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Breath of Fire 4 Cheats for PSX
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Breath of Fire 4 PSX Cheats

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Breath of Fire 4

Rating: 2/5 VOTE

Money $$$ Money, method 1 96%
Simply go to one off the apple trees and stock up 99 off them, then go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10Z each wich makes 990Z! in the start of the game this is a lot but later on it isn't worth the effort anymore.
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Money $$$ Money, method 2 96%
Go to the island south of Lyp, there is a Moza plant there which you can cut Moza Grass off, again, stock up till you have 99 and sell them for 50Z each, that makes about 5000Z!
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Short on money 96%
Well near the beginning of the game, when Nina and Ryu are in Sarai. If you put Ryu up front and have him use his slash in front of a Sarai villager. You will receive very small amounts of zenny, but at the beginning of the game it might give you the boost you need.
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Formulas for Forging Armor 93%
Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Iron Scraps - Light Armor
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Heavy Armor
Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Bent Screw - Lightning
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Glass Shard - Stout Mail
Bent Screw/Dirty Filter/Glass Shard - Quicksilver
Dirty Filter/Iron Scraps/Burnt Plug - Booster
Glass Shard/Glass Shard/Glass Shard - Psychometer
Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Mithril Rig
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Use the following steps to find Rider, the game's toughest monster. Go to Mutko. After passing through the Tomb, enter Mutko from the south side. Then, enter the cave in the upper left corner. Have Eshrin headbutt the crack in the wall. Enter the opening. Go through the next three rooms. You should find a treasure chest and then a dead end. You can find Dragon Tear in the chest, as well as Rider. He has about 400,000 HP. To make things worse, he regenerates half of it each round. He can also cast some dangerous attacks, such as Disaster and Primus. Use Pilfer to steal a very valuable item from him -- King's Armor, which has Def 100.
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Controlling Kaiser 56%
To control Kaiser in BoF4, you need to meet all of the dragons and gain their power before you can control kaiser.
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Locations of Gems 51%
Water Gem: Found by Fou-lu in sanctum

Fire Gem: Found by Ryu in Mt.Giga

Earth Gem: Found by Ryu in Saldine Flats

Flawed Gem: Found by Ryu in En Jhou

Wind Gem: Found by Ryu in burnt forest, to the west of the Emperor's Tomb
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Go to the question mark west of Fou-Lou's Temple. Go to the area where there was a burning forest. When you fight a Gold Gang and kill it with physical attacks you will get slightly over 1,000 Zenny. If you want even more money, kill it with magical attacks for over 10,000 Zenny. Repeat this as needed.
By: CheatMasterII(6)
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Avoid using Earth Attacks because of its high defense against it. Keep using strong combos or Dragon attacks to get rid of his regeneration ability. Be sure to have equipment which can stand against instant death attacks.
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80115F48 FFFF
80115F4A 7FFF
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