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Pokemon Rumble Blast Cheats for 3DS
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Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Cheats

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Pokemon Rumble Blast

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Infinite p and easy pokemon locations! 73%
Go to a town untill you see a "!" in your toy shop. Go to the toy shop and it will say that a costumer has ben into your shop. You will get a certian amount of p points and it will say how many times you need untill a pokemon comes to a certian location. Go to the 3ds menu, exit your game, and go to the settings. Change the calendar to the next day and play the game again. You will have another costumer in your shop. Repeat this as many times as desired. This will also be a faster way to get new pokemon. Note: If this doesn't work, keep trying untill you see the "!" symbol by your toy shop.
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Legendarys 69%
If you beat northerly town 4-2 cave (charzard) many times without the rumpous room you might find legendarys like dialga,reshim,or zekrom
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If you want pokemon like palkia(found in 1 of the lakes or beaches) than raise the world rank to 6.
By: meansantazombie(107)
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Electric boost pikachu 63%
Enter 77463878 to munna in eastely town to get a special electric boost pikachu
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Passwords 53%
To enter passwords you must first reach easterly town and talk to munna : emboar in echo valley enter 8902-7356 : gallade in everspring valley enter 3535-6928 : gliscor in sunny seashore enter 9625-7845 : oshawott in shimmering lake enter 7403-2240 : pikachu in volcanic slope enter 7746-3878 : tornadus in volcanic slope enter 0250-7321 plz rate helpful
By: zekrom(1747)
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Easy mode 49%
After you beat the game go to the title screen and press and hold L+R+left(on the D pad)and press or hold the A button untill you hear a confermation chime
By: meansantazombie(107)
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Get the move you want and the Pokemon you tutored! 28%
Find a move school station and select a move. Choose the Pokemon to tutor. Once it saves, go to home menu and exit the game. DO NOT SAVE AFTER YOU GET THE MOVE! Once you start the game, you should have the move you wanted and the Pokemon you tutored!
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Cobalion 12%
Password 9789-3476 Gift Cobalion Strength 2567 Ability Dragon Boost Alternate Colour No Attack Thunder Bolt Attack 2 Thunder Obtained At Release 1/21/12 Level Found In 2-1 Sun Dappled Bank
By: big homie kevin(25)
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Giratina 8%
5236-1098 2-1 sun dapped bank
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Cobalion 7%
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Cobalion 6%
3-3 Firebreathing mountain pasword 9567-7659
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