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Grease Dance Cheats for PS3
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Grease Dance PS3 Cheats

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Grease Dance

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Trophies 100%
Description: Description: Complete the listed tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 TROPHY rewards:

Love-in at the Drive-in (Platinum)Earn all the other trophies in the game
Milk the Cow (Bronze)Complete any song (Dance Mode)
It's Electrifying! (Bronze)Perform 5 moves in a row with a Perfect rating (Dance Mode)
Greased Lightning (Bronze)Achieve a 3 star rating for a Show Your Moves section (Dance Mode)
I Got Chills... (Bronze)Achieve a 5 streak (Dance Mode)
...They're Multiplying (Bronze)Achieve a 25 streak (Dance Mode)
Dance Fever (Bronze)Achieve a x5 multiplier (Dance Mode)
We Go Together (Bronze)Complete a song with both a dancer and a singer present (Dance Mode)
Best of Show (Bronze)Win 10 rosettes (Challenge Dance Mode)
Unbeatable (Bronze)Complete a game without losing or failing any challenges (Challenge Dance Mode)
All The Right Moves (Bronze)Pass one of each challenge type (Challenge Dance Mode)
The Zuko (Silver)Complete these moves with a perfect rating â€" Lightning Arm, Hydromatic Intro, Lasso (Dance Mode)
The Kangaroo Bop (Silver)Complete these moves with a perfect rating â€" Tell Me More Heart, One I Want, Shaky (Dance Mode)
Greaser (Silver)Complete these moves with a perfect rating â€" Grease Star, Tiptoe Clicks, Thrust (Dance Mode)
Rock'n'Roller (Silver)Complete these moves with a perfect rating â€" Jive Orangutan, Sue, Mid Swing (Dance Mode)
Super Stepper (Silver)Finish a song without performing any poor rated moves (Dance Mode)
Dance Expert (Silver)Finish a song with at least 75% moves rated Perfect (Dance Mode)
National Dance-Off Champion (Gold)Get high scores on all songs (Dance Mode)
Rock and Roll Party Queen (Bronze)Complete all songs (Dance Mode)
One For the Yearbook (Bronze)Have 20 photos taken of your performance (Dance Mode)
Something's Begun (Bronze)Complete any song (Karaoke Mode)
Vocal Superstar (Bronze)Achieve an x5 multiplier (Karaoke Mode)
Tell Me More (Bronze)Hit all the spoken word notes in any song that contains them (Karaoke Mode)
Angelic (Silver)Finish a song without performing any poor rated phrases (Karaoke Mode)
Singing Expert (Silver)Finish a song with at least 75% perfect phrases completed (Karaoke Mode)
Hopelessly Devoted (Gold)Post scores to the high score tables for all songs while singing
Songbird Shake (Bronze)Complete all songs (Karaoke Mode)
Full House (Bronze)Complete a song with two Dancers and two Singers (Dance Mode)
Oldie But a Goodie (Bronze)Unlock a Classic Grease minigame
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Unlock half the Classic Grease minigames
Master of Unlocking (Bronze)Unlock all the Classic Grease minigames
Sandy's Songbook (Bronze)Unlock all songs (Dance Mode)
Yearbook Yardstick (Bronze)Unlock all characters
Greasy Tom (Bronze)Successfully sabotage 3 times in Greasers v Jocks
All The Way Home (Bronze)Hit 5 consecutive home runs in Greasers v jocks
Basket Case (Bronze)Make 5 consecutive baskets in Greasers v Jocks
On Your Marks (Bronze)Complete a race without hitting any hurdles in Run For Your Love
Road Hodge (Bronze)Complete Thunder Road Race without hitting an obstacle
Let's Get Nuts (Bronze)Fully tighten 8 nuts in one playthrough of the Wheel Nuts microgame in Greaser's Garage
Hit It (Bronze)Flatten 3 bumps in a row during Panel Beating in Greaser's Garage without causing any more arising
Aint No Dropout (Bronze)Hit 20 consecutive moves in Beauty Sleep
Band Leader (Bronze)Hit 20 consecutive moves in Rockin’ Rydell
Gamesmaster (Bronze)Complete all the Classic Grease minigames
T-Bird Trio (Bronze)Achieve a score above 250,000 on three Classic Grease minigames
Buddy Lovin' (Bronze)Achieve a team score above 500,000 on three Classic Grease minigames
Tap It (Bronze)Get high scores on all Classic Grease rhythm-action minigames
Minigame Mogul (Silver)Get high scores on all Classic Grease minigames
Senior Year Story (Bronze)View all story cutscenes

There are 2 secret trophies:

Main Menu Maestro (Bronze)Find the main menu easter egg
Rama Lama Ding Dong (Bronze)Trigger the chipmunk easter egg in Rockin' Rydell
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