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Tiny Village Cheats for iP
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Tiny Village iP Cheats

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Tiny Village Cheats

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Tiny Village

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Tricking store hold 61%
Build a lot of stores and resources then max your houses then get rid of unnecessary stores that you wont use and the stores go but houses stay so you are over the max limit. I found this accidentally so I didn't get it off this site but its so cool and this site is cool soooooo.
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Tiny Village Walkthrough Guide 48%
In the game, Tiny Village, you'll get the chance to create a village in a land before time. And we'll walk you through all the steps you need to get the job done!

Read the Guide --> Tiny Village Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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Extra Coins 5%
Do Jobs Get Coins
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Tiny Village 912966How do you find and hatch eggs Answers: 1
Tiny Village 931395How many random type dino' s are there ,i got 5 ...amd thats it Answers: 5
Tiny Village 932522How do I get a Dino in inventory? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 940043I won a stegosaur at bingo, but I don't know how to get it out of inventory & into hatchery or habitat. Answers: 1
Tiny Village 944970Is there an actual purpose in the dinos? I am using more coins feeding them, than I am getting in return. Is there a point where it's free to feed them, or am I just losing my coins? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 946088Can you put dinos in the inventory Answers: 2
Tiny Village 913219How can I get a egg in my dino den? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 934338Im on level 15 giving out tips. Why the game boot me off if I try to give tips to players on level 5 or higher? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 934496How do I complete the Stonehenge (1 of 5) mission? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 934846I have just put my egg into my habitat but I can not add a worker to feed it? Help! Answers: 1
Tiny Village 938116Do you know any cheats for tiny village? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 937797Why does the game keep booting me out? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 943060How can I add a worker to feed my dinos? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 949074How do I fuse dinos Answers: 1
Tiny Village 950774When the bingo game appears, there is a weekly and a daily. This time I could not use my free turns in either daily or weekly. Is this a bug? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 969020How can I get the level 4 pheonix if I cant fuse level 3 dinos? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 970395Does anyone know what stores give you the most xp and coins? Answers: 1
Tiny Village 972220How much can you sell a level 10 dino that is tier 0 please answer thank you... Answers: 1
Tiny Village 989739Do have to put the habitat (i.e frolicking forests) with the same Dino biome ( i.e stegosauraus) ? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 995605Can I return something I accidentally bought for crystals? How? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 932258How to you get lots of money and crystals for free Answers: 1
Tiny Village 927859Why do my workers keep disappearing while Haulers keep hauling? Answers: 0
Tiny Village 927070How do you get more crystals? Answers: 1
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