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Fossil Fighters: Champions Cheats for NDS
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Fossil Fighters: Champions NDS Cheats

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Fossil Fighters: Champions

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Salada- use wi-fi and get the fossil rock saying "bone" show ryne mechi then beat him to get it
Boneysaurs- beat Cole Lola and Lester again
Igno- use wi-fi, comes in Dino-Medal
Frigi- same as igno
Duna, Raptin, Dynal, and Dino Maton - wi-fi and get fossil rock saying "dragon" beat duna for fun then complete the mission she gives you and beat raptin and dynal
Tonzilla- beat the dude in Bonehemoth
Zongazonga and Zombiesaurs- beat Zongazonga again for 3,000 gold
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Dig site areas for vivosaurs 85%
This is a list of SOME vivosaurs locations.

Dimetro:Hot Spring Heights
Toba:Hot Spring Heights
Tsintao:Hot spring Heights
Krypto:Jungle Labyrinth
Mapo:Icegrip Plateau
Peloro:Rainbow Canyon(I think)
Alio:Rainbow Canyon
Aeros:Hot Spring Heights
Tonzilla:Beat Robinson in challenge battle.
Squik:the "Egg-xact Timing" side mission
Tophis:Rainbow Canyon
Raja:Treasure Lake.
Thalasso:Treasure Lake
Gorgo:Rainbow Canyon
Tarbo:Treasure Lake
Siamo:Dusty Dunes
Alectro:Hot Spring Heights
Guan:Hot Spring Heights
Shanshan:Treasure Lake
Allo:Rainbow Canyon
Metria:Hot Spring Heights
Megalo:Seabed Cavern
Venator:Dusty Dunes
S-Raptor:Dusty Dunes
Giganto:Rainbow Canyon
Cryo:Seabed Cavern
Carchar:Rainbow Canyon
Acro:Dusty Dunes
F-Raptor:Icegrip Plateau
Spinax:Exchanged for DP
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Zongazonga and zombiesaurs 79%
To obtain Zongazonga and Zombiesaurs you must go to Zongazonga's castle after the game by helicopter and defeat the lady at the top.Beware that all of her vivosaurs will be lvl20 and she uses Zongazonga and two Z-Rex's.Zongazonga!Zongazonga!Dragons of a bygone age let your bones be cloaked with flesh of hate.Rise now!Rise!RISE!The lady will say something like that before the battle.I just wanted to put that on.

P.S.The Z-Rex's will most likely be in the SZ witch is a MASSIVE threat because if the support effects are combined they can make a vivosaur useless by not letting it hit the enemy at all and the user will have terrible stats!
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Gold fossil rocks 74%
When you beat the whole game & all the turnys, Where the head mask (The one that allows you to dig heads only) then go to "Mt. crakonak" then you can dig up gold fossil rock more often. (If you clean it with a frend you can bolth get a gold fossil.)
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Easy Rank Ups 74%
After you beat the game keep beating Lola.

30 points every battle

By: pikachu033(37)
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Type chart 70%


>=Powerful against
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Teffla 69%
Who is Teffla?Teffla is a super evolver that evolves from Aeros.To obtain him,get an Aeros and find a miraculous fossil rock.Clean it successfully and put it on Aeros.It will evolve into Teffla.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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T rex lord 69%
Hey if you have a golden fosil rock and a t rex put the golden fosil rock on the t rex and there you have it the t rex lord
By: luigi1111111(123)
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Easy wondrous or miraculous fossil rock 68%
First get all the sonar upgrades.Then wear the red mask.Go to Icegrip Plateau.Rare rocks like wondrous and miraculous ones will appear yellow on the sonar.However they might be dark fossil rocks.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Finding vivosaurs 68%
Giganto:Rainbow Canyon
Carchar:Rainbow Canyon
Elasmo:Rainbow Canyon (Blue)
Elasmoth:Treasure Lake (pay to dig)
Aeros:Hot spring heights
Krypto:Jungle Labyrinth
Epidex:Stone Pyramid
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Mapo King 64%
Mapo King is a super evolver from Mapo.To obtain get a Mapo and a miraculous fossil.Put it on Mapo and he will evolve.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Boneysaurs 63%
To obtain Boneysaurs battle a Cole,Lester and Lola.

P.S.Welcome to the team jtnjz and post lots of AWESOME cheats!

By: CheatmasterML(899)
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How to get T-REX!!!! 62%
You dont have to beat the game but I dont know which point you get there. after you clear the jelly problem and defeat Lester, get the red mask. not sure if you need full sonar upgrades. go by the machine spot. it may take a lot of tries but thats how I got it and I beat anyone with it. my team is Omais, Dimorph Ace, and T-Rex Lord
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How to get more wonderous and mirocolous 58%
Wear the red mask then go to the pay-to-dig site in treasure lake costs 3,000 gold
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Really good team 57%
The really good team is level 20 Aeros and level 20 Giga Raja level 20 Brachio another good team is level 20 Teffla level 20 Tophis and level 20 Krypto and you can add t-rex lord to any of the teams.
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Best team ever [beats everyone online] 57%
Az-rank20 teffla, sz-rank20 dynal, sz-rank 20 guan use gold fossil for Lp on guan. you get teffla from using a gold fossil from aeros, dynal from bonus data [dynal cuts all stats by 77 for the enemy az], and you get guan in dusty dunes[guan is extremely hard to find!search at least 5 times with head mask]
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Solo Power Triplers 56%
If you pair Igno (must have wifi connection to achieve) Frigi (same as Igno) and Tophis together you will get solo power on each one if the other two die.
Solo Power is good because it gives your vivosaurs invinceble power.
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Zongazonga(Rupert form) easy chance cheat 50%
You can take a chance to beat Zongazonga with a Aeros(with wondrous fossil),Tophis(with miraculous fossil rock)and Peloro.In fact,I beat him with Aeros lvl15,Tophis lvl13 and peloro lvl12.Or Aeros might have been lvl14.I'm not sure.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Super deadly team 50%
Az t-rez lord or mapo king (rank 20)
sz triceria (rank 20)
sz dacerus (rank 20)

works great with Joe, Rupert, Zongazonga, and everyone else
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Easy miraculous 50%
Get red mask then go to treusre lake pay to dig area
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Another good team 50%
Aeros level 5 or 6 igno level 1 and pacro level 2 or 3 (igno can only be obtained by going on the wi-fi go to bonus data and a fossil rock will land on the fossil lawn near the fossil cannon) ps: my game got deleted randomly so right now this is my best team.
By: vivosaur21(15)
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Choose 49%
If you just got this game and don't know what starter to choose,choose Aeros."Why?" you might ask?Because Aeros has the highest attack and LP.Now aren't those the most needed stats in this game?
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Evolving 48%
Ever wanted to know if your vivosaur can evolve or superevolve? Well you can find out by looking at the names. The ones that superevolve are in silver and the ones in gold just evlove :)
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How to beat zongazonga (rubert form) 48%
I used Lugmos 20lv,tophis 20lv, and nigo 20lv. put tophis in front and lugmos and nigo in sz
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Getting zombisaurs 48%
A zombisaur is the verrything that terrorised the calesto islands they ard vitous cruel and AWSOME! I beat zagazona a second time when I went on the hellicopter and flew to his castel some cheats don't tell where to get them well after you complete the game you go to the helliport I like to call it and you toutch zagazonas castel and you are there. once you get there you talk to the girl next to the vmm then you pay 3,000g. It took me a LONG time to beat him a second time but I prevaild with a level 19 fire type sterter, a level 18 giga raja that I evolved and a level 18 terica with a different color. Once you beat her you get I think 5 zombisaurs includenig zagazona! this is the end of my time for a few months now remember my new number 1 rule dont get an F on a viedo game essay on fossil fighters champions! or your viedo game skills will decrese and you will die. THE END
By: jtnjz(82)
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Free mericlous fossil rock 47%
So go to the shop note: you cant do this if you have all the sonar upgrades :( then go on sonar upgrades then tap on the book shelf an whoop there it is
By: fossildude(37)
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A supriseing evolve 45%
Ok so I used a mirculas fossil on tinisouar and it evolved him I was so exited to see what it was but I have just found out it looks like a unicorn! now what happend I thought because unicorns weren't in dinosuar times. So I looked it up online and I found out that cavemen drew pictures on the walls that looked like unicorns so thats why it is in the game. I hope you were enlightend. see you gamers soon jtnjz out.
By: jtnjz(82)
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Really powerfull vivasoars 44%
Hey if you want a really strong team you should get giga allo ryden and aopterix
By: luigi1111111(123)
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How to beat Zongazonga 43%
Teffla(Envouvled Aeros) Tricera and Ananto
By: FFfan123(26)
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The best team EVER 43%
The best team ever is what ever you think it is NOT what other people say if it is the best to you than it is the best team. for my cousin Devon he thinks it absolutely has to have T-Rex Lord,
T-Rex, and Igno. BUT IT IS DIFFERENTLY NOT. Thank you for reading my super secret hint I have had in side me for so long till I found this website.

P.S. I think it is the best site ever for this type of thing.
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El A MINTS 41%
The 6 elements are fire,water,,wind,earth,neutral and legendary.See my type chart I will make soon.I know I spelled the title wrong.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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New secret vivasouar found 40%
Hey guys I found a special vivasouar to add to your collection and at the same place you can get a miraculas fossil. So go to the bb's base go to the room where Don B. was when you fought him. Then you talk to the staff and they will give you a challenge if you get them all right he will give you one of thoes two things I listed at the begining of the cheat. So bye for now,
By: jtnjz(82)
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One good team 38%
Team 1: teffla: level 20 pacro: level 20 nycto ace: level 20 (nycto ace is nycto's super evolve and teffla is aeros' super evolve)
By: vivosaur21(15)
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Hardest vivosaurs to beat 37%
It is Lugmos(evolved Dimetro),Super evoled Delta and Nycto Ace( evolved Nycto).
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Best team ever 37%
The best team ever is aeros brachio and tricera because if you put aeros and tricera in the az and brachio in the sz there atacks will deal more damage
By: luigi1111111(123)
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A very strong team 35%
Put giga Raja in the front then put Peloro and Brachio in the back they all have to be level 20 people can't beat you unless they have rare or you don't kow what to do
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Good vivosaur team 35%
The whole game I used the same team over and over Goyle (miraculous fossil) Tricera (miraculous fossil) and Dimetro (miraculous fossil) if you use this team you beat everyone.
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Killer team to kill ZongaZonga 33%
I used-Rank 20 t-rex lord Rank 20 Giga Raga and Rank 20 Thalasso in SZ
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The best 33%
If you want more then one of the same vivasaurs then you have to get the the head of the same on you want and then put the main one in the bank then revive the same one and you have two P.S ( you can get more th two)
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Easy win 30%
First get to a guy that has only one vivosaur. Choose your starter vivosaur I chose areos
so get a Wondoros fossil rock and use it on your starter guy. in the battle wait for your
strongest attack use it and you might win in one shot if your lucky.
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Elements 29%
There are 6 elements,Fire,Earth,Wind,Water,Neutral,and Mystery
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Ultimate VIVOSAUR 29%
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The 2nd best 26%
Have teffla lvl. 20 and giga raja lvl.20 and the mapo king lvl.12 and I beat everyone!
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How to defeat zongazonga 1st 2nd and 3rd time! 25%
Get bonus data on Nintendo wifi connection and get frigisaurus get evolved aeros (teffla) and put a silver fossil on tricera. Rank them up to at least lvl 10 (recommended) I did it with lvl 12 teffla lv 8 tricera and lvl 9 frigi I hope this helped
By: ffc master(2)
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Megan_Bunsif 25%
If you haven't already completed the game, or are just wondering what kind of team to have, my tip: Plan Ahead. After the main story plot, there is the Island Battle Royale Tournaments. For the first three rounds, you must meet certain requirements for each battle. First Island Battle Royale competition, you go against three people, but you must have a team of carnivores. I personally reccomend a team of Neutral types, as the types differ as you go from fighter to fighter. The next competition, you must have a team of all Cretaceous vivosaurs. These include vivosaurs such as Aeros, O-raptor, Spino, and others. Finally, the last competition, you must have a team of entirely Jurassic period vivosaurs. This means that you can have T-rex, but you can't use any of the vivosaurs you used for the last competition. This works for figuring out your teams, such as I am going with the six vivosaurs of Cryo, Guan, Allo, Krona, Aeros, and Tro. That leaves another point: What if you don't WANT to participate in the tournament after the game? For this, I reccomend a small factor of compatibility. The game is programmed with various matches of vivosaurs. This means matching up vivosaurs to help what another one lacks. Let's say a vivosaur lacks a good defence, but its attack is amazing. You will want to pair it up with a support vivosaur that helps with defence. Another aspect of compatibility are the special attacks. A good combo for attacks is taking Tophis, Allo or Giga Allo, and Krypto. Krypto has it handled with a good poison skill. Allo has a pretty good attack (Giga even better), and Tophis can take them down with its special skill. So the best strategy in the game? There really is none. You can design your vivosaurs to excel in what you want them to excel in. If you want them to have a specific "trait" of battling, you'll have to design that yourself. My last tip, don't name a vivosaur "Fluffy". It just isn't right. Well, maybe one of the cute super evolvers. You can name a super evolver Fluffy. (Also, there is a last part of the Tournament that has you head to head against some characters, except for that I haven't gotten there, and I don't think there are any exceptions).

Have fun, don't get eaten, and this was Megan_Bunsif.
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Zongazonga win 20%
The team I used was a lv 20 lugmos level 20 tophis and a lv 15 teffla lugmos & tophis in the sz & teffla in the az
By: pokedude11(33)
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Super Deadly Team 20%
A TRexLord in the AZ, then a Raptin and a B–Plesio in the SZ. Earth Types, beware!
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Best team ever 17%
The best team ever helps a lot beating the game boss I know people say use rank 20 but I used two rank 13s and one rank 12
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Whitch starter vivsouar to chose 14%
Good Morning GAMEEEERS! OK this is my first time to give a cheat so please post what you think! But now this is serouis I have top secret info about which starter vivisouar to chose>you should chose Toba Tinosoaaur because he is a netural type and there is no type atvantage aganst it! Hope the cheat was good like I said Please post your comment so I can see it. dont pee your pants is my number 1 rule after youread this! so good by!
By: jtnjz(82)
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