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MegaMan X5 Cheats for PSX
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MegaMan X5 PSX Cheats

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MegaMan X5

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Zero's Black Armor 100%
Highlight Zero and then press Down(2) Up(9).
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Megaman Final Armor 98%
Up, Up, Down (9 times)
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Mega Man X's Ultimate Armor 98%
Highlight X-Buster and then press Up(2) Down(9).
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Easy Bosses 96%
Fire the Enigma cannon as soon as you get done with the Intro stage. About 25% of the time, you will destroy the infected colony without having to get any upgrades. Since no time passed, all the bosses will be set to relatively low levels, and easy to defeat.
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Gaea Armor Parts 60%
Head: Before Dark Dizzy's chamber is a pit. Go in and use the F-Laser to blow it up from inside.(Megaman is needed for this)

Body:In the Skivel's stage.Just Before the third lift, use the Falcon armor to find the well hidden Capsule.

Arms:In Mattrex's stage.Instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right by flying using the falcon armor

Legs:In Axle's stage.During the second rope climbing section there is a opening. Fly up with the Falcon armor and get the legs.

To fly using the falcon armor,just simply press X while in the air and you will fly for a brief period of time,use the d-pad to steer and you will be invincible to small enemies while you are flying.
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Ultimate Armor for X and Zero 50%
The Up(2),Down(9) cheat is not the ultimate armor cheat its just the fourth armor cheat not the ultimate armor. . .

How to get Ultimate Armor:
The Ultimate Armor is located at the 3rd Zero virus stage to get to the 3rd Zero virus stage first finish all 8 stages and successfully destroy the colony using the shuttle,second and most important condition is not allowing Zero to go Maverick. . . If Zero goes Maverick just simply reset game. . .

If you want X's Ultimate Armor then Play as X. . . now when I say play as X I meant UNARMORED X which means you will be playing as X with no armor just his plain old self. . .
And if you want Zero's Ultimate Armor Play as Zero. . .
As I said before it is located at the 3rd Zero virus stage,now the 3rd Zero virus stage contains:
Spikes at every ceilings,walls and corners so be careful.
Small enemies that can be destroyed using the Goo Shaver

Now it is located on a pit.The pit will be the first Pit you will cross.
Hint:The pit has a floating thingy that is just standing still.

If you don't understand just watch the video
MegaMan X5 cheat video Cheat Video
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Get ultimate armor 50%
Start a new game and when it says megaman x or zero go over or highlight megaman x then on the controller press up 2 timen then down 10 timen or whenever it makes a noise then press x and then you have the ultimate armor on megaman x5
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Falcon Armor parts 50%
Head:In Squid Adler's stage,collect all the blue spheres to be use to destroy a door that is protecting the head capsule.

Body:In Duff McWhalen's stage,when you are inside the sunken ship, you will see the body capsule,an explosive near it,and a wall that prevents you from getting it.To destroy the wall use the Goo Shaver to detonate the explosive.

Arms:In Izzy Glow's stage,when you are in the part where there are plasma cannons implanted in the wall,keep your eyes peeled to see the hidden hole above(in the ceiling).When you get inside the hole in the ceiling there is a plasma cannon in there,use the C-shot to destroy it and step inside to get in the arm capsule.

Legs:In Grizzly Slash's stage,right after you enter a cave you will see a hole on the ceiling again use C-shot to double jump and get the leg parts.(Zero is needed to the double jump).
By: bitoy666(1349)
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