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Skydive: Proximity Flight Cheats for PS3
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Skydive: Proximity Flight PS3 Cheats

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Skydive: Proximity Flight

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
This is a list of the trophies for Skydive: Proximity Flight on PlayStation 3.

Platinum (Platinum)Unlock all other trophies
Four tricks at a time! (Bronze)Perform 4 different tricks in one time
That was a trick chain! (Bronze)Perform chain of 3 different tricks
Can you do it too? (Bronze)Perform 5 different tricks in one time
Tricks non-stop! (Bronze)Perform chain of 5 different tricks
Welcome home! (Bronze)Land squirrel in the forest
Ace (Bronze)Win any race without using rewind
Barrel roll (Bronze)Perform 3 barrel rolls in a row
Inside loop (Bronze)Perform 3 backflips in a row
Rock under the rock! (Bronze)Perform under ceiling flight
Proximity Flyer (Gold)Perform proximity flight for 25 seconds in a row
Almost touch the ground! (Bronze)Perform at least 3x proximity flight for 15 seconds in a row
The closest Proximity ever! (Bronze)Perform at least 5x proximity flight for 7 seconds in a row
Proximity flight master! (Bronze)Get 100k score for proximity flight in a row
Deadly loop! (Bronze)Perform proximity backflip
That is crazy! (Bronze)Perform 10 proximity backflips in a row
Proximity Roll (Bronze)Perform proximity roll
More adrenalin can kill! (Bronze)Perform 5 proximity rolls in a row
Skydiver (Bronze)Get 5000 score for proximity dive
Deadly spin (Bronze)Perform proximity dive and spin
Touch the trees tops! (Bronze)Get 2000 score for flying near trees
Land on a dime! (Bronze)Perform perfect landing
Land on a spot! (Bronze)Perform successful landing
Two pinholes (Bronze)Perform 2 pinholes in one flight
Welcome back! (Bronze)Run game after one month after the first start
Trick master! (Bronze)Perform 16 different tricks during one flight then land successfully
I'm sportsman! (Silver)Finish a flight in 'Beat the Best' mode
I'm a race champion! (Silver)Win 3 races in 'Beat The Best' or 'Beat Friend' mode
Free styler! (Bronze)Win 3 freestyle flights in 'Beat the Best' mode
I'm best of the best! (Bronze)Complete all challenges with 3 stars (excluding extra challenges)
Adrenaline master! (Bronze)Complete at least 10 challenges with 2 stars
I'm perfectionist! (Bronze)Complete at least one challenge with 3 stars
I know a few tricks! (Bronze)Complete all basic challenges
Flying Squirrel (Bronze)Complete all advanced challenges
Pathfinder (Silver)Complete all routes
Explorer! (Gold)Jump from all of start points
As hard as nails! (Bronze)One hour of flight time
Dracula (Gold)Land a vampire in the castle
I did it! (Bronze)Complete 'Trick Mix' challenge
We are so different! (Bronze)Fly all characters
Bounty (Bronze)Get 3 stars at all of start points of Halong Bay
I'm Italian (Bronze)Get 3 stars at all of start points of Italy
Swiss cheese (Bronze)Get 3 stars at all of start points of Switzerland
Grand Canyon coyote (Bronze)Get 3 stars at all of start points of Grand Canyon
An eagle (Bronze)Win race in Eagle Mountain
Snowman (Bronze)Win race in Ice Ridge
La Cucaracha! (Bronze)Win race in Death Valley
Monkey! (Bronze)Win race in Monkey Gorge
That is not easy to fly! (Bronze)Perform 5 bad starts in a row (fail race, get no stars for free flight)
Seagull (Bronze)Successfully land on water
That hurts! (Bronze)Perform 10 bad starts in a row (fail race, get no stars for free flight)
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