you're hurting for
health, just run for the exit, and you can escape before they even get a chance
to shoot you).

Level 7: High Maintenance

Now you're in the basement. Head off to the left and go through the double
doors. Head to the end of the hall, going through the doors at the ends of the
halls, none of the others will open yet. At the end, there will be two
terrorists waiting for you. You know what to do. After killing them, go
through the door to your left, and then go through the door on the right. There
should be a short stairway, and at the bottom a couple more terrorists. One
will throw a flash bang, so if your screen flashes bright white, back off until
your vision returns, and then return to the fight.

After killing them, pick up the yellow note by the computers. Now you will be
able to open a door back by where you came in. Pick up health in the next room
if you need it. Then head back the way you came through the series of double
doors. If you reach the exit where you came from you've gone too far. The door
will be before the last set of double doors, on the left. Make sure your ammo
is all reloaded, and go through the door.

You will cross in front of fenced in areas. Through the open door, there will
be two terrorists hiding behind various boxes off to the right. Take them out.
If you don't kill them quickly, they may throw a flash bang at you. If they do,
back off into the previous room to recover.

There will be more first aid supplies in this room. When I first saw this, I
thought to myself, "an absurd amount of healing items..." This is because you
will be returning through this point several times throughout the game, so only
take what you absolutely need, you may need it more in the future.

Go down the short stairs in this room, and into the cage. Turn on the "Switch
to Reset Breaker." This will allow you to turn on the breaker in the previous
room. But, there are more guys around. Some will pop up behind you. Quickly
turn around and kill them (and yes, you can shoot through the fence. If you can
see through it, you can shoot through it).

Go back to the previous room, and on the right side will be a breaker panel. At
the very top, the security breaker should be turned off. Turn it on.

Now go back down to the end of the hall where you picked up the code for the
door. Go up to the computers again, and you will see a couple red buttons. Hit
both of them to unlock the secured door that is just down the hall from you and
open the parking garage. You will also see several more guys get in position to
take you out.

Go through the door just outside of where you were. Kill the three hiding
terrorists and continue on through the halls and through the double doors. You
can either run to the exit to finish the level, or take out the couple of
terrorists that are hiding in front of you on a little inlet to the left. There
is nothing else here, so either way should work.

Level 8: Argyle's Run

The parking garage level is sort of tricky, and it is one of the more difficult
levels of this game. You can't let Argyle get killed, so you must quickly
eradicate all of the terrorists before they get many shots off. You must follow
the limo killing all guys on your path. This is one scene where I did use the
run command intermittently (CapsLock).

Don't pick up the health yet. Go through the door to see the limousine being
fired upon. After you've killed the really tough guys, go back and pick up the
health, you probably need it at this point. Go back out, and When you've killed
enough guys, Argyle will burn out to the next point.

Follow him, but be careful, the guys are really tough. Give the limo enough
following distance so that it will draw most of the fire, but be close enough so
you can protect it.

Keep this up until Argyle reaches a little garage. To the left of it is a
switch to open it. Open it and follow the limo inside.

Level 9: Playin' the Hero

Time for another mini boss fight. After talking to Argyle go by the truck to
see some really tough terrorists come out to greet you. Run over behind the
stack of three boxes that are in the middle of the "arena" and hide where you
cannot be shot.

Shoot the guy that is exposed in the middle first by strafing around the left
side of the boxes just enough so you can see him. After connecting with him,
you will see a puff of smoke, and he will escape. Strafe a little bit further
to the left so you can see more around the boxes. You will see a guy hiding off
to the right, but the terrorist at the left side of the room can't hit you from
where you are. Kill the guy on the right, and now the guy on the left should be
much easier.

After killing them, continue through the door in the middle (where the
terrorists came from). There will be a little sequence over the radio.
Continue through the steaming hall.

Be sure to reload, this next part is really tough. The next room seems
inconspicuous, but it is teaming with terrorists. When you enter, hug the right
side of the room where it is more difficult for the guys above you to shoot.
Keep moving. When you see the forklift moving toward you, you will have to wait
for a clear shot of the driver, and then take him out. If you killed him soon
enough, the forklift will swerve off to your left, narrowly missing you and
nearly pinning you.

Now kill the two guys above you. They shouldn't take many hits before they die.
When you go to the left side of the room, you will see more terrorists hiding in
a caged in area. Duck behind the barrels if necessary, but I recommend running
to the right hand side where you see the axe and fire extinguisher. Kill them
by strafing and using burst fire, reloading while out of sight. When they are
dead, pick up the health by the axe, and go through the door that they were

Follow the hallway, and you will see three more guys (when will this ever
end?). Again, duck behind a barrel when reloading and reorganizing. Kill
them, and go through the door at the end of the hall. A couple more guys will
come running at you from the right. Kill them.

Now, if you saved some health before, it should pay off. You can go back into
the utility room and pick up that very valuable health before continuing on.

Go through the nearest double doors and past the exit. At the end of the hall,
there will be a door with a couple of dining terrorists inside. Kill them and go
around the counter and into the door to the kitchen.

Two more terrorists will greet you, so kill them and pick up the health if
necessary (who is Mike Forst, you ask other than "Employee of the Moth"? He is
a level designer, look in the credits).

Go around the corner and quickly close the door to the cooler to see an
unfortunate terrorist trapped inside. Go through the near door to find another
entrance to the cooler, and turn it on to high, and just laugh at him. When you
open the door, the terrorist will come running, and slide into the shelving on
the icy floor. That kills him without any bullets (and wasn't it fun to watch?).

When you're done having fun, go through the next door, and to your left, there
will be one more terrorist. Kill him (there is nothing by him, besides the ammo
he drops), and then continue to the right side and through the bathroom door.

When you get inside, you will see a medical kit. Quickly take what you need,
whereas you will be locked in, and the room will be set afire. Open the
ventilation shaft and crawl in.

Turn on your lighter, and follow the shaft down a few drops, and to the right.
When you reach a grate, you can exit to finish off the level.

Level 10: One of the Terrorists

Start the level by going through the door in front of you (remember to reequip
your weapon). You will find out that you are about to be shot at by SWAT guys,
and if you return fire, it will be game over. So, shoot only at terrorists in
your way. Go to the end of this room, turn right and go halfway down this side
of the room. Kill the three terrorists on the right and go into the door next to
them. Inside, there will appear to be nothing, but inside the steel power box,
there will be a code to a door.

Return past where you killed the three guards, and go down the long hallway to
the end. It will turn off to the right, and there will be a door on the left.
Go through the newly accessible door.

There will be a guard at the end of the hall, sporting a new gun, and there will
be another terrorist on the other side of the chain-link fence on the right.
Kill them both, being VERY sure to pick up the weapons (this new gun is what you
kill the end boss of the game with). I would switch to your original machine
gun, so as to conserve ammunition of the new gun--the new gun is very difficult
to find ammunition for. Take health if absolutely necessary, you may need to
return for it, and then continue on through the fence and through the door on
the other side.

This next part can be difficult if you do it the wrong way. Through the door,
turn right and go through the next door. STOP. If you look to your right, you
should see a ladder. Climb it, and at the top, crouch down in between the roof.
Continue to the end of the room and drop by the door. What is the point in this?
There are two guys hiding and waiting to ambush you--FROM THE OTHER DIRECTION!
Go up behind them, and surprise them. They should be very easy. Or you can try
to shoot them from the ceiling, but can be more tricky.

While you are killing them, another bad guy will pop out the door. Kill him, he
can cause a lot of damage quickly if you let him.

On the other side of the door, you will see what the SWAT team is up to. Take a
right on the grated floor, and jump up onto the solid ground. On your left, you
will be seeing bullet holes appearing around you. I don't believe they can hurt
you, I tried. Anyhow, there are two more guys at the end of the hall around the
corner. They will be hiding behind a stack of maintenance material. They will
drop a flash grenade, so be careful. Kill them and continue on.

Through the next door, you will see a big ventilation shaft in front of you with
three paths around you.
| | | G |
| |_| |
| |___
| |
-----D----- |
| |
The door forward and to the left will be locked, as well as the grate. So, go
down the third path. It will wind around a little, and at the end will be an
ally getting killed. Are these SWAT guys inept or what? Take their ammo.

Return to the grate to find more terrorists coming at you. Kill them and enter
the grate to end the level.

Level 11: Not my Day

Go down the ladder, be careful not to fall off. The door at the bottom is locked,
so don't bother. Continue down the next ladder.

This next part can be difficult if you don't know what to do. DO NOT FALL INTO
THE WATER. I tried this at first probably 50 times before I tried going a
different way. There will be some SWAT guys shooting at you forward and to your
left. Do your best to avoid being shot, and resist your urge to return fire.
Continue down the passage to the right standing on the raised sides of the
tunnel. If you have to run to get away from the SWAT guy's firing, do so.

When you reach a branch-off point in the tunnel, take the left path. It will go
up a little ramp and up to a raised platform. At the top will be a couple of
terrorists that are waiting for you. Kill the nearest one, and look on as
another unfortunate terrorist in the far background falls of the grated platform
to his death. Be careful, there may be a terrorist that pops up behind you.

Go up the stairs and to the right (where the terrorist fell). Turn the little
wheel, you'll see what it does in a couple of minutes. A terrorist will pop up
behind you. Kill him quickly and enter the door from whence he came.

Inside will seem relatively calm. There will be two fenced in areas. One will
be locked with a swipe card lock, and the other with a key lock. Shoot the key
lock to have the door swing open.

Inside, open the electrical box to see a couple of wires and a yellow note
warning you that the wiring is switched. This means cut the BLUE wire. When
you do, it will allow you to access the other locked cage, so go in.

You must do this next part quickly, or else you will be seized by the swat team.
REEQUIP YOUR WEAPON! Then, turn the knob to lower the water level, and a guy
will show up from the door behind you. Kill him quickly and run through the

Pull out your trusty Zippo and follow the hall. When you can see light at the
end of the tunnel, reequip your weapon and enter the door at the end. Does this
look familiar? It should...

Again, go down the ladder. Through the door, you will see some acrobat
terrorists. Kill the ones that cause problems. This time, don't go down the
path, but rather jump in the water pit.

This is another point where the CapsLock comes in handy. Turn on the always run,
and swim down one of the tunnels. If you reach a dead end, return to where you
came from to take a breath. Then go down the other path. If you see a grate
hanging into the water, you're going the right way.

Just through the grate will be a bad guy waiting for you. Kill him, and then
peek through at the terrorists/SWAT team gunfight. In some ways, it is better
to let them have at each other, that draws the firing away from you, but do
whatever your conscience tells you. You may need to kill the terrorists, though.
Run across and out of the way of gunfire, and pull the lever on the other side
(it is kind of difficult to see, it took me a while to find this). Pick up the
health, and then go back where you came from.

Take a breath at the point that you jumped in, and then continue down to where
there was previously a dead end. A grate at the end will be open, and as soon
as you get through, resurface to breathe again.

On one wall will be a ladder with two terrorists on top. You may want to turn
on your lighter to see the ladder, but be sure to reequip your weapon before
getting to the top. Kill them, and then crawl through the damaged grate.

On the other side, there will be a turn around point that leads into a little
tunnel. Enter the tunnel, again, you may need your zippo to see clearly. When
you get to the lighted area (with the dripping water), it will turn off to the
right. Continue through the tunnel tunnel to reach a ladder. You will probably
hear automatic rifle fire from above you. Resist your urge to run away, and
climb the ladder.

Midway up, the ladder will stop. Get off and turn around to see a little
opening to crawl down. Crouch and go down it, and be sure to reequip your
weapon. There is a guard just outside. Kill him, and then head straight. Do
not go right, there is a cliff and you will die if you fall. To add to the
experience, it is pitch black, so it is impossible to see an edge without having
your lighter.

Open the door on your left but do not enter. You will see several guys, and
they will try to shoot you after they gather themselves. Shoot them, and strafe
out of the way from the door to reload. Then reenter to finish them off.

Climb the stairs and pick up the health from the medical kit (there is nothing
in the crawl space at the bottom of the stairs). Go across the grated and up
the ladder. Open the hatch to finish off the level.

Level 12: Aftermath

Start the level by going around the stairs and killing the guy that is on your
level. Look up to see another guy above you shooting through the grate. Kill
him too, if you get the chance. Then pick up the weapons in the ammunition box
that is on your right. You MUST pick this up to continue on. You will find
several flash bangs, and more machine gun ammunition. Return to the stairs, and
ascend them.

Hopefully you killed one of the guys up here first, so you will only have one
pesky terrorist left here. At the end of the catwalk, the path will dead end
forcing you to go either left or right. There is nothing on the left, and there
is a terrorist on the right. Kill the terrorist, take his weapon (and the
corpse's weapon as well--you may have noticed the one terrorist dragging the
other one down the catwalk), then go down the ladder. There is nothing else
down here, so just go through the double doors.

Be careful, there is a guy hiding ahead of you around the corner. He is ready
to jump out at you just when you are heading for the medical kit to your left.
Kill him first, and then raid the medical supplies only if necessary (this is
one of those points where you may be able to use the medical supplies again
later on in the game). Continue down the curved path.

There will be three guys hiding around the second corner. When you start
killing them, one of them will push a box of missiles in front of one of the
doors. Don't shoot the one pushing the missiles, it will not let you kill him
while he is doing that. But feel free to kill the others. When he's done
moving the box, take him out. Then, continue up the path to the right.

The door at the top of the inclined path should open. If it doesn't, you may
have missed the flash bangs at the begining of the level, and you MUST go back
to get them first (don't ask me why...).

After going through the door, continue up the stairs and listen to a little
sequence. After the sequence is finished, finish off the rest of the stairs,
and go through the door. This is a tiny room, and the opposite door will open.
Kill the terrorist, and continue through where he came from.

Here is that notorious level again. Go through the double doors, and pick up
the SWAT guy's assault rifle. Yet another new weapon to play with. Go through
the set of double doors, and to your right, you will see a set of windowed doors.
You can shoot them through the window, or you can just pass them by. Try not to
let either of them get away.

Go through another set of double doors, and go to the right to find the exit.

Level 13: Clearing the Bird's Nest

At the beginning of the level, go straight, follow the hall to the right, and
you will see several terrorists. One will throw a flash bang at you, and it may
totally blind you. Try to duck out of the way if it does. When your vision
clears, strafe out and kill the three terrorists. The little pillar may be a
place of safe refuge, otherwise the turnoff in the hall may also be a good place
to reload and regroup midbattle.

Pass the locked doors, and follow the winding hallway. It seems that there is a
terrorist around each corner, so keep reloading before proceeding to the next

All of the doors will be locked except for the one at the end of the hall. When
you reach it, there will be two guys inside, one in front of you, and another
ducking behind the table (take a look at the physics problem on the wall to
your left...). I recommend charging the guy behind the table, and then use his
spot to take out the other guy. When they are both dead, two more guys will
come in (it is sort of random where they come from--sometimes they come from
each door, sometimes they come from the same door). It may not be easy, but
kill them both. I find that running at the new door and using the wall to
protect you is the easiest way. Continue through the door that you haven't been
through yet.

These paths on the other side of the building are almost a mirror image of the
previous side. Follow the passages, and go the only way it will let you go
(just like the other side of the building). Again, there are guys around just
about every corner, so be careful.

When you reach the room with the pillar, it is wise to hold back and let the two
terrorists throw a flash bang prior to charging them (I say this because there
is shelter to hide in while the effects wear off). After it explodes, kill them.

Past the pillar room, there will be a set of double doors. Next to the doors
will be an unlocked door with 3 terrorists inside. It will look much like the
room that you just came from. After killing them, go around to the other side,
and out the other door on the same wall.

Outside the door, there are three more terrorists in the distance. On your left
is a utility room where you can hide. I found that the easiest way to do this is
to open the utility room, start shooting the terrorists, and then duck in the
room when they start firing back. They will quickly come running after you, so
you can reload and wait for them to recklessly round the corner--take them out.
If one of them gets away, they will hide in a room with double doors to the
right. After killing the others, you should then go after him.

Pick up health if you need, and continue on through the double doors to the left.
Inside are some fancy couches. Behind the far couch hides a terrorist. Rush at
him before he peeks around, and kill him. Continue into the next room.

Pass the exit and the elevators, and round the corner. A terrorist will be
waiting for you. Kill him, and go around the boxes. You will need to head off
to a room on your right, just feel your way around until the gunfire gets louder
(do I sense a new weapon? do I sense another mini boss battle?).

When you enter the correct room, you'll know it by the sequence. This guy is
really not too difficult. When you shoot him once, he runs away like a coward
behind some boxes. Kill him as fast as you can, his gun is powerful. Quickly
run and pick it up (the M-60), and use it on the three terrorists that run at
you. When you are done using the new gun, switch back to your good old machine
gun. Be sure to pick up the ammunition from the sniper's room.

Continue back through the passages to the exit that you passed on the way,
killing a couple more terrorists that may have sprung up.

Level 14: Unexpected Friend

At the beginning of this level, there will be a hostage huddled in front of you.
Go up to him and hit the "B" button to show him your badge. He will give you
some nice advice on how to get through this level. Go out into the big open
room, and around to a short hallway. Just inside the hallway is two terrorists.
Kill them and enter the office on the right. It seems that it is a deadend, but
looks can be deceiving. Go up the ladder and crouch to get into the ceiling.

When you walk around on the ceiling, you will again be interrupted by a sequence.
Walk out to the opening, and wait for the hallway to clear before falling out
into the office.

At this point, the instructions can be a little difficult, so I will be
referring to the small map:

When you are in the office (A), peek around the corner, and you will see a
couple of terrorists. There will be one close to you in the hall (1), and
another far at the other end of the hallway (2) that will be impossible to kill
at such a distance. So work your way over to him through some of the offices on
the left hand side (B). Kill the second terrorist when he enters the office
with you. When you safely get to point C, it is easiest to peek around the
corner, picking off the third guy with your sniper rifle (if you right click,
you can zoom in to get a clear head shot). Then strafe a little further to get
4. An alternative way is to go into the small middle room (D), and go up the
ladder into the ceiling again. You will come out in the small room near C,
essentially in the same position. The advantage to this approach is that you
catch the terrorists by surprise much better. _NOTICE_: terrorists 3 and 4 are
very powerful and can kill you in only a couple hits.

| | 2 3 |
| | 4 |
| | C --- ----------|
| | | | |
|---- ------- ---|
| |
| |
|- --- ------- --|
| | | | | |
| B | | D | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
|-D--- --- --- --|
| |
|----- -------- |
| | | |_____|
| A | |
|----- 1 | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Once all of the terrorists are dead, pick up the axe, and head toward the office
where you dropped in from. Nearby, there should be a boarded up door, so chop
it down. Go back to the hostage who will be hiding in a cubicle in the original
room. Get him to start following you by hitting the action button near him.
Take him all he way back through the newly open door and up by point C. When
you try opening the correct door, he will run up to it and unlock it. It will
be on the far end of the room, on the left hand side.

Go inside, and shoot the window open. Go onto the window washer, and hit the
button to end the level.

Level 15: The Architect

Congratulations, you've reached one of the most difficult levels. Start by
shooting the window and entering the large open room. Go through either door,
the level should be relatively abandoned.

Overhear the conversation to find out that there is a scared architect hiding
out in his office (do you remember Mike Forst? does employee of the month sound
familiar? level 9: Playin' the hero... also a level designer. the things you
catch when you're paying attention...).

Feel free to explore the level, take a break, you may need it. There are fully
functional copy machines, a lot of drawers that are openable and closeable
(finally a little more interactivity... too bad it all has to go away so

When you are ready for a chicken run, go into the room and talk to the Mike the
Architect. He will not trust you. Gain his trust by flashing your badge with
the "B" button. He will then follow you wherever you want to go. However, if
he hears gunfire, he will duck and hide in the nearest office, and you will have
to get him to follow you again.

When you leave the office, there will be a terrorist where you came from. He
will set the hall on fire, so now you must run away as fast as possible. Kill
him quickly, and go back and get the Architect. If he says "I can't, I'm
scared," he WILL still follow, don't worry. If the door is blocked by fire, it
is too late, you must restart.

When you get Mike out of the office, take him down to the right. A new door to
a lounge will be unlocked when several terrorists come running out. Kill them,
and retrieve Mike if necessary. Get the health behind the door, and then
continue through the opposite door.

You will go through a series of halls, kill all the terrorists that get in your
way. When you reach a big presentation room, you appear to be trapped. When
you open the door across from where you entered, the Architect will get an
amazing idea: use the fire extinguisher. So, traverse the room, try jumping
desk to desk minimizing the damage from the fire. At the opposite end of the
room is a fire extinguisher. Use it sparingly, just enough to create a narrow
path for Mike to get through. Also, be sure that you get the fires that you
want cleared fully extinguished or else they will reappear. Get him over to the
door by the extinguisher to continue on.

After Mike unlocks the door, follow the open passages until you reach a dead end.
At some point, Mike may say something, and frighteningly cower behind a desk.
That means that terrorists are behind you. Kill them, and get Mike moving again.
He will run to the elevators and try to open them. Cover him while he is doing
that. When he gets it open, do NOT step onto the elevator with him, you will
quickly see why.

After the elevator falls, kill anyone that is right near you, and look into the
elevator shaft. There will be a ladder to your right and left, and a terrorist
may be hanging from the one on the right. Kill him, and jump to a ladder. Go
down as far as you can to finish the level.

Level 16: In the Vents

Leaving the elevators, there will be a room enclosed in glass in front of you to
the right. Go inside and kill the terrorist. Exit the room and go to the door
across from you.

Inside, it is a bathroom. You will hear a terrorist say something like
"Gehrhardt, is that you?" He will be in the stall, and when he opens it, he has
his machine gun pointed at you, so kill him quickly (I go to the bathroom
packing my machine gun, don't you?).

Take health if you need it, and leave the bathroom to the left. Past the glass
room, go into the far door.

On the other side of the door, there are two more terrorists. Send a steady
stream of bullets at their heads, and they should both fall. Go into the glass
room and into the next room inside. It should seem like it is a dead end
however, if you look up, you will see a vent shaft at the top of a bookcase.
Climb the bookcase by jumping and enter the shaft.

Pull out your lighter and go through the passages until you reach a split in the
path. Take the left path (if you go straight, you will be told to turn around--
if you don't listen, you will die). You will quickly find a bigger open shaft
where you can stand up. On the left are two terrorists having a conversation.
Shoot and kill them.

Continue on until you reach a grate above your head. Open it to stand up, and
open the grate in front of you. Jump and crouch to get out.

In this room, you will see a series of three switches on the opposite wall, and
another ventilation shaft that you can enter. Before entering it, you will need
to turn on the correct combination of switches. I'm not sure if this is the
only way it will work, but it worked for me when I turned on the top AND bottom
switch (just totally leave the middle one alone). This will cause the right
registers to shift, and the fan to turn on so you don't kill yourself.

Enter the other vent shaft and climb up the various levels. When you reach
another branch, take the left path again. This will take you to the open room
that you couldn't pass before. Still, be careful not to fall into the fan.
Walk across the narrow bar and enter the opposite vent shaft.

Keep following it through a couple of drops, and you will come out by a large
drop (where he says "Dead End"), and a grate. When you look inside, you will
see someone washing their hands. Open the grate and shoot him.

Exit the bathroom and the double doors to find two more terrorists waiting for
you. Kill them and enter the double doors on your left. Inside, there will be
double doors to your right, and a door in front of you. Enter the door in front
of you, and there will be two terrorists holed up. Kill them, they can cause a
lot of damage, so be careful. Go to the back of the room and up the ladder into
the ceiling (if you have trouble, crouch at the top of the ladder, you'll
eventually get it).

Follow the paths in the ceiling in one direction until you are interrupted by a
sequence. Shoot the guys below you and jump down when you get the chance.
After they are dead, pick up the health and go through the door to find the exit.

Level 17: Send in the Car

Begin the level by going forward and to the right. There will be a glass office
on your left, and you should be able to see two terrorists in front of you. It
is relatively dark, so be sharp and get used to it, it gets worse. Kill them,
and then go in their direction, and through the door behind them (there are two
doors right behind them, one glass door and one wooden door. Go into the wooden
door--inside will be a narrow hallway with drawers on the left side).

At the end of the hall, two more guys will pop out of the door. Kill them and
continue on. Notice the chair just outside the door with C-4 on it. When you
kill the last guy in the back left hand corner against the window, go up to the
window, and a sequence will start.

You should hopefully know what to do. Go up to the elevator (back by the door
that you came from), and hit the elevator button. When the doors open, push
down the chair (it may not give you the action cursor, but if you hit "F" near
it, it should go anyways). Geronimo, get away so that you are not incinerated
by the explosion--there will be a big ball of fire after a few seconds. Now
head into the door that you came from, just to the right of the elevator.

There will be a lot of guys waiting for you here. One will be in front of you
and a little bit to the left, two more will be in an office far in front of you,
and another will be in a side hall behind you and to your right. Kill them all.
Notice: You MUST kill all the terrorists on this level to continue on.

Head for the exit. It is in this room far in the back, across from the office.
It is right next to another door, and it is really easy to miss, so keep your
eye out for the big green Exit sign.

Level 18: Backup Arrives

When you begin the level, several SWAT guys come running up to you. They will
ask you for some identification. Show them your badge as quickly as possible
("B") to relieve their nerves. If you do not flash your badge in time, they
will kill you. They say that they are there to do the fighting, you're just
supposed to do the guiding. Don't pay much attention to them. If you let them,
they will all die in the first gun battle.

I'm not sure how far you can get them to follow you, but at a certain point,
they wouldn't keep following me, so I left them behind (when I came back to them,
I found their guns... at least you get some assault rifles out of the deal).

From the elevator, head left down the hallway. Follow the SWAT guy that goes
ahead of you if you see him, otherwise, just go into the door on the left to
hear gunfire.

Go in and kill the two terrorists, they will be running around. However, one of
your "protectors" will likely be dead at this point. Pick up any weapons you
can see, and then go back out the room and into the next area (the door doesn't
really look like a door, but you should be able to go through it with the action

On the other side, turn the corner, and in front of you should be a staircase.
There will be one terrorist at the landing of the stairs, and another at the
bottom (maybe around the corner). Kill the one that is at the bottom of the
stairs first or else he will single-handedly kill your "protectors." Then, take
out the guy on the landing. Don't bother going upstairs, there isn't anything
much. There is one terrorist upstairs, but you can kill him from downstairs--ie,
only go upstairs if you are in dire need of ammunition. Otherwise, go past the
stairs, and you should see a medical kit. Refill health if necessary, and
continue into the next area.

Ahead and to the left of where you enter should be a terrorist shooting at you
from upstairs. Kill him and continue into the hallway. From a doorway will
come two terrorists. They shouldn't be too big of a problem. Both doors will
be locked.

Past the doors, there will be another stairway in an open room. At the top of
the stairs is another terrorist. Seek refuge under the stairs if you need to
reload, and kill him. If the SWAT guys stop following you, you can go back to
them, and they should start following again. I really don't think it's that

Go up the stairs to find another guy hiding off to the side. Kill him, and open
the double doors near him. This part is where I always lose the SWAT guys.
Don't bother trying to kill the guys at the other end of the pool, it is not
possible. Run through the door and go to the left to see an entrance to the
locker room. Go in there while avoiding being shot the best you can.

Follow the hallway, and you will see a terrorist waiting at the top of the
stairs. Kill him, and there will be a couple more at the bottom of the stairs.
Take them out, not forgetting another terrorist hiding in the shower.

Go up to the other door in the locker room, and you will hear shooting. Inside,
there will be two terrorists hiding around a corner by the elevators. Kill them
first. Then, go into the door to the other locker room. Another couple of
terrorists will be waiting for you. Kill them and go through the locker room.
Again, there will be a terrorist in the shower. Go upstairs (notice some more
posters--MC Mack, they are probably referring to one of the Piranha Artists
named Bob Mack. I don't know who the other people are).

You will find your dead buddies. Take their weapons and look for the unlocked
door along the back wall. Shoot the terrorist at the top of the stairs and
proceed down them.

Go through the door to see an (oddly) abandoned room. Go through the next door
to find another eerily empty room (could you have possibly killed all of the
terrorist in Nakatomi? uhm... no). Take what health you need, and continue into
the next hallway. At the end of this hallway is another door. Go through to
find some more terrorists (finally, eh?). They will be hiding behind some
barrels, but get close if you have to and take them out.

After killing them, crouch and follow the maze of pipes to get to the other side.
If you feel like you want some more ammunition for your assault rifle, you can
get it from the downed SWAT guy near one of the pipes along the back wall. You
can't actually get near him, but you can go onto the other side of the pipe and
pick up his gun with the action button "F." When you are done, go through the
door on the other side.

Follow the winding passage, and enter the door at the end. There will be two
terrorists standing out of sight near the stairs. Kill them and proceed up the
stairs to find the exit.

Level 19: The FBI Arrives

Go to the right to see a short set of stairs, and a terrorist running away. Try
to kill him before he gets back to warn his buddy, but either way, kill them
both and go in the direction that he was running. Go up the stairs and open the

There will be one guy above you on top of the cage, and there will be another at
the far end of the room. Wait until they are done throwing the flash bang, and
then kill the guy above you. Then enter the room and kill the guy at the far
wall. Go up the ladder that is directly across from the door that you entered

About halfway up the ladder, a terrorist will begin shooting at you. Return
fire and continue to the top and through the door. Another guy will come
through the door opposite of you, kill him and enter the next room (look
familiar?). Go through the fan again.

Go around to the other side and kill the terrorist that is directly below the
fan. Then go down the ladder and through the door. This room should also look
familiar. Kill the guys behind you to the right, and then go through the door
next to them.

On the other side is a "good" guy, so don't shoot him. Go up to him and talk to
him (resist that urge to kill him now). Does he look familiar? You'll know
soon enough. Go to the exit to finish the level.

Level 20: Bill Clay

Before you start this level, it is essential that you have at least a quarter of
your health, or else you will likely not make it. As long as you are not in the
red, you should be fine. Otherwise, I recommend going to a previous save, and
getting to the level with a tad more health.

SAVE. Wait for "Mr. Clay" to enter the glass room, and then follow him in to
talk to him. Press the action button near him to strike up a conversation.
After you are done chatting, you must run away as fast as you possibly can.
Kill only the terrorists in your way. You also MUST let Hans get away, it still
registers him as a hostage.

Go through the glass door and to the right to find another unlocked door. Go
down to the end, and through the next door. Go through the next room, and in
the next room, go into the area enclosed by glass. Go into the door, and go
through the glass door inside. Just past the glass door is a door on the left.
Go inside.

At this point you have a path choice. One way leads to some health (likely to
be very necessary), and the other way leads to the end of the level. To get the
health, which I recommend regardless, shoot out the glass door to your left and
enter the bathroom on the other side.

Stock up on health, and go out and take the door to the left (it is past the
glass door that you shot, just across from the door that you entered from).

Inside will be another terrorist. Kill him and take the far door. Follow the
path through the glass room, and shoot the second glass door to get through. On
the other side is the exit.

Level 21: Coulda Used his Shoes

You're dying and you need to get some bandages right away. Throughout this
level, you will be losing life by just being alive.

Go forward into the big open room. Go left around the bookshelves and go
through the double doors. Go toward the back of this room, to the right. The
door will be open, and a terrorist will be standing with his back turned. Kill
him. This will cause several terrorists to come out behind you. Kill them as
well, and continue on into the area that you killed the first terrorist.

Pass the second divider and go through the double doors. Another couple of guys
may come out behind you, so kill them too. Proceed down into the hall to the
left. Follow the hall, and you will reach one more terrorist in front of you.
Kill him and continue. There may be a steady stream of terrorists that come out
behind you, so kill them as you see them.

You will soon reach a set of double doors. If you are hurting for health, go to
the right. You should see a blood trail to the door. From here on out, it is
easiest to use the blood trail as your guide. In the room with the double doors,
you will find that the trail leads to a dead body in the back. You will be
ambushed from both sides. This part may be difficult.

Take the health by the body, and then follow the blood trail in the other
direction. Go through the double doors, and in between the dividers into
another set of double doors. Ahead of you, the blood trail will turn off into
the elevator, so you must go past the elevator, and through one of the doors (it
doesn't matter, they go to the same place).

Kill the guy on the right side of this room (notice the names on the doors.
Russ Bullock and Beau Brennen are programmers, and Russ Bullock and Bryan Eckman
are Directors). Across from the offices is the Men's room. Go inside to find a
medical kit with the very handy bandages that you had been looking for.

Level 22: I Hate the Dark

Need a flashlight? You will have to work through this level in complete
darkness. It is not very easy to see the guys unless they are shooting at you.
You have another option, although I don't use this method myself: you can equip
your pistol AND your lighter at the same time. However, you still can't see
very far with your lighter. What I do, is turn on my lighter during down time,
and then switch to my machine gun on up time. But, do whatever your little
heart desires.

If at any point you get lost, find your way back to a landmark along the walls.
These places can be the blood trail, the elevators, or the room with the two
glass doors by the bathroom. Otherwise, just follow walls to the other end of
the level.

Start by leaving the bathroom. Kill the terrorist in the dark, and then go
through one of the side-by-side glass doors that you came in through. It will
be to the left out of the bathroom, near where the terrorist is shooting you

When you leave, another terrorist will jump out at you by the elevator. Kill him
and continue along the blood trail. When you reach the room that had the double
doors in between two dividers, there will be a terrorist on your left. It will
be difficult to see, but he may throw a flash bang, which can help if it catches
you not looking directly at it.

Continue following the blood trail, you may want to pick up the health that you
might have left for yourself in the room where it ends. Otherwise, go to the
right of the double doors where the blood trail ends (left if you are leaving
the health room). On the other side of the door, follow the winding hall, using
the emergency lights as guides. There will be a terrorist hiding off to the
right, so kill him when you see him.

Continue on in the direction that you came from in the previous level. There
will be another guy waiti
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